iOS 18 was officially unveiled by Apple at the WWDC 2024 in June. (Apple) News 

Apple begins to roll out iOS 18 public beta for iPhone users, here’s how you can install it

Apple has started to roll out the much awaited iOS 18 public beta for eligible iPhone users. This is the first time since the Worldwide Developers Conference in June that the new-gen iPhone OS is available for the public. The public beta launch of iOS 18 follows three developer beta releases. Unveiled at WWDC 2024, iOS 18 comes with a wide range of cosmetic upgrades and features, most prominent being the Apple intelligence. If you are keen to install the public beta of iOS 18 on your iPhone, you need…

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Anthropic's Claude AI chatbot expands its reach with the launch of an iOS app, offering users enhanced mobility and functionality. Explore the future of AI assistance on your iPhone today. (Anthropic ) AI 

Anthropic launches iPhone app for Claude AI chatbot with updated subscription options

Anthropic, the company responsible for the AI-driven chatbot Claude, has launched its iOS app, marking Claude’s first appearance on mobile devices. The announcement, which was made on Wednesday, signifies the app’s global availability. This development signifies a major expansion beyond Claude’s web interface, providing users with a tailored smartphone experience. Key features of the iOS app The Claude iOS app mirrors the functionality of its web counterpart and offers a seamless transition for users accustomed to the web interface. Initial reviews highlight its optimization and user-friendly design, which makes interacting…

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iOS 17.5 beta rolls out with new features, including web distribution and anti-stalking capabilities. (Apple) News 

Details of the newly released iOS 17.5 beta update for iPhone

Apple is currently in the beta testing phase for iOS 17.5, giving developers and public beta users an early look at the upcoming features. The update is expected to be released next month, following the pattern of previous x.5 updates like iOS 16.5, iOS 15.5, iOS 14.5, and iOS 13.5 which were all released in mid-May or late April. So far, four beta versions of iOS 17.5 have been released as of April 17. New features and changes in iOS 17.5 One of the major additions of iOS 17.5 is…

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Apple is looking at how OpenAI features could be integrated into the next iPhone operating system- iOS 18. (unsplash) AI 

Apple in talks with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into iPhones for upcoming iOS 18 update

According to Bloomberg News, Apple Inc is in talks with OpenAI to utilize the startup’s generative AI technology for upcoming iPhone features set to be released later this year. The companies have begun discussing the terms of a potential deal and how OpenAI features would be integrated into Apple’s next iPhone operating system, iOS 18, the report said, citing people familiar with the matter. Apple and OpenAI did not immediately respond to Reuters requests for comment. Bloomberg reported last month that Apple was in talks to license Google’s Gemini chatbot…

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Know how Apple is planning to upgrade its Notes app with iOS 18. (Unsplash) News 

Apple is considering introducing enhanced versions of the iPhone Notes app with the release of iOS 18- Find out what to expect

The Apple Notes app, a popular choice among iOS users for note-taking, has received numerous updates in recent years to enhance its functionality. With the upcoming release of iOS 18, the app is set to receive new AI-powered features. Apple’s plans to incorporate AI capabilities into iOS 18 will extend to the Notes app, offering users even more advanced tools for organizing and managing their notes. Stay tuned to learn more about the exciting upgrades coming to Apple’s note-taking app on the iPhone. Apple Notes in iOS 18 In June,…

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Collaborative AI partnerships set to enhance iOS 18's innovative features. (Apple) AI 

Apple is set to enhance AI capabilities with iOS 18 update: Explore potential AI features for your iPhone

According to a recent report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 will bring a variety of new AI features that do not depend on cloud servers. This decision demonstrates Apple’s dedication to improving user privacy and device performance by handling AI tasks directly on the device. Gurman revealed in his Power On newsletter that iOS 18’s native AI features run entirely on the device, eliminating the need for cloud processing. This includes an extensive language model that supports new AI features, macrumors reports. Artificial intelligence partnerships While Apple…

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Apple's new App Store rules open the door for game emulators on iOS devices. (AP) News 

Attention iPhone gamers: A Game Boy emulator is now accessible on the iOS App Store, offering a fun surprise.

