OpenAI announced the development of a machine learning-based tool for content creators. (AFP)News 

OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT, is working on a new tool called ‘Media Manager’ for content creators- Learn more about it

OpenAI is introducing a new tool called “Media Manager” that will allow content creators to have control over how their work is utilized in training generative AI systems. This tool will provide creators with the ability to choose how they want their content to be incorporated into AI research, offering various options and features for inclusion or exclusion. Learn more about OpenAI’s Media Manager and how it empowers creators in managing their content for AI system training.

What is the Media Manager tool and how does it work?

According to OpenAI’s blog post, the Media Manager tool is designed for content creators and content owners to define how they want to present or use their content for AI system training and AI research. OpenAI emphasized that developing such a unique tool requires “cutting-edge machine learning research.” The tool is developed in such a way that it can detect copyrighted text, images, audio and video. For now, the Media Manager tool is under development and is expected to be completed by 2025.

OpenAI also said it will work with creators, content owners and regulators to successfully develop a Media Manager that meets their requirements and preferences. In addition, OpenAI plans to gradually add more personalized features to the tool after its official release.

Over the years, OpenAI has been in the limelight due to speculation about how it trains its AI systems. The company has specified that it uses publicly available data from the web, ownership of data partnerships, and user feedback to train its systems and tools. The company has also partnered with news agencies such as Financial Times, Le Monde, Prisa Media, Axel Springer and others to provide its users with accurate information on news and current events. Now, this new tool can bring legitimacy to how the company leverages content from content creators around the world by empowering them to choose what they want to share for AI system training.

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