The new video feed feature allows users to discover bite-sized career insights and engage with professional content in a more accessible format. (unsplash)News 

LinkedIn introduces a video feed similar to TikTok for professionals; Learn more about the new feature

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, is joining the ranks of popular apps such as Instagram and Snapchat by testing out a short-form video feed similar to TikTok. This new feature, discovered by Austin Null, a strategy director at McKinney, introduces a vertical feed of brief videos that can be accessed through a designated “Video” tab in the app’s navigation bar. Users have the ability to swipe through the videos, interact with them by liking, commenting, or sharing, and discover professional content in a more engaging format.

LinkedIn publishes a TikTok-style video feed

While platforms like TikTok cover a wide range of content types, LinkedIn’s video feed is specifically tailored to serve career-oriented topics. The move aims to increase engagement and discovery on the platform by providing users with easy-to-digest videos on topics related to professional growth and expertise, Techcrunch reported.

LinkedIn recognizes users’ growing preference for video content as a way to learn from professionals and industry experts. The platform’s test of this new feature reflects its commitment to adapting to user preferences and facilitating information sharing within the community.

The introduction of a TikTok-style video feed on LinkedIn offers exciting opportunities for content creators, especially those interested in TikTok, to share career advice and insights. By providing a separate space for such content, LinkedIn aims to attract content creators and possibly monetize the feed in the future.

However, some users may express concern about the proliferation of short video feeds across platforms. They may feel overwhelmed by the flood of content or feel that it detracts from the platform’s primary focus on professional networking.

LinkedIn’s experiment with a TikTok-style video feed underscores its efforts to evolve and stay relevant in an increasingly video-centric digital environment. As the feature is tested, it will be interesting to see how users react and if it becomes a permanent fixture on the platform.

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