Tata Group is in advanced discussions to acquire Pegatron's iPhone production facility in India, signaling a strategic move for both companies amid evolving market dynamics. (unsplash) News 

All you need to know about Tata’s acquisition of Pegatron’s iPhone plant in India

According to sources, Pegatron, a Taiwanese manufacturer, is in advanced talks to hand over control of its only iPhone production facility in India to the Tata Group. This move is seen as part of Pegatron’s strategy to reduce its partnership with Apple. The proposed deal, reportedly approved by Apple, would see Tata Group holding at least a 65% stake in a joint venture that would manage operations at the Pegatron plant near Chennai. Pegatron would still offer technical support and retain the rest of the stake. Pegatron has 10,000 employees…

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Total Solar Eclipse will take place today! However, the Aditya L1 spacecraft will not be able to see the event. (Representative image) (unsplash ) Space 

ISRO chief S. Somanath explains why Aditya L1 spacecraft will not witness Total Solar Eclipse in India

Today, a rare Solar Eclipse will be visible in various parts of the world. While those in North America can witness the event in person, individuals in other countries can watch a live stream on platforms such as NASA TV and Google TV. The eclipse is expected to last for several hours, making it a significant celestial event worth experiencing. Unfortunately, ISRO’s Aditya L1 spacecraft, currently monitoring the Sun, will not be able to observe the Total Solar Eclipse due to its positioning. The Chairman of ISRO has shared more…

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Crowdfense's latest pricing list reveals the escalating value of vulnerabilities, with iPhone hacks commanding up to $7 million. (Unsplash) News 

Here is the price list for iPhone hacking: How much hackers charge for zero-day iOS exploits

The market for zero-day exploits in the cybersecurity industry is experiencing significant growth, with prices on the rise for hacks that target widely-used devices and software. Crowdfense, a startup that focuses on acquiring and selling zero-day vulnerabilities, has released its latest pricing list, showing high prices for exploits that target iPhones, iMessage, and other popular technologies. Pricing Revealed: Valuation of Zero-Day Hackers Zero-day exploits, named for their reliance on undisclosed vulnerabilities unknown to software developers, rake in huge sums of money because they enable cover-up and espionage. Crowdfense’s price list…

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Blinkit user's playful request for FIFA game with delivery agent sparks laughter; CEO responds with humour. (Blinkit ) News 

Blinkit receives unusual request for Sony PS 5 Slim delivery, causing online excitement; CEO responds

Blinkit, the quick-commerce platform, has caused a stir of amusement online with their recent partnership with Sony for the rapid delivery of PlayStation 5 (PS5) Slim editions and controllers in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, and Bengaluru in just 10 minutes. A surprising request from a user caught the attention of Blinkit CEO Albinder Dhindsa. A game session as a condition of purchase The case unfolded when a customer lightly approached Blinkit’s customer support with a unique condition: “Oh listen… I’ll buy a PS5 from you with only one condition.” When asked to…

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Upgrade your tech game with Reliance Digital's exclusive offers. Get ready to shop and save from April 6 to April 15 (Reliance) News 

Reliance Digital Discount Days sale offers top deals on iPhone 15, iPad and more – Don’t miss out!

Reliance Digital has announced the return of its highly anticipated ‘Digital Discount Days’ sale, where customers can enjoy exclusive discounts on a variety of electronics. The sale will start on April 6 and continue until April 15, 2024, at all Reliance Digital stores and My Jio Stores across the country. During digital sale days, customers can avail irresistible offers from Reliance Digital or My Jio Stores. They include up to 10% instant discount on leading debit cards or up to Rs. 15,000 cashback on consumer loans and attractive discounts on…

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X introduces Grok chatbot to Premium subscribers, expanding access to interactive features. (Bloomberg) News 

X increases availability of Grok chatbot for premium subscribers in response to growing competition

Social media platform X is now making xAI’s Grok chatbot available to Premium tier subscribers. In response to Elon Musk’s announcement about the service being offered to paid users, the company has specified that only Premium and Premium+ subscribers in certain regions will have access to the chatbot. Previously, Grok was exclusively available to Premium+ users, who paid either $16 per month or a $168 annual subscription fee. However, according to a report by Techcrunch, with the latest update, users who have subscribed for $8 per month can now take…

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Blinkit will deliver the PS5 Slim to your doorstep in 10 minutes. Check details. (Albinder Dhindsa/X) News 

Sony PlayStation 5 Slim set to launch today, Blinkit offering 10-minute delivery in India- pricing and details revealed

