According to a report by Cultural Currents Institute, searches related to sexuality and gender identity on Google have increased by 1300% since 2004 in the US. News 

Google searches for these terms have increased by 1,300% since 2004

Internet access has become more and more affordable over time – more and more people use it to perform a wide variety of tasks. But along with work, people also use popular search engines like Google to put their curious minds to work – from searching for world-famous foods to taboo topics like sexuality. According to a report by market research firm Cultural Currents Institute, since 2004, searches by users questioning their sexuality and sexuality and searching for the phrases: “Am I gay,” “I am lesbian, “Am I Trans,” “How…

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Google is going big with AI and Search results in the near future will have a big AI-centric impact for users. News 

Google wants to bring ads to its generative AI search results

Google is ready to fight in the generative AI segment and its plans were presented at I/O 2023 earlier this month. And the company already seems intent on monetizing its AI-centric platforms, with a new report from Reuters suggesting that Google has begun testing ads in AI search results. Ads have been a key part of Google’s digital revenue for years, and bringing ads into AI search results feels like an evolving business model for tech companies. Google has already given us a teaser of how ads in the AI…

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The company has faced multiple challenges to sustain and become a rival to Google Search. News 

Google Search challenger Neeva is shutting down

Neeva, which challenged Google’s search engine, is shutting down after founders Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan admitted they had faced significant challenges attracting new users. The founders wrote in their blog post that they started Neeva with a mission to bring search back to their users. “We’ve been working on search and search ads for over a decade, and we truly believed there was room for a search model that prioritized the interest of the user, not the advertiser — for a private, ad-free experience,” he added. But during this…

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Google is planning to make its search engine more "visual, snackable, personal, and human," with a focus on serving young people globally, the Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday, citing documents. News 

Google plans to update search with AI Chat, video clips: Report

Google plans to make its search engine “more visual, nibbleable, personal and human” with a focus on serving young people worldwide, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday, citing documents. The change comes as AI apps like ChatGPT are rapidly gaining popularity, highlighting technology that can change the way businesses and society operate. According to the report, the tech giant is moving its service away from “10 blue links,” the traditional way search results are presented, and plans to include more human voices as part of the change. At its annual…

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Search is a big part of Google's userbase and the company wants to offer a wide range of safety tools for the product. News 

Google Search will soon default to blurry images

Google is making a big change to how people search for images in Search in the coming months. The search giant has confirmed that all clear images displayed in search results are blurred by default. Clear images basically refer to any visual image that contains gory, pornographic, or graphic violence, and Google says that Search won’t be fully showing them anytime soon. Google is introducing this option as part of its Safer Internet Day initiative this week. According to the company, the idea behind this is to ensure that users…

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Google hosted its event on Wednesday where the new AI-centric products were showcased for mobile devices. News 

Google brings artificial intelligence to multisearch images and videos: all the details

Artificial intelligence has become the talk of the town this year, thanks to the hype surrounding ChatGPT, which has received billions from Microsoft. Google is an obvious player in the AI ​​sector with a huge number of computing and machine learning models. And now Google has announced a slew of AI-centric additions to image and video search. The new features come less than 24 hours after Microsoft’s ChatGPT integration with Bing Search and Teams was announced. Google has used Lens to provide visual search on mobile and other platforms. Now,…

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When it comes to desktop webpages, the company claims that very few of these webpages have a dark theme. (REUTERS) News 

Google’s iconic white search page finally changes

Google earlier this year rolled out dark mode in its search app on Android and iOS platforms. Now the company offers dark mode to search the web. According to a 9TB5 Google report, Google has started A / B testing dark mode for desktop web search. From now on, when you search for something in Google search, you see a white background with text appearing in black while highlights, like the name of a website, appear in blue. In dark mode, which is currently being tested, the white background is…

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Google collection of 3D animals. (Google) News 

Google brings 50 new animals to AR search, here’s how to see them in the real world

Google has added 50 new animals to its collection of 3D animals. There are new virtual animals including cat, red panda, giraffe, cow, zebra and pig which can be increased from your phone to your home or any other place. Google introduced 3D animals to research in 2019 during its I / O event. It has since added new characters to its library of 3D animals. The new collection includes 50 new animals, including those mentioned above, as well as a cash cow and a chow chow. These animals can…

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Diwali Easter Egg in Google Search. (HT Tech) News 

Google search has an Easter egg for Diwali

It’s officially Diwali and joining the virtual celebrations is Google with a special Easter egg. Google’s Diwali Easter Egg is available in search and can be activated with search terms such as Diwali, Diwali festival and Diwali India. To discover the Easter egg, you will have to type Diwali in Google search. On the right side of the search results page in the Diwali information area, you will see a diya. Press the diya to unlock more diyas spread across the page. You can then take that diya and turn…

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