This appears to be the first successful attempt since the idea of space-based solar power was originally proposed 55 years ago. Space 

Researchers Successfully Send Solar Energy from Space to Earth

Although the concept of transmitting solar energy from space has been around since 1968, it seems that scientists have finally achieved a successful experiment. The Space Solar Power Demonstrator (SSPD-1), a prototype created by a team of researchers from Caltech, has collected sunlight, converted it into electricity, and transmitted it to microwave receivers on a rooftop at Caltech’s Pasadena campus. The experiment also demonstrates that the SSPD-1 can withstand the journey to space and the harsh conditions of the space environment, as it was launched on January 3. “As far…

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The rear-wheel drive model was qualified for half that amount after the US changed its tax credit guidelines. News 

Tesla Model 3 Qualifies for Maximum $7,500 Tax Credit

Tesla has made changes to its website, allowing customers in the US to receive the full federal tax credit of $7,500 for purchasing a Model 3, regardless of the model they choose. This includes the rear-wheel drive, long range, and performance versions. The same tax credit is also available for those purchasing the all-wheel, long-range, or performance Model Y. In March, the U.S. government released revised guidelines for electric vehicles to qualify for a $7,500 federal electric vehicle tax credit to comply with the rules of the Inflation Reduction Act…

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After launching the Moto Razr 40 Ultra and Razr 40 flip phones in global markets, including China, Motorola has hinted at that the Moto Razr 40 series is going to launch in India as well. Here's what we know. News 

Motorola Announces Moto Razr 40 Series Launch In India: Price, Specifications And More Revealed

Motorola has given a hint that the Moto Razr 40 series, which includes the Razr 40 Ultra and Razr 40 flip phones, will be launched in India. This follows the global launch of the phones, including in China. Motorola India’s Twitter account posted a teaser message that reads, “A #FLIPin’ awesome gift awaits. Coming soon to India.” It remains unclear whether the phones will be branded “Razr 40” as they are called “Razr” and “Razr+” in the US. It has also been confirmed whether the brand will launch both the…

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Regulators around the world are scrambling to draw up rules governing the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI). (REUTERS) AI 

OpenAI Warned by Japan’s Privacy Regulator Over User Data

OpenAI, the Microsoft-supported startup responsible for ChatGPT chatbot, has been cautioned by Japan’s privacy regulator not to gather confidential information without individuals’ consent, according to a statement released on Friday. The Personal Data Protection Commission said in a statement that OpenAI should reduce the amount of sensitive data it collects for machine learning, adding that it can take further action if it has further concerns. Regulators around the world are working to set rules for the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI). It can generate text and images and compare…

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Crypto projects that are directly developing AI models on blockchain, applying AI to decentralized applications or solving for AI-related issues are still low. (REUTERS) News 

Coinbase Highlights Potential of Artificial Intelligence for Cryptocurrencies

Coinbase Global Inc., the biggest digital asset exchange in the US, has stated that the convergence of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency presents a significant chance for entrepreneurs. This includes the potential to address some of the criticisms aimed at the technology by preventing certain excesses. “As AI and blockchain applications mature, the disruption caused by these technologies could lead to areas of collaboration and the emergence of new use cases for cryptocurrencies that help address the specific societal challenges posed by AI,” said David Duong, director of research at Coinbase.…

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Sony India has launched the BRAVIA X82L television series in the Indian market. Running on Google TV, the lineup is available in 55", 65", and 75" screen sizes. News 

Sony Launches BRAVIA X82L TVs in India With Special Features for PS5, Dolby Vision Support

Sony India has introduced the latest BRAVIA X82L television series in India, expanding its range of BRAVIA TVs. The new lineup is powered by Google TV and is offered in screen sizes of 55″, 65″, and 75″. The X1 4K HDR picture processor from Sony is integrated into the series to guarantee that the screens exhibit rich blacks, optimal textures, and a lifelike image. The LED panels used in these TVs receive backlight from behind the panel, as opposed to the edges. Additionally, they come equipped with Sony’s exclusive TRILUMINOS…

