His work revolutionized industries from publishing to video production. News 

Dr. John Warnock, Co-Founder of Adobe, Dies at Age 82

Adobe announced on Saturday that Dr. John Warnock, the co-founder of the groundbreaking company, has passed away at the age of 82. His wife, Marva Warnock, and three children survive him, while the cause of his death remains undisclosed. “It is with deep sadness that I announce the passing of our beloved founder, Dr. John Warnock, at the age of 82,” wrote Adobe Chairman and CEO Shantanu Narayen. “John is widely recognized as one of the greatest innovators of our generation, having a significant impact on how we communicate through…

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The winning systems will be able to analyze and correct vulnerable code in critical infrastructure. News 

White House Launches Initiative to Source Cybersecurity Solutions with Artificial Intelligence

With alarming frequency, our local and state government systems fall victim to hacking and ransom attacks. During the Black Hat USA Conference in Las Vegas, the Biden Administration announced its strategy to enhance the protection of the country’s crucial digital infrastructure. They will initiate a DARPA-led challenge competition aimed at developing AI systems that can actively detect and resolve software vulnerabilities. In essence, a hackathon will be organized to tackle this issue. The “AI Cyber Challenge” (AIxCC) is a two-year development program open to competitors throughout the United States. It…

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You can customize virtually any website. News 

Arc Web Browser Now Open to All Users

The Browser Company has made it effortless for users to personalize or vandalize the websites they browse. They have launched the Arc 1.0 browser for Mac without any waitlist. This final version incorporates several recently introduced features such as an optional toolbar, a site “control center,” and picture-in-picture functionality for Google Meet video calls. Additionally, the software is expected to be more streamlined and quicker compared to its previous iterations. As before, Arc is rethinking some of the fundamentals of web browsers. You can customize the look and layout of…

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Get ready to see Aptos whenever you're getting work done. News 

Microsoft to Introduce New Font with Office App Update

Microsoft is set to bring a significant visual change to its productivity suites, particularly for users of 365 and Office apps. After a 15-year run, the default font Calibri will be replaced with a new one called Aptos. Although Aptos appears to be a straightforward sans-serif font in its default form, Microsoft is confident that users will appreciate its remarkable adaptability. Aptos works in several languages. There are four different font weights and serif variations in the selection, if you need something less hyper-modern. Creator Steve Matteson (who made the…

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The new iOS version will be offered to even a 5-year-old iPhone model but what good does it offer without the new features. News 

This iPhone With iOS 17 Software Is Not Recommended For Use

Later this year, Apple will release the new iOS 17 version for a variety of iPhones, as confirmed by the company. However, Apple has also specified the models that will not receive the update, namely the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, and the first-generation iPhone SE. Now, when you look at the list of iPhones getting the iOS 17 update, one model in particular stands out, and it’s probably the worst iPhone on the list to get the new iOS 17 this year. We are talking about the iPhone…

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The platform wants developers to pay a hefty fee to use its API that enables their services. News 

Reddit Seeks High Fees for API Access from App Developers

The tech industry is experiencing the influence of Twitter, as Reddit follows suit and plans to charge developers for API access, similar to Elon Musk’s company. Developers may be required to pay a significant sum of $20 million annually, according to API pricing details. Reddit has already notified developers that the charges will take effect on June 19. The update did not sit well with developers, who understand that the platform’s growth is contingent upon their participation. The company shared the pricing for Reddit API with Christian Selig, an Apollo…

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Twitter backtracks on decision to make API paywall paid, offers free access to emergency and transportation services after criticism. News 

Twitter allows free API access for emergency and transport services: what it means

Twitter on Wednesday reversed its decision to put its application programming interface (API) behind a paywall and allow emergency and transportation service providers to use the APIs for free. Twitter announced in February that it would end free access to its API and instead release a paid version for developers worldwide. After the controversial decision, several emergency and transportation accounts faced problems sending alerts to the platform. The US Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) also experienced disruptions to their API connections. Now the Elon Musk-run…

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Adobe Inc on Monday said it plans to introduce new artificial intelligence (AI) features into its video editing software used by the film and television industries. News 

Adobe adds degenerative artificial intelligence tools to its video editing software

Adobe Inc. announced Monday that it plans to bring new artificial intelligence capabilities to its video editing software used by the film and television industries. The tools allow video editors to, for example, change the lighting of an image from noon to sunset or create background music by writing a few words of text that tells the system what to do. The tools are based on a new system called Adobe Firefly, which the company introduced last month for creating still images and text. Adobe is interested in generative artificial…

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Microsoft will pay $3 million in penalty in the US for selling software to sanctioned companies in Russia, Cuba, Iran and Syria from 2012 to 2019. News 

Microsoft to pay $3 million in fines for selling software to sanctioned Russian companies

Microsoft will pay a $3 million fine in the US for selling software to sanctioned companies in Russia, Cuba, Iran and Syria between 2012 and 2019. According to the US Department of Defense, most of the apparent violations involved the activities of blocked Russian units or individuals based in Ukraine’s Crimean region. Treasury. “The settlement amount reflects the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)’s view that the conduct of the Microsoft entities was not egregious and voluntarily self-disclosed, and also reflects the significant corrective actions Microsoft took after discovering the…

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The company launched the Basic (v2) access tier for "hobbyists with 10,000 GET/month and 50,000 POST/month, two app IDs, and Login with Twitter for $100/month". News 

Twitter announces new API with free Basic and Enterprise tiers

Elon Musk-run Twitter has released a new paid API (Application Programming Interface) platform with free, basic, and enterprise tiers. The company shared the information on Twitter via its Twitter Dev account: “Today we’re launching our new Twitter API access levels! We’re excited to share more details about our self-service capabilities.” Initially, the company had planned to shut down free access to its API on February 9, but later extended the deadline to February 13 and then moved it again. Additionally, the three tiers include a free basic tier that is…

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Microsoft. (Reuters) News 

Bosch and Microsoft join forces to develop vehicle software platform

Bosch will work with Microsoft on a software platform for vehicles, he said Thursday, as it strives to get a foot in the door in the rapidly growing market for electromobility and technology. automated driving. Using cloud technology, the software platform will ensure that vehicle control units and computers can obtain software throughout their lifetimes, the German automotive supplier said. The technology is based on Microsoft Azure and includes software modules from Bosch, he said, adding that they plan to use the software platform in prototype vehicles by the end…

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