Google's new Samsung modem promises enhanced cellular connectivity and emergency satellite services for Pixel devices. (Google )News 

New Samsung modem with satellite connectivity to be featured in Google Pixel 9 smartphones

The upcoming Pixel devices from Google will feature an upgraded Samsung modem with satellite connectivity, providing improved cellular connectivity and access to emergency satellite services while on the move.

Pixel 9 series and more for the Sport updated modem

Recent reports suggest that Google’s Pixel 9 series, including the Pixel Fold 2 and the new 5G-capable Pixel Tablet, will feature an updated Samsung modem. This change follows Google’s switch from Qualcomm modems to Samsung modems, which matches the Tensor foundation that powers their devices, reports 9to5google.

While the current modem has been adequate, it sometimes struggles with poor connectivity and is not as energy efficient as one would hope. The upcoming modem, called the Tensor G4 5400, promises improvements in these areas, offering better performance and reliability.

Satellite connection to emergency services

The most significant feature of the new modem is its support for 3GPP Rel. 17 5G specification that enables satellite connection. Although current Pixel modems technically support satellite, this functionality has yet to be exploited. This update allows users to access satellite services through the integrated “Satellite Gateway”, primarily through the Emergency SOS feature.

In emergency situations, the application prompts users with essential questions to identify the situation, allowing them to notify contacts and send messages to emergency services. This enhanced emergency functionality aims to improve user safety and provide critical assistance when needed.

Pixel Fold 2 and possible satellite SOS feature

The code references suggest that the Pixel Fold 2 may require unlocking to fully activate the satellite SOS feature. Google has been actively developing the “Satellite SOS” function, but it is not yet in use. The new modem and related features are expected to be released soon, offering users even better connectivity and security features.

Future prospects and expectations

While the new modem is a significant step forward for Google’s Pixel devices, further improvements are expected with the transition to the TSMC-produced Tensor chip in 2025. As Google continues to innovate, users can expect more advanced features and capabilities in the upcoming Pixel. for generations.

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