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Scammers are finding new ways into tricking users and now banks are giving details on how that works. News 

Beware! ICICI Bank Issues Warning on Latest Banking Fraud

In today’s world, cybercrimes take on various forms, with a major focus on compromising your digital identity. Your mobile device holds sensitive information and even grants access to your bank accounts, making it a prime target for scammers who are constantly devising new tactics to obtain your personal data and money. While banks are a popular target for these hackers, it’s important to note that any breach can occur if an individual falls victim to the attacker’s scheme. And this seems to be happening recently, with banks such as India’s…

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The former YouTube rival wants you to cast videos instead. News 

Vimeo to end support for its TV apps on June 27

It’s no secret that Vimeo has refused to challenge YouTube as a business-friendly video platform, and this is now affecting its living room apps. The company will end support for its existing TV apps on June 27, including versions for Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV and Roku devices. It is no longer available in the app stores and you will not see any updates. If you want to watch the clip on the big screen, you’ll need to stream it from a mobile device using Apple AirPlay or Google…

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It will launch with blocking and reporting features. News 

BeReal starts testing it’s live messaging feature called RealChat

BeReal was Apple’s iPhone app of 2022, but the buzz surrounding the social media app (which forces you to post daily selfies) has died down recently. Now, the French company has introduced its private messaging service “RealChat,” which allows it to boast a feature found in most major social media apps, TechCrunch reports. According to the company, the job is one of the most sought after. You can only send a message to another user if you are on their friend’s platform. Deleting a message requires both parties to delete…

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The brand's unique design, broad frequency range and aptX support has our attention. News 

Orange Amps released its first ever Bluetooth Speakers

It looks like guitar amp companies making Bluetooth speakers could be a new thing. UK-based Orange Amps has just released a duo of Bluetooth speakers called the Box and Box-L. The former is a portable, battery-powered model, while the latter is a corded option that’s more of a home appliance. Both reflect the design of this famous brand’s guitar amp and amplifier series, using the same colors, logo and control panel style. The specs point to decent stereo sound in the $300-$350 price range, with Bluetooth 5.0, aptX support, a…

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The new speaker offers Alexa voice commands that also let you control smart home devices using your voice. Gadgets 

Amazon Launched Echo Pop Smart Speaker powered by Alexa in India

Amazon continues to update its range of Echo smart speakers in India, with the latest being the Echo Pop, which was announced at a global event earlier this year. Echo Pop will remind you of desk clocks, except this clock has a grille with built-in speakers and a microphone so Alexa can hear your voice commands. Amazon introduces a new speaker with a new processor that promises faster responses. Amazon echo pop price in India The Amazon Echo Pop has been launched in India at a price of Rs 4,999,…

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Navnit Nakra, CEO of OnePlus India, has moved on from the global technology brand to follow his passion, the company confirmed on Wednesday. News 

OnePlus India CEO Navneet Nakra is stepping down, the company defines his contribution as “Instrumental”

The company confirmed on Wednesday that Navnit Nakra, CEO of OnePlus India, has moved on from the global technology brand to pursue his passion. In 2021, the smartphone maker announced the promotion of Nacra, who was then the vice president, strategy director and head of sales in India, to the position of managing director of India and the regional head of OnePlus India. In a statement shared with IANS, the company thanked Nakra for his contribution to OnePlus India. “He has been instrumental in leading the business in India for…

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The platform’s new developer policies could price out third-party apps like Apollo. News 

The developer of the Reddit app says the site’s new API rules are costing him $20 million a year

Reddit’s recently announced plan to charge for API access could lower the developer price of one of Reddit’s most popular third-party apps. Reddit client app developer Apollo has raised alarm over the pricing of the new API, saying the changes will require it to spend millions of dollars to maintain its app in its current form. Reddit announced sweeping changes to its API rules last month, citing AI companies using its platform to train large language models. “Reddit’s dataset is really valuable,” Reddit CEO Steve Hoffman told the New York…

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It’s one of five features the automaker says will now be standard in all its electric vehicles. News 

GM’s automatic emergency braking system is now standardized for its latest EV models

