Google Wallet's new 'Linked Passes' feature enhances user convenience by automatically adding related passes to the digital wallet. (AP)News 

Google Wallet introduces new feature called ‘Linked Passes’ setting

Google Wallet is introducing a new feature called ‘Automatically add linked passes’ which will allow users to easily link boarding passes, event tickets, loyalty cards, and other related passes to their digital wallet.

Availability and functionality

While the Google Linked Passes feature is currently in beta and may not be available for all cards, it provides a convenient way to manage and organize a variety of digital cards. However, the passport issuer must enable the linking feature. If your cards aren’t linked, you’ll need to contact your issuer or merchant to activate this feature, reports 9to5google.

Passport types and restrictions

In particular, certain types of cards such as credit/debit cards, private cards such as driver’s licenses and health insurance cards, and physical access cards such as company badges and hotel keys cannot be linked through this feature.

The Automatically add linked cards option is part of the new Cards subsection in Google Wallet settings on Android devices. It’s enabled by default, allowing ticket providers to automatically add related event tickets, deals, offers and more to your existing passes.

Google provides developers with documentation on automatic linked passports, which allow service providers to send additional cards to users who already have an existing card in Google Wallet. This can help combine offers with loyalty cards, meal vouchers with boarding passes, or parking passes with event tickets.

Concerns and control

While this feature provides convenience, there is concern about the potential clutter of unwanted promotions and offers. Fortunately, Google includes an option to disable this automatic behavior, allowing users to control the contents of their digital wallet.

The introduction of linked passes follows Google’s recent addition of transportation payment verification options to improve user experience and functionality. This feature is available in Google Wallet version 24.10.x and seems to be more widely adopted compared to the verification settings. As Google continues to innovate and improve its Wallet app, users can expect to add useful features in the future, making digital transactions and management even more seamless.

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