Apple continues to evolve with the screen sizes for iPhones and it could take another step in that direction with the iPhone 16 Ultra.News 

Apple could bring an even bigger iPhone 16 Pro Max next year

Apple has gradually succumbed to public pressure by introducing iPhones with larger screens, something that would have been unimaginable when Jobs was around. And next year, the company could go to the next level with the rumored iPhone 16 Ultra, which is expected to have a 6.9-inch display.

Some reports say it will be called the iPhone 16 Pro Max, but the Ultra moniker has been in the news for a while, and with the development of the 6.9-inch iPhone model and leaked renders, those rumors could be close to reality.

But that’s not really the point of this piece. Larger iPhones are welcome, as market trends have shown, and the lack of demand for the iPhone Mini made it clear that people who want a compact phone are in the minority these days. The problem with Apple’s approach to larger iPhones is overall dimensions.

Many times we have seen that iPhone Pros have sharp edges and a tall display that becomes a nightmare to hold. Now, reports that the iPhone 16 Pro variant will change from a 6.7-inch to a 6.9-inch display have us worried. However, the screen quality is one of the best on the market, and the Retina OLED panel shows its flagship quality.

However, we are not sure if Apple is making these models with consumers all over the world in mind. People with large hands will find it easy to use the 6.7-inch screen, but moving to the 6.9-inch screen, with the sharp corners in place, we can already judge the comfort ( ) reviews coming out later this year using the iPhone.

And if that’s not enough of a change, wait for Apple’s new pricing strategy for the Pro Max/Ultra model just because the brand feels they can quote whatever price they want and people will buy, which they do.

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