Salesforce will pilot the generative AI capabilities it developed for Slack later this year. AI 

Slack AI to Automatically Summarize Your Work Conversations This Winter

Salesforce has announced that it will be piloting its generative AI capabilities for Slack, known as Slack AI, this winter. These features are integrated directly into the platform for easy access. One notable ability is the instant generation of channel highlights, which provide users with the most crucial parts of conversations. This feature can be utilized for reports or to catch up on missed discussions. Slack AI can also generate summaries of threads with one click for people who just want to get the gist of specific conversations and not…

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The move comes after a European Commission probe into the company's practices. News 

Microsoft to Separate Teams in Europe to Avert EU Antitrust Penalty

Microsoft has announced that it will fulfill its promise made in April by separating Teams from Office 365 and Microsoft 365 productivity suites in the European Union. This decision comes after a three-year dispute initiated by Slack, who filed an antitrust complaint against Microsoft, alleging that including Teams in these packages was unlawful and that Microsoft was preventing users from uninstalling the program. The tech giant finally agreed to spin off Teams from its productivity solutions earlier this year, but said it was “unclear” how that would happen. Then, in…

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Voice messages are on the way too. News 

Google Chat Compatible with Slack and Microsoft Teams

This week, Google has made numerous announcements regarding its cloud-based productivity apps, with a primary focus on integrating Duet AI. Additionally, various other beneficial updates are in store for several apps, such as Google Chat. The feature is now available in beta on several Workspace plans (full availability on the roadmap for early next year), enabling messaging interoperability between Chat and other services like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Google, which partnered with a company called Mio to make this feature work, suggests that this could be handy for organizations that…

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The service is rolling out the new look starting today. News 

Slack Unveils Redesign with New DM Tab and Discord-Inspired Activity View

Starting today, Slack is introducing a fresh appearance. The platform is launching a redesigned interface with the goal of enhancing productivity and concentration by simplifying the user experience. Perhaps the most obvious change is the sidebar. On the left side, you will no longer see a box for each workspace if you are logged in to more than one. They’re condensed into a single pane, and Slack uses the freed up space for new navigation options. The sidebar now has buttons for Home, DMs (direct message), Activity, Later and More…

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Salesforce Inc said on Tuesday it was working with ChatGPT creator OpenAI to add the chatbot sensation to its collaboration software Slack, as well as bring generative artificial intelligence to its business software generally. News 

Salesforce adds ChatGPT to Slack as part of OpenAI partnership

Salesforce Inc said on Tuesday that it is working with ChatGPT creator OpenAI to add a chatbot sensation to its collaboration software, Slack, and to bring generative artificial intelligence to its enterprise software in general. The San Francisco-based company said the technology, which it calls EinsteinGPT, would combine its proprietary artificial intelligence with third-party partners, including OpenAI, to help companies generate email drafts, customer account data and computer code. ChatGPT would also integrate with Slack to allow users to summarize chat threads and handle other queries. The change reflects the…

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Slack signage on a smartphone in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York, United States on Tuesday, December 1, 2020.'s expected purchase of Slack Technologies Inc. will likely be valued at $ 20 billion, according to the WSJ . Photographer: Gabby Jones / Bloomberg (Bloomberg) News 

Salesforce buys software maker Slack for $27.7 billion Inc. has agreed to buy Slack Technologies Inc. for $27.7 billion in cash and stock, giving the enterprise software giant a popular workplace communication platform in one of the biggest technology deals of the year. The transaction, the largest acquisition ever by Salesforce, is expected to close by the end of July, the San Francisco-based company said in a statement on Tuesday. Slack investors will receive $26.78 for every company share plus 0.0776 Salesforce share – which is a 55% premium over Slack’s price on November 24, the day…

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