It only accepts 2,000 word prompts on those browsers though, compared to 4,000 on Edge. News 

OpenAI Technology Enables Bing Chat on Chrome and Safari Browsers

According to The Verge, Microsoft’s Bing Chat is no longer limited to the Edge browser and is now being introduced to Chrome and Safari. The company is currently testing the feature on these browsers with a select group of users, and once the testing phase is finished, they plan to make it available to a wider audience. It seems to be more than a small test as several users (including me on Chrome but not Safari) have gained access. However, there are some limitations. You must be signed in to…

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Microsoft Edge browser has been leaking users' visited sites to its API site, Here's what we know. News 

Microsoft Edge ‘leaks’ user browsing history to Bing API: Report

With all the attention Microsoft Edge has been garnering over the past few months with GPT-4-backed Bing, there’s a new development that suggests the browser has been leaking user-visited sites to its API site, This privacy concern was originally raised by Reddit users. According to The Verge, the latest version of Microsoft Edge sends a list of URLs from every page visited to Reddit user Hackermchackface, who first discovered the bug on the site, stated: “Searching for references to this URL returns very few results and no documentation…

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The new security issue affects the web browser with a certain version and we suggest you update it right away. News 

Indian government warns of security risk in Microsoft Edge browser: Update now

The Microsoft Edge browser has a security issue that the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, or CERT-In, has flagged as medium severity this week. The Information Security Agency claims that Microsoft’s web browser has several security holes that could allow an attacker to bypass your device’s security and give them access to data stored on it. The agency has also told about the problem and how it can affect the targeted devices. “These vulnerabilities exist in Microsoft Edge due to incorrect validation and user-supplied data handling during file download. An…

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OpenAI owns Dall E image generator and Edge users can take advantage of its capability. News 

AI Image Generator is now available for all desktop browsers

Microsoft has announced that its OpenAI DALL-E powered AI image generator is now available for Edge users worldwide. The company introduced the feature in a new Bing and Edge preview last month. Image Creator allows users to create an image simply by using their own words to describe the image they want. This feature helps you create images that don’t already exist right from the Microsoft Edge sidebar, the company said. “If you’ve ever found yourself in need of a specific visual social message, or even PowerPoint, Image Creator can…

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After signing up, the users will have access to all their assets, including crypto funds, price trends, and the ability to send or receive crypto using known addresses, and names. News 

Microsoft likely to add Crypto Wallet feature to Edge: Learn more

Microsoft is reportedly working on integrating a Crypto Wallet feature into its Edge browser, which will allow users to store, send and receive crypto assets, as well as save NFT files. The new Crypto Wallet feature, which was first spotted by a Twitter user, appears to be still in development and points to Microsoft’s internal testing, reports “Windows Central”. The wallet is not libertarian and is directly integrated into Edge’s existing wallet feature for storing payment cards. It is password protected as well as a reliable recovery method in case…

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