The Powerwall-like system can expand from 5KWh up to 180kWh. News 

Anker Introduces Modular Solar Battery System with Solix Home Energy Storage

Anker, a company that specializes in device charging, has announced the launch of its Solix line of home energy products, which includes a battery storage system similar to Tesla’s Powerwall. The company unveiled the new products at an event in New York City, along with a smaller battery designed for apartment and condo dwellers that can be used with its existing solar panels mounted on balconies. This move puts Anker in direct competition with Tesla in the home energy market. The modular battery system, due to arrive worldwide in 2024,…

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Know all about solar storm chances this week. (SDO/NASA) Space 

NOAA satellites have revealed that decaying sunspots can trigger M-class solar flares; Is a solar storm coming?

The last ten days have been completely peaceful for the country. The activity of the sun has been low, even though our planet has two active points. One of them, AR3315, is five times the size of Earth and was feared to explode, causing a class X solar flare. However, that didn’t happen, and now NOAA’s latest predictions reveal that much of the unstable magnetic field has died. and that the possibility of a class X flare no longer exists. However, the probability of an M-class volcano eruption is still…

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The country made a breakthrough in space-based solar energy back in 2015. Space 

Japan is trying to send solar energy from space by 2025

Japan and the country’s space agency JAXA have spent decades trying to make solar energy available from space. In 2015, the country made a breakthrough when JAXA researchers sent 1.8 kilowatts of energy, enough to power a kettle, from a radio receiver over 50 meters away. And now Japan is preparing to bring the technology one step closer to reality. Nikkei reports that a Japanese public-private partnership is trying to send solar energy from space as early as 2025. The project, led by Naoki Shinohara, a professor at Kyoto University…

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