Apple Watch Ultra has reportedly helped save the life of a diabetic man who passed out after a diabetic episode. Here's what you need to know.Gadgets 

Apple Watch Ultra Saves Diabetic Man’s Life After Unconscious Fall

The Apple Watch has proven to be an essential tool for fitness tracking, allowing you to stay connected without much interaction with your phone, and over the years, the Apple Watch has also proven to be a lifesaver on several occasions.

And this time, the Apple Watch Ultra has reportedly helped save the life of a diabetic man who fainted after a diabetic episode. As reported by KSNV via 9to5Mac, Josh Furman, who lives in Las Vegas, USA, was saved by the Apple Watch Ultra’s Fall Detection feature.

According to the report, Furman’s blood sugar dropped so much that he lost consciousness, causing him to collapse. The Apple Watch Ultra detected this anomaly, and while she couldn’t properly contact her for help, it called her emergency contact and alerted them to their location.

The emergency contact was his mother, who told authorities he was a type 1 diabetic.

“I don’t know how long I was gone, but when I woke up, my Apple Watch had basically called 911, paramedics,” Furman said. “But I couldn’t talk. I sounded like I had a mouth full of marbles. 911 couldn’t understand me, but they had GPS on the watch, so they knew where I was,” Furman told KNSV.

This isn’t the first time Apple’s Fall Detection feature has come in handy, as many watches have been able to call for help and save lives in the past. The feature was released in 2018 when the Apple Watch Series 4 was released.

Earlier this year, an Apple Watch user named Michael Brodkorb was the victim of a hit in Minnesota. Luckily, her Apple Watch detected the crash with its fall detection feature and automatically called 911 when she was unable to move.

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