Microsoft is informing users about the changes that will be coming into effect from January 2024. Here are the details. News 

Countdown to Goodbye: Microsoft to Discontinue Chrome Extension in 2024

Microsoft has expanded into a business-oriented software company with products like Microsoft 365, which bring all popular Microsoft tools under one subscription. It even has an extension that can be used in Chrome and Edge to give you quick access to any of these apps. But now the company has decided to end support for this extension, which according to its support documents will start on January 15, 2024. Chrome extensions come in all shapes and sizes and serve people with different features, but we’re not sure why Microsoft has…

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Microsoft announces the cessation of support for its widely-used Microsoft 365 browser extension. (Reuters) News 

Countdown to 2024: Microsoft 365 Browser Extension Support Set to Expire – Here’s What You Need to Know!

Microsoft has revealed its plans to end support for the Microsoft 365 browser extension, a free add-on available on popular browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. This extension allows users to conveniently access Microsoft 365 apps and documents online. With a significant user base of over 6 million on Google Chrome and more than 4 million on Edge, the extension will be officially retired on January 15, 2024, and subsequently removed from web stores. In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced: “This extension will be retired and support…

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Microsoft declined to comment on the EU’s next steps. (In photo: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella) (AFP) News 

EU Files Formal Complaint Against Microsoft Over Teams Video App

Microsoft Corp.’s efforts to prevent further investigation by the European Union into its Teams video-conferencing app were unsuccessful, as the bloc’s antitrust enforcers are preparing to file a formal complaint against the company’s behavior. Sources familiar with the situation, who requested anonymity, revealed that Microsoft’s recent suggestion to separate Teams from its comprehensive business software package and offer it to customers at a discounted annual rate did not address regulators’ worries. The European Commission is preparing a statement of objections to send to the company, which could come in the…

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The move comes after a European Commission probe into the company's practices. News 

Microsoft to Separate Teams in Europe to Avert EU Antitrust Penalty

Microsoft has announced that it will fulfill its promise made in April by separating Teams from Office 365 and Microsoft 365 productivity suites in the European Union. This decision comes after a three-year dispute initiated by Slack, who filed an antitrust complaint against Microsoft, alleging that including Teams in these packages was unlawful and that Microsoft was preventing users from uninstalling the program. The tech giant finally agreed to spin off Teams from its productivity solutions earlier this year, but said it was “unclear” how that would happen. Then, in…

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Microsoft is bringing Python integration to Excel, providing users with more features to work with. (Microsoft) News 

Microsoft unveils Python integration for Excel; Here’s what to expect

Microsoft Excel, which was introduced in 1985, has been a valuable asset for both businesses and individuals for nearly 40 years. Microsoft has effectively utilized this advantage by continuously introducing new features that appeal to a wider audience and encourage user loyalty. This software enables users to efficiently arrange, analyze, and present their data. In June, Microsoft unveiled significant enhancements to its spreadsheet editor, including improved visualization capabilities, the integration of Office Scripts, suggested formulas, and various other updates. Now Microsoft has announced more features coming to Excel through integration…

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MS Teams will get several AI features courtesy of Microsoft 365 Copilot. (Microsoft) News 

Discover the Benefits of Microsoft 365 Copilot for Teams

During Build 2023, Microsoft unveiled significant updates centered around artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential benefits for individuals and businesses. Prior to this event, the company had introduced the Microsoft 365 Copilot, which is now being extended to Microsoft Teams. The focus of this expansion is to improve the meeting experience by enhancing calls and chats. However, Microsoft has disclosed the pricing for the 365 Copilot, and it is quite high. Here is a comprehensive overview of the details you should be aware of. What is Microsoft 365 Copilot? Microsoft…

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A version of Bing Chat with corporate-level privacy is also rolling out in preview. AI 

Microsoft to Impose $30 User Fee for 365 AI Copilot Service to Businesses

During the Microsoft Inspire partner event, Microsoft revealed the pricing details for its AI-powered Copilot for Microsoft 365. This collection of contextual AI tools, developed through the collaboration with OpenAI, will be available for business accounts at a cost of $30 per user. Furthermore, Microsoft is introducing Bing Chat Enterprise, a privacy-centric variant of the AI chatbot that offers enhanced security measures and reassurance when dealing with confidential business information. Revealed in March, Microsoft 365 Copilot is the company’s vision of the future of work. A GPT-4 based toolset allows…

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Get ready to see Aptos whenever you're getting work done. News 

Microsoft to Introduce New Font with Office App Update

Microsoft is set to bring a significant visual change to its productivity suites, particularly for users of 365 and Office apps. After a 15-year run, the default font Calibri will be replaced with a new one called Aptos. Although Aptos appears to be a straightforward sans-serif font in its default form, Microsoft is confident that users will appreciate its remarkable adaptability. Aptos works in several languages. There are four different font weights and serif variations in the selection, if you need something less hyper-modern. Creator Steve Matteson (who made the…

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The company did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment on the outage reports on Microsoft 365 News 

Microsoft 365 Experiencing Outage, Microsoft Investigating Problem

Microsoft Corp’s suite of products, including Word, Excel, and Outlook, experienced a global outage as reported by numerous users worldwide. “We are investigating an issue with Outlook online,” Microsoft tweeted. The company said it was checking network systems and recent updates to determine the root cause of the problem. “We have identified downstream impact for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. We provide full impact information and updates for these services via MO571683. Online updates for Exchange and Outlook continue to be delivered via EX571516.” We’re investigating an…

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