Fake news is a complex problem and can span text, images and video. (Getty Images/iStockphoto) News 

Utilizing Algorithms to Combat Fake News and Misinformation

The issue of fake news is multifaceted and can encompass various forms such as written content, visuals, and videos. There are several ways to produce fake news, especially for written articles. A fake news article can be produced by selectively editing facts such as people’s names, dates or statistics. The article can also be entirely made up of events or people. Fake news articles can also be produced by machine, as advances in artificial intelligence make it particularly easy to produce false information. Harmful effects Questions like, “Will there be…

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Steven Schwartz was "unaware of the possibility that [ChatGPT’s] content could be false.” AI 

Lawyer faces penalties after using ChatGPT to write a feed full of fake quotes

The AI hype has reached its peak in recent months, and many people fear that programs like ChatGPT will one day put an end to them. For a New York attorney, this nightmare may come true sooner than expected, but not for the reasons you might think. As reported by The New York Times , attorney Stephen Schwartz of the law firm Levidow, Levidow & Oberman recently turned to OpenAI’s chatbot to help draft a legal brief, with predictably disastrous results. A lawyer used ChatGPT to do “legal research” and…

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The country's cybersecurity council warned of "high risk" to local networks from non-Western suppliers. News 

Portugal is considering the ban of Huawei from its national 5G networks

Portugal could become the latest country to ban Huawei and other Chinese companies from building 5G networks. As reported by Bloomberg, the Portuguese government recommended this week that domestic operators be banned from acquiring 5G equipment from outside the European Union or from countries that are not part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) or the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Operation and Development (OCED). In a statement released Thursday by Portugal’s Supreme Cyber Security Council, the government said companies outside those jurisdictions pose a “significant risk” to…

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Watch someone blaze through 'Breath of the Wild' while blindfolded and many other runs starting on May 28th. News 

How to watch the Summer Games Fast Speed Marathon 2023

It’s time again to watch skilled players hack their favorite games as fast as they can for a good cause. Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) is back again with a week-long charity running marathon. The event starts at 1pm ET on Sunday, May 28th and ends early on June 4th. You can catch all the action on the Games Done Quick (GDQ) Twitch channel embedded below. If you miss an interesting tour, you can watch it later on GDQ’s YouTube channel. The event starts with Sonic Frontiers making their SGDQ…

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World Telecommunication and Information Society Day highlights the impact of the Internet and other communication tools on society News 

World Telecommunication Day 2023: Theme, History, Meaning, Quotes and Wishes to Share

On May 17, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) celebrates World Telecommunication Day, or as it is known today, World Telecommunication and Information Society Day. The day highlights the impact of the Internet and other means of communication on society. Many parts of the world still have connectivity challenges. ITU is trying to bridge this gap. Here’s everything you need to know about the theme, history and meaning of World Telecommunication Day, along with some relevant quotes and wishes. World Telecommunication Day 2023: Theme “Empowering LDCs through ICT” is the theme…

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YouTube is the most popular platform for Indian language digital news consumers, with a whopping 93 per cent using it to access news, a report revealed on Thursday. News 

YouTube has emerged as the most popular platform for Indian news, says a report

Google-owned YouTube is the most popular platform for digital news consumers in India, with a whopping 93 percent using it to read news, a report revealed on Thursday. The Google News Initiative report, in collaboration with marketing data and analytics company Kantar, describes the different news content consumption habits and behaviors of the country’s Indian online news consumers. It showed that an average Indian consumer uses 5.05 digital platforms to read news online. YouTube became the most popular, followed by social media (88 percent) and chat applications (82 percent). Another…

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