Truecaller's Fraud Prevention Summit in the capital served as a focal point for deliberations on enhancing safety in digital communication, delving into the legal, social, and economic impacts of fraudulent activities News 

Uniting to Combat Digital Fraud and Threats: Government and Telecom Industry Join Forces

TRAI Secretary V Raghunanda, along with other industry representatives and government officials, moderated discussions at the Truecaller Anti-Fraud Summit in New Delhi and advocated a unified strategy to strengthen India’s digital security measures. Emphasizing the imperative nature of collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors, Raghunandan emphasized that no single agency alone can address the myriad dimensions of security concerns in the country’s digital ecosystem. “Just one agency, public or private, cannot handle all dimensions of a country’s security. The approach must be collaborative with strategic public-private partnerships. India…

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With reports indicating a worrisome rise in cybercrime incidents across the nation, News18 takes the initiative to rally behind citizens demanding change News 

Rise in Online Frauds in India: Dark Digital Diaries Part-1

Digital technology has given us comforts and conveniences that could hardly have been imagined even a generation ago. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, play and do business. From virtual school to ordering groceries, practically everything we do and interact with has now been implemented with a digital component at virtually no cost. This rapid development of digital solutions has had its downside: record fraud. More progress now means more danger. A number of digital scams have emerged, each using sophisticated tactics to trick and defraud innocent…

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HDFC Bank ordered by RBI to suspend new digital products if outage

HDFC Bank Ltd. has been ordered to curb some digital and credit card transactions following a series of problems at the Indian lender, a rare move by the financial regulator as online transactions increase in the country. The Reserve Bank of India has asked the company to halt planned digital launches and the addition of new credit card customers after outages over the past two years, HDFC Bank said Thursday. Bank CEO Sashidhar Jagdishan in a note to clients posted on his website apologized and said the lender was working…

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Representative image. (REUTERS) News 

PayPal CEO Says Digital Currencies Should Become Mainstream

PayPal Holdings Inc. CEO Dan Schulman said the use of digital currencies is expected to become more widespread as more merchants take a digital first approach to payments. The whole world is going to go digital first, Schulman said at the Web Summit on Wednesday. Stores accept payments via smartphones and QR codes, even in stores, and more and more customers are starting to use digital wallets, which are natural complements to digital currencies . PayPal announced in October that its customers can buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin,…

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Crypto developers seize the new corona virus morbidly symbolic

Cryptocurrency developers have created a digital coin, which allows traders to bet corona virus epidemic, based on how many people get sick or die. Called “CoronaCoin,” the lower supply every other day based on the number of new cases, according to its website – which suggests the price may move higher more people to kill the virus. Corona Virus epidemic is becoming global, six new countries reported the first case on Friday, and the World Health Organization to increase its global spread and impact of alert “very high.” Latest WHO…

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