Following Apple’s recent changes to its App Store guidelines, a Game Boy emulator called iGBA has unexpectedly become available on the iPhone and iPad. This marks a notable shift from Apple’s previous strict prohibition of emulators. Arrival detection Parker Ortolani was the first to notice the appearance of the iGBA, although it is unclear whether Apple or the developer decided to remove the app from the store after it was first released. This comes after Apple revised its App Store rules, which appears to allow game emulators on its platform…

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Crowdfense's latest pricing list reveals the escalating value of vulnerabilities, with iPhone hacks commanding up to $7 million. (Unsplash) News 

Here is the price list for iPhone hacking: How much hackers charge for zero-day iOS exploits

The market for zero-day exploits in the cybersecurity industry is experiencing significant growth, with prices on the rise for hacks that target widely-used devices and software. Crowdfense, a startup that focuses on acquiring and selling zero-day vulnerabilities, has released its latest pricing list, showing high prices for exploits that target iPhones, iMessage, and other popular technologies. Pricing Revealed: Valuation of Zero-Day Hackers Zero-day exploits, named for their reliance on undisclosed vulnerabilities unknown to software developers, rake in huge sums of money because they enable cover-up and espionage. Crowdfense’s price list…

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Apple Maps lags behind Google's navigation platform in many ways but the company is finally looking to bring more features for iPhone users. News 

Apple Maps may receive a custom route feature in the upcoming iOS 18 update.

Apple is known for its knack for incorporating competitors’ existing features into its products with its unique spin. The latest speculation is about the possible addition of custom routes to Apple Maps. MacRumors reports that a file called “CustomRouteCreation” was found in the Maps backend, pointing to this upcoming feature in iOS 18. Although it has not yet been officially confirmed, some believe that Apple should have done it earlier, as competitors such as Google Maps have offered similar functionality for years. The possibility for users to plan their route…

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Apple WWDC 2024 has been officially announced. Check details. (Apple) News 

Apple’s WWDC 2024 to Begin on June 10 at Apple Park; iOS and macOS Upgrades Confirmed

Apple has officially announced the dates for its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024, which will take place from June 10 to June 14. The event is expected to feature announcements on AI and updates to Apple’s software for iOS, macOS, and other devices. Continuing the trend of past years, WWDC 2024 will be held at Apple Park in Menlo, Cupertino, California, which has been the company’s home since 2017. Apple WWDC 2024 In a blog post, Apple announced that WWDC 2024 will showcase advancements in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS,…

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Apple wants to keep the boxed iPhones lying in the store updated, and the company seems to have found a new tech system to make it work. News 

In-store availability of Apple’s iOS update for iPhones may start next month.

Apple is planning a major technical update that will allow the company to deliver the latest iOS updates to iPhones that are still in the box. The company has been working on a new technology that allows it to keep in-store iPhones updated instead of waiting for someone to buy a device, unbox it, and then manually update the iOS version. It’s an interesting development, and according to reports, Apple will have it in its retail stores next month. Apple Store iPhone Update Mode: How It Works As Bloomberg mentioned…

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Apple is in talks with Baidu to leverage its AI services. Check details. (Unsplash) AI 

Apple is considering incorporating AI capabilities into iOS 18 with the help of Baidu technology; Find out what to expect

Apple has been in the spotlight for engaging in discussions with tech companies like Google and OpenAI to incorporate their AI services into its products. In addition to investing in AI startups for iOS 18, Apple has now teamed up with Chinese tech giant Baidu to utilize their AI services. The company is striving to introduce cutting-edge generative AI services to rival competitors like Samsung and Google. Stay updated on Apple’s efforts to integrate AI features into its upcoming devices. Apple uses Baidu’s artificial intelligence service According to a Morningstar…

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iOS 18 could be Apple's biggest update in years and we will know more about the new version during the WWDC 2024 keynote. News 

Apple to enable iPhone users to personalize their home screen following the release of iOS 18 update

iPhone users will soon be able to customize their home screen more than they can do right now. The next iOS 18 update, coming later this year, will help you make those changes, as Bloomberg reported this week. Home screen customization is a limited feature for iPhone users and has been for years, while Android users can mess around with customization. Apple is ready to at least get to that level, but we don’t yet know how the iPhone’s “further customization” will work with the iOS 18 update. Apple is…

