Apple says this initiative will enable users to carry out repairs of their iPhones with the help of used genuine parts. (Apple)News 

Apple simplifies and reduces costs for iPhone repairs- Full details provided

Apple, which previously only allowed authorized experts to repair iPhones, introduced its Self Service Repair program in 2022, allowing users to fix their devices with Apple-supplied parts and kits. The company has now announced support for used genuine parts, making it easier for users to access quality repairs without having to rely solely on Apple repair centers.

Apple expands support for used original parts

The iPhone maker says this initiative will allow users to repair their iPhones using used original parts. This may reduce repair costs. To ensure the privacy, safety and security of users as well as the device, a pairing process is performed once the used part is installed. It confirms whether the installed part is genuine and collects information about it.

Thus, users no longer need to provide their iPhone’s serial number when ordering parts from Apple’s self-repair service store. This applies to repairs that are not related to the logic board.

John Ternus, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering, announced this change: “For the past two years, Apple teams have been innovating in product design and manufacturing to support repairs with used Apple parts that do not compromise users’ safety, security or privacy. With the latest expansion of this repair program, we are excited to offer our customers even more more choice and comfort and at the same time extend the service life of our products and their parts.”

Apple has announced that the program will include Select iPhones and will begin this fall. In addition to this, Apple extends its Activation Lock feature to iPhone parts as well, to prevent stolen iPhones from being disassembled for parts.

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