Today marks the occurrence of a total solar eclipse, a significant celestial event for 2024. (Unsplash)News 

Google commemorates the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse with unique animation for Surya Grahan

Today, a total solar eclipse is scheduled to occur as the Moon moves in between the Sun and Earth, causing the Sun’s light to be completely obscured.

Sky enthusiasts will be delighted to see one of the biggest celestial phenomena of 2024.

The sun remains obscured for four minutes, during which its enigmatic outer layer is illuminated.

Although the solar eclipse will not be visible to people in India, the partial eclipse will be visible to people living in Colombia, Spain, Venezuela, Ireland, Portal, Iceland, the United Kingdom and some Caribbean countries.

Before this astronomical spectacle, Google curated a special animation.

When users type “solar eclipse” into Google, they see a graphic overlay depicting the phenomenon: the moment when the moon passes between the sun and Earth, revealing only the sun’s outermost layer, called the corona.

With NASA you can experience a total solar eclipse. The space agency will begin its live broadcast on April 8 at 5:00 PM GMT (10:30 PM IST) and continue at 8:00 PM GMT (1:30 AM IST).

The whole event takes about two and a half hours, but the whole thing only lasts about four minutes.

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