Pragya Mishra's arrival at OpenAI underscores the company's commitment to navigating the evolving regulatory landscape in India, harnessing her expertise to advance responsible AI development. (unsplash) News 

OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT, appoints Pragya Mishra as first employee in India: Here’s everything you should know

OpenAI, a prominent artificial intelligence research lab, has made its first hire in India by appointing Pragya Misra, an experienced executive with a wide-ranging background in technology, communications, and public affairs. Misra, who currently holds the position of Director of Public Affairs at Truecaller, will now be responsible for overseeing government relations at OpenAI, with a focus on public policy matters and forming partnerships within the country. Pragya Mishra – Background and Experience Pragya Misra brings a wealth of experience to her new role at OpenAI. With a career marked…

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Truecaller has launched a new AI feature that automatically blocks all spam calls, providing increased security to users. News 

Truecaller introduces a new AI-powered feature called ‘Max’ to block spam calls.

Truecaller has developed a new feature powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to help users get rid of spam calls. The new feature, which is part of the Max update, blocks any calls that aren’t from an approved contact or that are determined by its AI algorithm to be spam. The feature, available exclusively on the Android app, offers better protection against spam and scammers. The new feature rejects any calls that the AI deems as spam, regardless of whether they are listed in the company’s database. In the past, the…

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Truecaller is used by millions of people across the world as it helps for spam detection and fraud prevention. But some of you might want to remove the number. News 

How to Delete Your Number from Truecaller on Android and iOS

Truecaller has become a must-have app for smartphone users to help them identify unknown callers and block spam calls. Due to its widespread use, many users rely on it to manage their calls effectively. The main feature of Truecaller is its ability to identify unknown callers even if their numbers are not stored in the phonebook, providing a valuable service. In addition, it allows users to check the IDs of unknown numbers, which increases the level of security. Despite its usefulness, some users may want to remove their numbers from…

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Truecaller had call recording earlier as well but the new version has some fresh twist thanks to AI. Here's what it offers for the users. News 

Truecaller introduces call recording feature in India with the added ability to receive transcripts.

Truecaller is giving people more reasons to pay for its service in India after announcing a new version of call recording for its premium users in the country. A new twist to the call recording option of the caller ID app is that you can also use AI to transcribe the calls in either English or Hindi. The platform used to offer call recording, but Google pulled the feature, meaning the option was removed from users. However, Truecaller reintroduced call recording in the US last year, and now its users…

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Truecaller's Fraud Prevention Summit in the capital served as a focal point for deliberations on enhancing safety in digital communication, delving into the legal, social, and economic impacts of fraudulent activities News 

Uniting to Combat Digital Fraud and Threats: Government and Telecom Industry Join Forces

TRAI Secretary V Raghunanda, along with other industry representatives and government officials, moderated discussions at the Truecaller Anti-Fraud Summit in New Delhi and advocated a unified strategy to strengthen India’s digital security measures. Emphasizing the imperative nature of collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors, Raghunandan emphasized that no single agency alone can address the myriad dimensions of security concerns in the country’s digital ecosystem. “Just one agency, public or private, cannot handle all dimensions of a country’s security. The approach must be collaborative with strategic public-private partnerships. India…

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Truecaller has launched its AI-powered Assistant in India, which helps users screen calls and avoid answering them altogether. Here's how it works. News 

Truecaller Introduces AI-Based Call Screening Tool in India

The Truecaller app, which is popular among both Android and iOS smartphone users, is known for its spam detection services. In a bid to further simplify life for its users, the app has now introduced the Truecaller Assistant in India. This service, which was previously launched in Australia and the US in September, is finally being made available to Indian users. Truecaller Assistant answers calls for you when you don’t want to answer them or when you don’t want to talk to a marketer or spammer. Truecaller noted that while…

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Truecaller Assistant comes as a premium feature for Android users in India. (Truecaller) News 

Truecaller Assistant to Automatically Block Spam Calls

If you find it frustrating to receive robocalls or spam calls, especially when you think they might be important, you’re not alone. These calls always seem to come at inconvenient moments, like during meetings or when you’re busy with important work. What makes it even more aggravating is that these spam calls often disguise themselves with legitimate-looking phone numbers, making it difficult to identify them before answering. However, if you’re tired of dealing with these annoying calls, the Truecaller assistant can serve as a protective barrier against spam calls. The…

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The new feature records both sides of the call with high clarity and provides summarised transcriptions of all call recordings, turning the call recording into text that is easy to navigate. News 

Truecaller Launches Call Recording Feature For iOS and Android Devices

Truecaller has revealed that it will introduce an AI-based call recording function for its 350 million active users on iOS and Android devices. The feature will be launched in the US initially and will be gradually rolled out to other regions across the globe in the upcoming months. According to the company, the new feature records both sides of the call very clearly and provides summary transcripts of all call recordings, turning the call recording into text that is easy to navigate. Each transcript comes with a short subject line…

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The new feature works through Siri because of Apple's policy for third-party apps to access its tools. News 

Truecaller Finally Offers Direct Caller ID for iPhone Users: How It Works

Truecaller finally makes Live Caller ID work effectively on iPhones. The new Caller ID via Siri is now available for premium subscribers on iPhone worldwide, including in India. As the name suggests, the service uses a simple Siri shortcut on the iPhone to notify the user who is calling. “This new feature is available to Truecaller premium subscribers on devices running iOS 16 or later. It leverages Siri shortcuts and App Intents to deliver fast and accurate results in seconds,” the company said. How Live Caller ID Works on iPhone…

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1 out of 5 women in India receive sexual harassment phone calls. Reports Truecaller

Before the International Women’s Day, Truecaller published the third edition of its report entitled ‘Understanding the effects of harassment calls and SMS in India’. This report stated that in India 1 out of 5 women get sexual harassment and inappropriate calls. But India is also the highest of women reporting such calls. Truecaller that 85% of women in India blocked numbers where they received inappropriate phone calls. 45% also sought help from their telecom operator while another 45% have tried to look for the amount. The report also highlights how…

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