Apple hires some of the smartest people available in the market but Tim Cook shares the tips that can get you a job at the tech company.News 

Apple CEO Tim Cook Reveals The Secret To Getting Hired: THESE Traits Are A Must!

Apple is a dream job for most people, not only because of the brand but also because the tech geek is recognized as one of the best jobs in the market. But if you’re worried about needing Apple employee-like skills like coding and math, you may have got it all wrong.

Speaking in a recent interview with singer Dua Lipa, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared details that many would surely take note of, especially if you’ve ever tried or wanted to work at Apple.

In the interview, he used the expression “one plus one is three”, which according to him, people who work at Apple believe. Does this mean that the company hires people who are not so good at math? Cook explained that “your idea and my idea is better than individual ideas alone,” which makes some sense.

But the bigger question posed to Cook was about the traits that are being hired at his company.

Apple’s CEO noted that the company hires people from “all walks of life,” which is another way of saying that not everyone needs to have coding skills or an engineering degree to work at the tech giant. coding may not be a person’s primary role, he also said that Apple is looking for employees who aren’t afraid to ask questions, can collaborate and work together, someone who is creative and, yes, a team player.

Cook has shared some interesting details about the company and how it does the things that have made it a trillion dollar giant during his tenure. Cook was asked about his plans to stay with the company and who could potentially replace him at Apple when that day finally comes.

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