An individual in Bengaluru was seen wearing the $3,499 Apple Vision Pro, and it is straight out of something like a Black Mirror episode.Gadgets 

Man seen wearing the Rs 3 lakh Apple Vision Pro headset on the streets of Bengaluru

After its Vision Pro mixed reality headset was launched in the US, the internet was flooded with videos and photos of early adopters in various public places – subways, restaurants, streets and more – practicing special hand gestures and appearing out of place with the headset on. Many observers considered this “dystopian” and drew parallels to scenes from the Netflix series Black Mirror.

Despite the headset’s current US exclusivity, the viral content has mainly come from there. Surprisingly, this trend has now reached India as a person was spotted wearing a $3,499 mixed reality headset in Bengaluru, India’s Silicon Valley.

Ayush Pranav, who shared on X (earlier on Twitter), posted a picture that captured a youngster using the Apple Vision Pro on the streets of Indiranagar. He mentioned that he “ran into @waitin4agi_ while playing with his vision pro on the streets of Indiranagar” and added that it “must be a @peakbengaluru moment.”

Although this event was expected, it is noteworthy that expensive headphones are sold at a high price in India. Independent checks showed that offline retailers in cities like New Delhi and Jaipur are selling the 256GB version for more than 4,000 rupees (about $4,800), well above the US retail price.

However, as the headset gains wider acceptance, these findings are expected to increase in metro cities as more people get their hands on it.

As far as the official launch is concerned, Apple has not given any indication as to whether the headphones will be brought to India anytime soon.

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