Blinkit, an Indian quick commerce company, has announced plans to deliver the newly launched PlayStation 5 (PS5) Slim directly to gamers’ homes. This decision coincides with the release of the PS5 Slim in India, with sales starting at 10 AM IST today. By leveraging Blinkit’s 10-minute delivery services typically used for groceries and household items, the company aims to make the PS5 Slim more accessible to customers. PS5 Slim delivery at Blinkit Apart from selling to resellers and e-commerce platforms, Blinkit is another service that Sony India seems to have…

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NASA to develop a lunar terrain vehicle (LTV) to explore the Moon's south pole. (NASA) Space 

NASA is developing a Lunar Terrain Vehicle for astronauts to drive on the Moon: Get all the details on the project

NASA is in the process of creating a lunar terrain vehicle (LTV) for Artemis astronauts to navigate the lunar south polar region. Three agencies have been chosen by the US Space Agency to collaborate on the development of the vehicle, including Intuitive Machines, which played a role in the recent landing of the Odysseus spacecraft on the Moon. This partnership aims to turn a high-tech vision into a reality. Learn more about the LTV. NASA Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV) According to a NASA blog and a shared YouTube video, the…

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Asteroid 2021 FD1 belongs to the Apollo group, while Asteroid 2023 GC2 belongs to the Aten group of asteroids, says NASA. (Pixabay) Space 

NASA reports that two asteroids may come close to Earth today; Verify their size, speed, and other details.

NASA utilizes a variety of advanced technologies, including the NEOWISE telescope, ALMA, Pans-STARRS1, and Catalina Sky Survey, to discover, track, and monitor asteroids. Given the potential threat of asteroids impacting Earth, it is crucial to closely monitor them for any potential impact scenarios. NASA has announced that two asteroids will pass by Earth at a close distance today, April 4. Asteroid 2021 FD1: Details NASA’s Object Studies, or CNEOS, has named the first asteroid that passed by Earth today, Asteroid 2021 FD1. It is expected to pass the Earth at…

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Government directs telecom giants to halt USSD-based call forwarding on smartphones starting April 15 for security. (Pexels) News 

Major change coming on April 15: Indian government to revamp call forwarding on mobiles to combat frauds

Starting April 15, 2024, smartphone users in India will need to adjust to changes in call forwarding procedures on their Android or iPhone devices. The Department of Telecom (DoT) is cracking down on fraud and online crimes committed through mobile phones, leading telecom companies to discontinue the use of USSD codes like *401# for activating call-forwarding functions. This directive will remain in place until further notice. Key Points of DoT Prohibition Order According to an order dated March 28, DoT has observed that USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) based call…

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India 5G data speeds have gone up and most people are using it with 4G data plans but the global ranking and 5G network reach is growing. Gaming 

India’s 5G Data Speeds Ranked 14th in the World, Leading to Increased Video Streaming and Gaming Activity among Users

India launched its 5G network in October 2022, and more than 12 months later, the country’s 5G network deployment, expansion and overall download speeds have picked up. According to the latest industry report, India is now ranked 14th globally with a median 5G speed of 301 Mbps in Q4 2023. The report published via Ookla also talks about the increased availability of 5G, which is now more than 50 percent in a short time. 5G in India: How it compares to 4G data for users The 5G download speed of…

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YouTube Music works on mobile and web but most of the useful features have been limited to the former, but now PC users can also enjoy songs offline. News 

YouTube Music introduces new feature allowing PC users to download tracks on its web app.

YouTube Music has released a new feature that makes offline listening easier. Previously, the streaming platform allowed users to download music while offline through a mobile app (both Android and iPhone). But now it has introduced its desktop app counterpart to this feature. Desktop Web users can now download their favorite music and playlists and listen to them when they don’t have an Internet connection, according to 9to5Google. Users can even download and save the entire playlist for convenient listening without an internet connection. YouTube has reportedly been testing this…

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OnePlus Nord CE 4 India launch is later today and the new mid-range Nord CE phone is likely to compete with Nothing Phone 2a and Redmi Note 13 series. News 

OnePlus Nord CE 4 to be Launched in India on April 1

The OnePlus Nord CE 4 India will launch on Monday, April 1, and this is not an April Fool’s joke. The company has officially confirmed the launch of the new Nord CE model, and people in India and other markets will get the chance to upgrade later this week. The launch of the OnePlus Nord CE 4 is expected to bring a new competitor to the Nothing Phone 2a and even the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 series. OnePlus has been teasing the product and some of its features on social…

