Apple's mixed reality headset now reaching people who have spent $3,499 on the device and their use case has got everyone surprised.Gadgets 

Apple’s Vision Pro Headset is Present in Flights, Subways, and Cars, Creating a Frightening Sight

Apple recently launched its first Vision Pro headset, and it seems like millions of people have snapped up the $3,499 (approx. Rs. 2.90 lakh) headset in no time. Apple has been talking about opening up the world to spatial computing, which is nothing more than sticking a computer to your face and all kinds of cameras to give you a true lifelike virtual experience.

How do people use headphones in their free time and what do they do with them? Well, pictures that have surfaced on social media over the past few days suggest that Vision Pro owners are doing almost everything with the headset on their face. Flying in an airplane? Check. Do you ride the subway and I work? Check. Are you eating at a restaurant with a friend? Check.

But in some cases, people even cross the road or sit behind the wheel and still wear headphones. Imagine if a person drives wearing a Vision Pro headset and it leads to a human error that causes a major traffic accident and takes someone’s life.

These are some unique but dangerous cases that show that Apple needs to be careful when using headphones. The company could introduce a special mode that activates or deactivates when a person uses Vision on the move.

It’s not all doom and gloom with Apple’s mixed reality headset. People have over 600 apps to use the headset, including Microsoft Excel, email, and a weather app that give you a virtual experience of the conditions in your area. You also have games to enjoy on the device. Reviews of the headset have mostly shared mixed opinions purely because this is the first generation device and people expect a lot more from the company with the next iterations.

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