Google Gemini AI tech was announced recently and we even got a glimpse of the AI tech through a demo video but was it working in real time? AI 

Google Admits That the Gemini AI Demo Video Was Not Authentic

Google finally showed off its AI capabilities and potential challenger to ChatGPT recently, and it made its case with a strong demo video showing off its AI prowess. Many people were immediately impressed with Gemini and how quickly it responded to queries and how intelligently it could pick up cues that made for an impressive presentation. However, Google has admitted that the demo video didn’t show real-time results, in fact some of Gemini’s movements were timed to give you the impression that the AI was quickly responding to queries. The…

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Google Gemini, the company's most powerful AI model yet, outperforms OpenAI's GPT-4 and powers applications and devices like Bard chatbot and Pixel 8 Pro. AI 

Google Introduces Gemini, Its Most Advanced AI to Date; Outperforms OpenAI’s GPT-4 in Benchmark Tests

Google has released Gemini, its next-generation major language model that powers the likes of the Google Bard chatbot and the company’s Pixel 8 Pro smartphone. The search giant calls Gemini its “most capable and most common model,” and thus replaces the PaLM 2. It’s built to be multimodal – meaning it can understand and use different types of data, such as text, code, images, and even videos. “This new era of models represents one of the biggest science and technology efforts we’ve ever made as a company. I’m truly excited…

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Google is targetting taking generative AI lead from ChatGPT-maker OpenAI with Gemini AI. (AFP) AI 

10 Things You Wanted to Know About Google Gemini AI But Were Too Afraid to Ask

On Wednesday, Google introduced its new Gemini AI, which has been integrated into its Bard chatbot. This advanced artificial intelligence model is generating excitement as it is believed to possess superior reasoning abilities compared to ChatGPT and other competitors, although Google executives have refrained from making direct comparisons. Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, expressed enthusiasm about the potential of Gemini, stating that they have only just begun to tap into its capabilities. In contrast to OpenAI’s partnership with Microsoft, Google has collaborated with DeepMind to develop Gemini, positioning it as the…

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Apple has went back to the drawing board to fix the issues with the current iOS 17 version but the next update could be its biggest as per reports. News 

iPhone Users: Get Ready for the Biggest iOS Update in Years with AI-Powered Features!

Apple works to fix issues with existing versions of iOS, but the company also has a keen eye to make sure the next update is seamless. Apple has apparently had to suspend work on the iOS 18 version until next year to take care of all the bugs and inconsistencies with the iOS 17 version. However, this does not mean that Apple has completely lost focus on the upcoming version, in fact new reports say otherwise. Apple is betting that the next version of iOS 18 will be its most…

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Google has reportedly implemented several “guardrails” to prevent users from fooling the Magic Editor AI and misusing the feature. News 

Pixel’s Editor: No More Unwanted Changes – Google’s Magic Editor Has Got You Covered!

Google Photos’ Magic Editor has been praised for its unique, creative AI-driven features that make it easy to remove unwanted objects, move objects within a frame, and perform more complex tasks. Introduced at Google I/O 2023, the feature will debut on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. However, due to the heavy nature of AI, it cannot be denied that people have often wondered how the Magic Editor feature could be exploited and whether heavy manipulation of images is ethical. Now, according to a report from Android Authority, it…

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Google Photos' new AI-powered features let you create quick highlight videos, and it barely takes any time at all. Here's what you need to know. News 

Google Photos Offers Quick Creation of Highlight Videos

There must have been many times when you wanted to create a quick highlight video for your social media feed but felt too lazy to get started. Or maybe there are too many videos and photos from a certain vacation and you just want your phone to pick the best ones. Well, with new AI-powered features in Google Photos, you can create quick highlight videos on the fly — and it won’t take much time. This could be a recent holiday, your child’s birthday, or perhaps if you want to…

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Amazon introduced its new Alexa with more than a sprinkle of generative AI and LLM models improving the speech patterns of the voice assistant. AI 

Can Generative AI Help Alexa Compete With ChatGPT and Google?

Alexa, what’s the weather like? This has generally been the way to use Amazon’s voice assistant for years, but the company has now relied on creative AI to help polish Alexa and make it more human than ever before. Amazon hosted its annual device event on Wednesday, and as expected, the company had a lot of AI stuff to share that will deliver a new look for Alexa. Amazon has confirmed that chat Alexa will be rolled out to all Echo devices launched in 2014. Generative AI is a hot…

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Google is using AI to optimise the proofread feature on Gboard for Android users, and it should be available to everyone soon. News 

Android Users Can Now Use Google’s AI-Powered Proofreading Feature

Google has started rolling out an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered “proofreading” feature on Gboard, but for now only to beta users. The “Proofread” option appears in the keyboard toolbar with Gboard version 13.4, which is currently in beta. on Android, allowing users to check their text for spelling or grammar errors on the fly, all powered by generative artificial intelligence, according to media reports. The feature appeared on the Pixel Fold as a “Fix it” prompt with Google’s usual generative AI symbol. A pop-up window will then explain how the proofreader…

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The U.S. should allow Nvidia's artificial intelligence (AI) chips only to buyers who agree to ethically use the technology. AI 

Co-Founder of Google DeepMind Calls for US to Establish AI Regulations

(Reuters) – The United States should allow Nvidia’s artificial intelligence chips only to buyers who agree to use the technology ethically, Google DeepMind founder Mustafa Suleyman told the Financial Times on Friday. Suleyman said the U.S. should enforce minimum global standards for the use of AI, and companies should at least agree to follow the same pledge that leading AI companies have made to the White House. AI companies such as OpenAI, Alphabet and Meta Platforms made voluntary commitments to the White House in July to implement measures such as…

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Google is using AI for Search and Gmail but it realises the perils of the technology that poses challenges for everyone. News 

Google Develops Tool to Identify AI-Generated Images

Google is looking for the best solution to the challenges posed by artificial intelligence (AI). As we all know, AI-generated images have become commonplace on the internet, not just social media. Media companies have started to regulate the use of such content to avoid potential copyright infringements. But it’s safe to say that some AI technologies can make it difficult to tell whether a photo is AI-generated or manually developed from scratch. Google wants to make this process easier for people and is using its AI division, DeepMind, to create…

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Kazutaka Yonekura, chief executive of Tokyo startup Alt Inc., demonstrates his digital clone on a personal computer at his office in Tokyo, Aug. 17, 2023. His company is developing a digital double, an animated image that looks and talks just like its owner. (AP) News 

Could Digital Clones and Vocaloids be Misunderstood Outside of Japan?

Kazutaka Yonekura envisions a future where each individual possesses a personal digital “clone” – an internet-based avatar capable of assuming certain responsibilities and tasks, like representing us in Zoom meetings. Yonekura, CEO of Tokyo startup Alt Inc., believes it could make our lives easier and more efficient. His company develops a digital double, an animated image that looks and talks just like its owner. A digital clone can be used, for example, by a recruiter for a preliminary job interview or by a doctor to screen patients before examinations. “This…

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Google is testing a new audio codec, called Lyra, which dramatically improves audio quality over poor network connections. (Google) News 

Google Duo is testing a new codec to give you better call quality even on bad connections

The world may be bracing for 5G, but the reality is a vast majority of people are still content with slow data speeds and poor connectivity. And to help solve this problem, Google Duo uses compression techniques to provide the best possible audio and video experience over bad / spotty connections. Google is testing a new audio codec that dramatically improves audio quality over poor network connections. The Google AI team featured Lyra, a low bit rate voice codec, in a detailed blog post. Lyra’s basic architecture is to “extract…

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