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Xiaomi HyperOS is a new, lighter and leaner version of MIUI based on Android 14 that made its debut earlier this year with the Xiaomi 14 flagship phone. News 

Xiaomi India announces expansion of HyperOS update to additional devices for users in Q2 2024: Complete list provided

Xiaomi has started the new month with good news for its customers in India, especially those who have been waiting for the new Android 14-based HyperOS update. The company says that HyperOS will not only be a mobile-centric platform, but other products will also be added to the ecosystem, including a car. So far, Xiaomi has been regularly updating people about its rollout plans, and those in India who are still using a Xiaomi/Redmi phone or Redmi Pad tablet can expect big moves from the company in the coming months.…

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Asteroid 2024 FQ3 belongs to the Apollo group of Near-Earth Asteroids (NEAs), says NASA. (Pixabay) Space 

NASA reveals asteroid will pass within 721,000 km of Earth today; Learn about its size

On April 1, a celestial visitor in the form of an asteroid is expected to pass by Earth. NASA has used its advanced telescopes to track the asteroid’s orbit and predict that it will come close to our planet on the first day of April. Asteroid 2024 FQ3 NASA says Asteroid 2024 FQ3 is just one of millions of asteroids orbiting the Sun. These space rocks are mostly in the main asteroid belt, which lies between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars. NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, or CNEOS,…

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The free games are offered every month for PlayStation Plus subscribers and April 2024 free games list is out. News 

April 2024 PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup Revealed

PlayStation Plus subscribers have reason to rejoice as Sony has announced the next selection of free games. Between April 2 and May 6, members will have access to three exciting games: Immortals of Aveum for PS5, Minecraft Legends for both PS4 and PS5, and Skull: The Hero Slayer for PS4. Like every month, these exciting games can be added to your library and played at any time as long as your membership is active. Released last year, Immortals of Avenue was overlooked by players during numerous releases. Minecraft Legends offers…

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While concerns over "iPhone finger" persist, understanding ergonomic risks is crucial for maintaining hand health. (Pixabay) News 

New iPhone Fingerprint Technology

A new issue has surfaced online regarding excessive smartphone usage: the “iPhone finger.” This term describes a possible indentation that could form on the pinky finger from holding a phone in a certain manner for extended periods. As cell phones become an extension of us, concerns arise about how they can affect our bodies. The term “iPhone finger” has sparked debate on the Internet, especially when it was mentioned on “The TJ Show” podcast, where the hosts found bumps on their pinky fingers from using the smartphone. Although “iPhone finger”…

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The FedEx courier scam starts with an IVR phone call from an unknown number that claims, “Your Fedex Package Has Been Blocked…Press 1”. (Shutterstock) (HT_PRINT) News 

Hundreds of Indians falling victim to scam involving blocked FedEx packages, urged to press 1

The FedEx courier scam has been on the rise in India, with Bengaluru city police registering 335 cyber fraud cases related to this particular scam in 2023. Surprisingly, even internet-savvy individuals are falling victim to this scam. The scam typically begins with an IVR phone call from an unknown number claiming that the recipient’s FedEx package has been blocked, prompting them to press 1. Those who fall for the scam end up paying large sums of money in the form of fines. A recent report by The Indian Express highlighted…

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates talked about India’s digital revolution at the prime minister’s residence. (ANI) News 

PM Modi and Bill Gates talk about India’s digital transformation and how Digital India is taking the lead.

During a meeting with Bill Gates, Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed how India has been at the forefront of adopting new technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence. In a casual conversation at the prime minister’s residence, Bill Gates commended Indians for actively embracing technology to enhance their quality of life. In a video shared by news agency ANI, PM Modi said, “During the G20 summit in Indonesia, delegates from around the world expressed their curiosity about the country’s digital revolution. I explained to them that we have democratized technology to prevent monopoly.…

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OnePlus will be launching the new Nord CE model in India early next week and here's what people might be expected to pay for the phone. News 

Possible cost of OnePlus Nord CE 4 in India leaked: Estimated price revealed

The OnePlus Nord CE 4 will launch in India on April 1st, and just days before the product’s launch, we’ve got our hands on the rumored price of the brand’s latest Nord smartphone. OnePlus has been teasing the product and some of its features on social media for the past few weeks, leaving nothing to our imagination, including the design of the new phone. And now that the OnePlus Nord CE 4 price in India has been leaked, it is certain that people are eagerly waiting to see if this…

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