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ICICI Bank warns customers of a new scam that could lead to account depletion – Learn more

The rapid progress of technology has not only simplified our lives but has also introduced a new danger – cyber threats. Criminals are now using advanced methods like QR codes and artificial intelligence to carry out fraudulent activities. ICICI Bank has issued a warning, advising people to stay alert against a scam that involves harmful files and links capable of emptying their bank accounts and causing financial harm.

What is a scam?

According to the guide, a new type of scam is on the rise where citizens are sent a malicious APK link urging them to download it. After installation and registration, the APK starts sending all the messages received on the victim’s phone, including the OTPs.

The bank says, “Be vigilant and ensure that you don’t install any suspicious/malicious apps on your mobile from untrusted sources. ICICI Bank never sends SMS/WhatsApp messages to its customers asking them to call a specific mobile number or download apps.”

If citizens receive such messages, they are advised to report them immediately to the National Cyber Crime portal. The bank has also published a list of best security practices that citizens can follow to protect themselves from similar scams.

How to stay safe from scams

1. Update your mobile phone to the latest update and install the latest security patches.

2. Only install apps from trusted sources like Google Play Store and App Store.

3. Install antivirus software from trusted vendors and keep it up to date.

4. Before allowing access to the application, pay attention to the access rights.

5. Don’t click on any suspicious links you receive in an email or text message.

6. Do not share confidential information like OTP, PIN or card details with anyone, especially over phone or internet.

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