It only accepts 2,000 word prompts on those browsers though, compared to 4,000 on Edge.News 

OpenAI Technology Enables Bing Chat on Chrome and Safari Browsers

According to The Verge, Microsoft’s Bing Chat is no longer limited to the Edge browser and is now being introduced to Chrome and Safari. The company is currently testing the feature on these browsers with a select group of users, and once the testing phase is finished, they plan to make it available to a wider audience.

It seems to be more than a small test as several users (including me on Chrome but not Safari) have gained access. However, there are some limitations. You must be signed in to your Microsoft account, and prompts are limited to 2,000 characters, compared to 4,000 in Edge. Conversations reset after 5 polls instead of 30, and it keeps prompting you to download Edge (never again, Microsoft).

Bing Chat is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4, giving users access to the latter’s features without the need to pay. However, there are some differences, as Bing Chat has access to Bing Search while ChatGPT-4 itself does not, so it can provide more up-to-date information and answer sources. However, OpenAI’s chat usually provides more detailed answers. A paper recently appeared claiming that the properties of ChatGPT-4 have been degraded, but some experts have downplayed the conclusions.

In addition to releasing it to other browsers, Microsoft also introduced dark mode to Bing Chat. To access it, click on the hamburger menu in the upper right corner and select “Appearance/Dark”. This feature may not be available to all users yet.

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