PM Modi highlights that India is working on 6G already. (PTI)News 

PM Modi Declares India Ready for 6G on Independence Day

During his Independence Day address, PM Narendra Modi announced that India is making preparations for the implementation of 6G technology. Emphasizing the need for advanced internet connectivity, he mentioned that the country should be ready for this development. Additionally, the PM highlighted that despite being the world’s third-largest economy, India still provides cost-effective data plans and internet services on a global scale.

In his speech, PM Modi said, “We have formed a 6G task force,” stressing the need for rapid transition from 5G to 6G. He also added that the country has achieved the fastest nationwide 5G rollout, with 700 districts already using 5G across India. This comes after Reliance Jio announced that it has rolled out 5G connectivity for 5G mobile service in all 22 regions of India, completing the task much ahead of schedule.

India is gearing up for 6G

This is not the first time that PM Modi has addressed the need to prepare for 6G. Last year at TRAI’s (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) silver jubilee event, he said, “By the end of this decade, we should be able to launch 6G services and our task force has started working on it”.

He also noted that telecom penetration and internet users are growing rapidly in the country and that the government has encouraged healthy competition, which has resulted in India having one of the cheapest telecom tariffs in the world.

Although 6G technology does not currently exist, the goal of creating the task force is to keep up with global standard practices and innovations, so that when the world eventually rolls out stable 6G networks, India will not lag behind other countries and can adopt. of the new bandwidth quickly.

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