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AI news roundup [April 26]: Google introduces new AI labelling tool, Microsoft and Alphabet exceed AI revenue projections, and more

AI news update for April 26: In response to worries about the spread of fake AI-generated images and videos, Google has introduced a new content labelling tool in YouTube’s Creator Studio. This tool will help identify videos that have been created using AI technology. Additionally, Microsoft and Alphabet have reported quarterly earnings in the field of AI that have surpassed Wall Street’s predictions. Stay tuned for more AI updates.

  1. Google announced an AI tagging tool for YouTube

Now, YouTube creators have to tell the new AI flagging tool whether their video is genuine or created by AI. This tool requires all YouTube Creator Studio users to declare their video’s originality. Google said the tool will increase transparency and trust in the platform. Therefore, the AI tagging tool will help reduce misinformation, according to an ABS-CBN report.

2. Microsoft and Alphabet AI revenue shows huge gains

With the massive investment in AI by Microsoft and Alphabet, companies showcased huge gains with AI technology. Microsoft reported a quarterly profit of $21.9 billion. Alphabet reported a profit of $23.7 billion. According to a Business Insider report, most of the revenue came from generative AI services and Microsoft’s Azure AI assistant.

3. Beijing authorities support companies in buying artificial intelligence chips

Beijing announces the granting of subsidies to companies that plan to buy domestically produced artificial intelligence chips. The initiative came from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology. However, the size of the subsidies was not disclosed. The official document said that “Companies that purchase domestically controlled GPU chips for intelligent computing services will receive subsidies based on a certain percentage of their investment,” according to a Reuters report.

4. GTPL Hathway Limited introduces AI powered WhatsApp bot, GIVA

GTPL Hathway Limited MSO, which provides digital cable TV services, launched a WhatsApp bot, GIVA, powered by artificial intelligence. Chatbot can automate customer support services, such as self-service, after-sales service and much more. The chatbot is powered by, the Dynamic Automation Platform (DAP). Anirudhsinh Jadeja, Managing Director, GTPL Hathway Limited said, “By leveraging and implementing advanced technologies, we aim to enhance customer interaction, streamline processes and set new standards in the industry,” according to a press release.

5. Physics Wallah uses artificial intelligence to customize learning experiences

An edtech company called Physics Wallah announced artificial intelligence tools to develop learners’ skills. AI tools aim to improve experiences by providing personalized learning through skills assessments, career guidance and opportunities in social entrepreneurship. Ashish Sharma, Business Director, Physics Wallah Skills said, “This platform ensures a structured learning journey for participants through content provision, assessment and progress tracking,” according to a TOI report.

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