WhatsApp's secret codes feature for locked chats enables users to conceal the entry point for accessing locked conversations.News 

Unlock the Mystery: WhatsApp’s ‘Secret Code’ Feature Now Available!

WhatsApp, the Meta-owned instant messaging app, has finally started releasing the secret code of its locked chat feature to beta testers. This feature, which was revealed to be in the works last month, works by allowing users to hide their sensitive conversations from your chat list and can only be opened with a code.

As reported by WABetaInfo, this feature is starting to appear on beta testing devices with the WhatsApp beta for Android update and is available on the Google Play Store. And if you have this feature available, you’ll see a new settings section in your list of locked conversations, and it’ll allow users to hide the starting point to open locked conversations.

“Specifically, after setting a secret code, the starting point for viewing locked chats will no longer appear in the chat list. Instead, users can access these conversations by typing the secret code into the search bar of the Chats tab,” WABeta said.

This update is said to increase user privacy, as after removing the entry point to the locked chats list, someone who might be encrypting your phone may not be able to identify which chats are locked. And now, even if someone somehow gets into your phone, they won’t be able to see your private and sensitive conversations. “Enabling the secret code feature ensures that the locked chat list is only visible when the correct code is entered into the search bar,” WABetaInfo added.

When will it be available?

WhatsApp’s secret code for locked chats is currently only available to some beta testers, according to the report, and is expected to roll out to more users in the coming weeks. But like most releases, this one will take a while, and it may take some time to get out of beta and available to all users.

After that, you can register as a WhatsApp beta tester and download the beta application itself from the Play Store.

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