Days after WhatsApp introduced the Channels feature, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday joined the WhatsApp Channels. (PTI)News 

PM Narendra Modi Joins WhatsApp, Expresses Excitement

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently joined the newly launched feature of the social media platform, allowing WhatsApp users to receive all his updates.

Days after WhatsApp introduced the Channels feature, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday joined WhatsApp Channels.

“I’m excited to join the WhatsApp community! It is yet another step closer to our journey of continuous interaction. Let’s keep in touch here! Here is a picture of the new Parliament House…” he said in his first message on WhatsApp channels.

On September 13, Meta launched WhatsApp channels in India and over 150 countries to provide a private way to receive updates.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared the message and captioned it: “Today we’re starting to roll out WhatsApp Channels globally and adding thousands of new channels for people to follow on WhatsApp. You can find the channels in the new Updates tab.”

WhatsApp Channels is a one-way broadcast tool that provides a private way to receive updates from the people and organizations you care about directly on WhatsApp.

With Channels, WhatsApp aims to build the most private messaging service available. Channels are separate from chats and other Followers will not show who you choose to follow.

Channels can be found in the new “Updates” tab, where you can find the status and channels you want to follow.

We are expanding channels globally, we are rolling out the following updates:

Enhanced Directory – WhatsApp users can find channels to follow that are automatically filtered based on your country. You can also view channels that are new, most active, and most popular based on the number of followers.

Reactions – You can react with emoticons to give feedback and see the total number of reactions. How you react is not visible to followers.

Editing – Soon, admins will be able to make changes to their updates for up to 30 days as we automatically remove them from our servers.

Repost – Whenever you post an update to chats or groups, it includes a link back to the channel so people can get more information.

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