Discover the top Safari extensions for Mac in 2023 to boost your browsing experience. (Apple) News 

Maximize Your Mac Browsing with These Top Safari Extensions in 2023

For Mac users who frequently browse the internet, Safari extensions can prove to be highly beneficial tools. These additional features integrated into the browser can simplify tasks such as spell-checking written content or effortlessly saving screenshots to note-taking applications. Below, we have compiled a list of the top Safari extensions that Mac users can utilize to enhance their browsing experience. 1. 1 Password 7: Password Your protection Keeping track of numerous passwords can be overwhelming. But fear not, there is a solution: 1Password 7. This password manager extension for Safari…

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The AI chatbot was previously only available on Edge and standalone apps. News 

Microsoft’s Bing Chat Now Accessible on Chrome and Safari Mobile Browsers

Microsoft made a clear announcement about its intentions to incorporate AI capabilities into all its current products. On Monday, the company revealed that its Bing Chat AI chatbot, which was already accessible on the Edge mobile browser, as well as standalone Android and iOS apps, can now be accessed through third-party browsers such as Safari and Chrome. The news comes as part of Microsoft’s six-month anniversary of the public availability of Bing Chat. The company also points out that during that time, users have had more than a billion conversations…

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It only accepts 2,000 word prompts on those browsers though, compared to 4,000 on Edge. News 

OpenAI Technology Enables Bing Chat on Chrome and Safari Browsers

According to The Verge, Microsoft’s Bing Chat is no longer limited to the Edge browser and is now being introduced to Chrome and Safari. The company is currently testing the feature on these browsers with a select group of users, and once the testing phase is finished, they plan to make it available to a wider audience. It seems to be more than a small test as several users (including me on Chrome but not Safari) have gained access. However, there are some limitations. You must be signed in to…

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This new feature is called Advanced Tracking and Fingerprinting Protection. It works not only in Safari but also in the Messages and Mail apps. News 

Safari in iOS 17 Now Strips Tracking Parameters From URLs

Apple’s web browser Safari, with the release of iOS 17, has the ability to eliminate tracking parameters from URLs automatically when using Private Browsing Mode. This feature is designed to prevent cross-website tracking. Whenever a tracking parameter is detected while browsing or copying a link, Safari will remove the identifying components of the URL while preserving the remaining parts. The links will still work properly, but will not contain the unique identifiers, MacRumors said. This new feature is called Advanced Tracking and Fingerprinting Protection. It works not only in Safari…

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Enhancements to Private Browsing make you harder to track and identify. News 

Safari Gains Enhanced Privacy Features and Web App Dock Support

Although Safari may not be the most thrilling aspect of macOS, Apple is still investing in its web browser. The newest edition boasts several practical enhancements, such as enhanced privacy controls, encryption capabilities, and the option to generate “apps” from any webpage. The best feature might be the new web apps. This puts the website in the dock on macOS, just like any other app, and opens it with a simple interface that helps hide the fact that you’re just using a web page in a browser. If this sounds…

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Want to know about macOS Sonoma? Check details below (Apple) News 

Apple Unveils macOS Sonoma at WWDC 2023 – Discover the Incredible New Features!

Apple enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating this moment, and it has finally arrived. During the keynote session of WWDC 2023, Apple unveiled the highly anticipated macOS Sonoma, complete with a host of exciting new features designed to enhance productivity and entertainment. Additionally, Apple announced the release of iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, which promise to revolutionize the iPhone experience in numerous ways. Discover what these updates have in store for you by reading on. Apple today announced macOS Sonoma, the latest version of its desktop operating system, which offers a…

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The iOS 16.4 comes two months after the launch of iOS 16.3, an update that added Security Keys for Apple ID News 

Apple iOS 16.4 Released With New Emojis, Safari Web Push Notifications, and More : How to Install

Good news for iPhone users, Cupertino-based tech giant Apple has finally released the fourth major update of iOS 16 operating system – iOS 16.4, which includes new features like new emojis, web push notifications and sound isolation. for mobile phone calls and much more. iOS 16.4 comes two months after the release of iOS 16.3. An update that added security keys to Apple ID. With the new iOS 16.4 update, users will get new emoticons like shaking face, long-awaited pink heart, two pushing hands, Wi-Fi symbol and others. It also…

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