General Motors announced today that it will make five active safety features standard on all electric vehicles from 2023 and beyond. Additionally, the automaker says it is going beyond its commitment to add automatic emergency braking (AEB) to 95 percent of its vehicles; The feature will be included in 98 percent of GM’s 2023 models — including all of its electric cars. The information was revealed after the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced today that all new cars and light trucks must include AEB within three years.…

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The $5.8 million settlement is already done. News 

Amazon is settling a lawsuit with the Federal Trade Commission over privacy concerns about the Ring doorbell

Amazon is paying $5.8 million to settle a recently announced privacy lawsuit filed by the Federal Trade Commission. According to the federal complaint, Ring gave employees and outside contractors full access to customer video content. This unfettered access has been abused by some employees and contractors and has been used to invade the privacy of Ring’s customers and other employees. The lawsuit highlights several cases where hacked cameras were used to sexually harass and spy on women, stalk female coworkers who used Ring products, racially abuse children, and more. The…

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Two-thirds of the planets around these ubiquitous small stars could be roasted by tidal extremes. (AFP) Space 

Milky Way, signs of life and water: See what this studies found

A third of the planets orbiting the Milky Way’s most common stars may contain liquid water and harbor life, according to a new study based on the latest telescope data. Most of the common stars in our galaxy are relatively smaller and cooler. Their mass is at most half that of the Sun. Billions of planets orbit these ordinary dwarf stars. Two-thirds of the planets around these small, ubiquitous stars could be exposed to extreme tides, sterilizing them, explains the analysis published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of…

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Xiaomi has shared the update via its Discord channel and could make it official very soon. News 

Xiaomi Extends Warranty on Redmi Note, Mi and Poco Phones in India: Complete List

Xiaomi users in India got a huge relief this week as the company is said to be offering an extended warranty on Xiaomi mobile phones that will allow them to repair their devices for free. The warranty is available on some Redmi Note, Poco and Mi models launched by the company in the last few years. According to information provided by Xiaomi on its Discord channel, these specific models now receive a two-year warranty from the date of purchase of any of these supported phones. Xiaomi phones with extended warranty…

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The latest Realme mid-range phones will focus on design, photography and more. News 

Realme 11 Pro series India launch date confirmed: Features and expected price

Realme is all set to launch the new Realme 11 Pro series in India next month and we now have the launch date for the new models. As in previous years, the Realme 11 Pro series should have two models, 11 Pro and 11 Pro + for buyers. The company has already teased that the new phones will have a 200-megapixel main camera, which is expected to produce high-quality images. When it comes to design, Realme is expected to use premium materials and the round camera module certainly got us…

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You can no longer set an alarm or order Tide Pods with Melissa McCarthy. News 

Alexa celebrity voices ditched by Amazon with no refunds

If you’ve been saving up to integrate Shaq’s voice into your Alexa devices, you’ve officially done so. Amazon is leaving out all the voices of Alexa-enabled celebrities, including Shaquille O’Neal, Melissa McCarthy, and Samuel L. Jackson, let’s just say it isn’t. Premium audio options are no longer available for purchase and will no longer work even if you purchased some time ago, as reported by The Verge. Which brings us back to the point, and it looks like there won’t be any. This is not alarming news as the volume…

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Call of Duty Mobile, Candy Crush Saga and Carrom Pool: Disc Game are the most data-hungry games, collecting up to 17 out of 32 different data points -- including photos and videos, contact information, location data and contacts, a new report has showed. Gaming 

Call of Duty: Mobile & Candy Crush Saga holds position in India’s Most Data-Gathering Mobile Games List

In India, mobile games such as Call of Duty Mobile, Candy Crush Saga and Carrom Pool: Disc Game are the most data intensive games, collecting up to 17 out of 32 different data points – including photos, videos, contacts, location data, and A new report came out on Tuesday . According to cyber security company Surfshark, the most popular apps, Ludo King and Subway Surfers, are ranked 38th and 7th respectively in terms of “data hunger”. Notably, only Subway Surfers collects more than an average of 9.3, including contact information…

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