Smartphone users can record calls but the support is limited to few brands and they will now offer it for more callers.News 

VoWiFi Call Recording Now Available for These Smartphone Users

Most smartphones these days support Voice Over Wi-Fi calling option which helps people to avoid bad network issues. And now this playing mode is becoming a much requested feature that many people usually use. It has been reported that Samsung Galaxy users can actually record calls made via VoWiFi mode.

The feature comes via the latest One UI 6.1 version, which is based on Android 14 and will be available for older Galaxy devices in the coming months.

Google’s version of Android no longer allows call recording, but other versions of the Android UI such as One Ui, OxygenOS, and ColorOS all have this feature. Now Samsung users get it for VoWiFi calling as well, and it’s likely that other brands using a custom Android interface will expand support in the near future.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone with one UI update for Android 14, you should update the Galaxy Dialer app to version 15.1.66 or even later. The new version is only available to those who have purchased the Galaxy S24 models launched in 2024.

Call recording has become a privacy concern for many, which is why Google decided to remove support from stock Android, meaning Pixel users can’t use the feature. However, there are some positives to recording calls, especially if you want it as evidence for some reason.

Galaxy phone users with One Ui 6.0 or earlier mention that call recording via VoWiFi calling is not possible, so it’s only a matter of time before the feature is rolled out for these users. We don’t yet know if other brands will bring support for the feature, but we’ll likely hear more about it in the coming months. As we mentioned, the VoWiFi call settings allow you to answer calls indoors, where you usually face network interference or even call drops.

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