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iPhone update: iOS 17.4.1 addresses vulnerabilities and improves device performance, ensuring a smoother user experience. (Apple) News 

Apple releases iOS 17.4.1 with bug fixes and security improvements for iPhone

Apple has released the newest version of its iPhone operating system, iOS 17.4.1, shortly after the previous iOS 17.4 update. The update is now accessible for users to download and includes various bug fixes and security improvements to enhance the user experience. Update to iOS 17.4.1 To update their iPhone to iOS 17.4.1, users can go to the Settings app, select General, and then tap Software Update. The update, with build number 21E236, is compatible with all iPhone models capable of running iOS 17, including the iPhone XR/XS and later…

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iOS 17.4 update was the biggest release from Apple in recent times, but now the company is back to fixing security issues. News 

New Update for iPhone Users: Apple Rolls Out iOS 17.4.1 – Install Now

Apple has released the new iOS 17.4.1 update for iPhone users on Thursday evening. We’ve heard reports of a new version being ready for iPhone users, who can basically expect minor updates rather than major feature additions per se. The iOS 17.4 update showed us Apple’s new-look version of iOS, which includes many EU-centric changes, including options like sideloading apps on the iPhone. Apple is aware of certain issues that require immediate attention, and iOS subversion updates address these security risks and help protect iPhone users. iOS 17.4.1 update for…

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Epic Games is the maker of popular titles like Fortnite which has battled with giants like Apple over its app store fees. Gaming 

Epic Games Store Set to Launch on iOS and Android Devices This Year

After a long time, the wait is finally over as the Epic Games Store is set to arrive on iOS and Android by the end of this year. The company has revealed this exciting update with the X release, which heralds the arrival of its mobile app store on Apple and Google platforms before the end of 2024. We’re coming to iOS and Android!Same fair terms, available to all developers, on a true multi-platform store – with amazing games for everyone. — Epic Games Store (@EpicGames) March 20, 2024…

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Apple could make many announcements at WWDC 2024, including iOS 18, Mac Studio and more. (Unsplash) News 

Anticipated Features at Apple WWDC 2024: AI-enhanced iOS 18 and Mac Studio among the highlights

As the time approaches for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), speculation is mounting about what the tech giant may reveal. While the exact dates for WWDC 2024 have yet to be confirmed, Apple is anticipated to announce a range of software and hardware updates, as is tradition. The event is likely to take place at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Apple Park, Cupertino, California, as it does every year. Reports suggest that iOS 18 may take center stage at this year’s conference, with numerous artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements expected, but…

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Content Creation will be easier with the new Adobe Express Firefly generative AI features. (REUTERS) AI 

All features of Adobe Firefly generative AI models now accessible on Android and iOS devices

Adobe has recently enhanced its suite of products by incorporating generative AI features. The company has now introduced Firefly generative AI features to its mobile app version of Adobe Express. This new addition will make mobile editing easier and enable users to create appealing content on the go. Adobe initially unveiled the Firefly generative AI feature in September last year and is now extending this smart AI capability to its mobile app. Learn more about this feature and how it can enhance your editing experience. Adobe Express Firefly is powered…

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Google is making it easier to search for files on iOS by implementing a range of new additions. Here's what you need to know. News 

Google Drive is simplifying file searches on its iOS app.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re a Google Drive user. Whether you use iOS or Android, Google Drive offers a convenient way to upload and access your files. However, it is not without its flaws, and you may have encountered obstacles when searching and filtering files on both iOS and Android, especially when you forget the file name. Google is finally addressing the same thing on iOS (Android availability coming soon) by letting users filter their searches, introducing filter categories, suggesting relevant filters as you type, and…

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This rumoured rebrand could coincide with the launches of iOS 18 and macOS 15, which is expected in September or October News 

Report: Apple may rename Apple ID to ‘Apple Account’ upon release of iOS 18

If you’re an Apple device owner, you’re probably familiar with the need to create an Apple ID to unlock a full range of features, including iCloud, the App Store, and more. Now, while “Apple ID” has been a mainstay for more than a decade, there are indications that Apple is considering a rebranding that may move toward the term “Apple Account.” According to a report by MacRumors, sources suggest that Apple is currently in the testing phase to implement a new Apple account nomenclature, and this change could make its…

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