OnePlus Nord CE 4 India launch is later today and the new mid-range Nord CE phone is likely to compete with Nothing Phone 2a and Redmi Note 13 series. News 

OnePlus Nord CE 4 to be Launched in India on April 1

The OnePlus Nord CE 4 India will launch on Monday, April 1, and this is not an April Fool’s joke. The company has officially confirmed the launch of the new Nord CE model, and people in India and other markets will get the chance to upgrade later this week. The launch of the OnePlus Nord CE 4 is expected to bring a new competitor to the Nothing Phone 2a and even the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 series. OnePlus has been teasing the product and some of its features on social…

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Xiaomi HyperOS is a new, lighter and leaner version of MIUI based on Android 14 that made its debut earlier this year with the Xiaomi 14 flagship phone. News 

Xiaomi India announces expansion of HyperOS update to additional devices for users in Q2 2024: Complete list provided

Xiaomi has started the new month with good news for its customers in India, especially those who have been waiting for the new Android 14-based HyperOS update. The company says that HyperOS will not only be a mobile-centric platform, but other products will also be added to the ecosystem, including a car. So far, Xiaomi has been regularly updating people about its rollout plans, and those in India who are still using a Xiaomi/Redmi phone or Redmi Pad tablet can expect big moves from the company in the coming months.…

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Google decided that its flagship phones need iPhone-like support cycle which was made official with the 7 years OS support for the Pixel 8 series. News 

Google Reveals Reasons for Offering 7 Years of Support for Pixel 8 and Details on How it Will Function

Google released the Pixel 8 series last year and promised users 7 years of operating system and security updates. The company had previously offered 3 operating system updates and 2 years of security fixes, making a total of five. So what made Google change this support cycle and was it clearly done with its competitors? Google has finally sent one of its executives to speak publicly about the change and why it was made. In one of his recent podcasts, Devices & Services Software Director Seang Chau was quoted talking…

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OnePlus will be launching the new Nord CE model in India early next week and here's what people might be expected to pay for the phone. News 

Possible cost of OnePlus Nord CE 4 in India leaked: Estimated price revealed

The OnePlus Nord CE 4 will launch in India on April 1st, and just days before the product’s launch, we’ve got our hands on the rumored price of the brand’s latest Nord smartphone. OnePlus has been teasing the product and some of its features on social media for the past few weeks, leaving nothing to our imagination, including the design of the new phone. And now that the OnePlus Nord CE 4 price in India has been leaked, it is certain that people are eagerly waiting to see if this…

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Using the new Google Photos sync feature, anybody with a OnePlus or Oppo phone can get their locally-stored photos combined with the cloud media. News 

Google Photos is now compatible with the photo gallery on OnePlus and Xiaomi phones.

Google Photos users can now back up their photos and videos stored locally on phones from brands like OnePlus and Oppo. That’s right, the native Gallery app on OnePlus and Oppo phones allows you to sync content with your Google Photos account, meaning all your media content is seamlessly available on devices linked to the same Google Account. Trusted tipster Mishaal Rahman spotted the feature this week, and we were able to independently verify the feature on a OnePlus phone. The integration seems to have made it to the ColorOS…

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Xiaomi's new HyperOS is based on Android 14 is the biggest change from MIUI by the company since it started selling phones. News 

Xiaomi confirms list of flagship and Redmi Note phones to receive HyperOS update

Xiaomi has released the HyperOS version for its latest flagship phones, and other old models have also received the update. The Android 14-based software is Xiaomi’s biggest change in years after MIUI has been on the pipeline for over a decade. The company says that HyperOS will not only be a mobile-centric platform, but other products will also be added to the ecosystem, including a car. But for now, many current Xiaomi users are waiting to know when their devices will get the Android 14 based version. The company has…

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Xiaomi's new Ultra phone comes with four Leica-tuned cameras, the new Android 14-based OS and a fast-charging battery. News 

Xiaomi 14 Ultra Released in China, Possible Launch in India in 2024?

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra has been announced in China ahead of its global debut later this week. The Ultra series has shown that the brand is serious about flagships that can compete in the market of Google and Apple. Xiaomi’s new Ultra phone features Leica-powered cameras that the brand designed together. You also get the new HyperOS platform, which is claimed to be a refined version of MIUI. Xiaomi 14 Ultra price in China The Xiaomi 14 Ultra is priced at RMB 6,499 (roughly Rs 74,900) for the base variant…

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iQOO's new mid-range phone looks to battle other quality devices with the use of a powerful chipset and offering Android 14 out of the box. News 

iQOO Neo 9 Pro debuts in India with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Chipset and 120W Charging: Price and Features Revealed

iQOO has introduced its new so-called flagship killer device to the Indian market this week, which challenges other brands and gives buyers new options. The iQOO Neo 9 Pro uses one of the recent flagship chipsets and offers it at an attractive price in the country. The company has also decided to mix things up by reducing the device’s bloatware, which could easily work in its favor. iQOO Neo 9 Pro Price in India The iQOO Neo 9 Pro has been launched in India at Rs 35,999 for the 8GB…

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Nothing Phone 2a is expected to be an affordable model with focus on people who want to use its phones but not pay a lot of money. News 

No official launch date announced for Nothing Phone 2a, Indian users to receive the new phone as well.

The Nothing Phone 2a release date has been confirmed, and contrary to rumors, the new Nothing Phone model is not launching this month. The Phone 2a will be unveiled at a global event on March 5, and will also attract eager viewers in India. Nothing has launched two phones so far and both cater to the premium segment. The Phone 2a is likely to change this for the brand as it looks to improve its image in the market and cater to more consumers. None Phone 2a Start date and…

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Smartphone users can record calls but the support is limited to few brands and they will now offer it for more callers. News 

VoWiFi Call Recording Now Available for These Smartphone Users

Most smartphones these days support Voice Over Wi-Fi calling option which helps people to avoid bad network issues. And now this playing mode is becoming a much requested feature that many people usually use. It has been reported that Samsung Galaxy users can actually record calls made via VoWiFi mode. The feature comes via the latest One UI 6.1 version, which is based on Android 14 and will be available for older Galaxy devices in the coming months. Google’s version of Android no longer allows call recording, but other versions…

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Google's latest update brings the February 2024 patch which fixes multiple security issues for Pixel users. News 

Latest Fix Provides Major Security Update for Google Pixel 8 Users and Others

Google has released a new update for Pixel users who have been running Android 14. The company has released the February 2024 security patch, along with some important fixes for issues many have reported in recent weeks. The latest update isn’t feature-packed, which is why it’s less than 30MB in size, but it looks like a large number of Pixel owners who are eligible for Android 14 will get this update this week. Pixel devices will receive the February 2024 update – Pixel 5a – Pixel 6 – Pixel Pro…

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Android phones support eSIM networks but the process to transfer them is a challenge but that could change soon. News 

Android has introduced a convenient method to transfer eSIMs to different phones.

Apple already serves some markets with its eSIM-only iPhones, and soon we may see Google follow the same path. Reports coming this week suggest that Android will finally make it easy to transfer eSIM profiles to another device, finally making it a viable option for millions of Android users. The details of this feature come via Mishaal Rahman in this report, where he spotted the new option while using Samsung’s new Galaxy S24 Ultra with the new One UI update. The tipper was given the option to transfer an eSIM…

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Xiaomi launched the HyperOS in China recently and now users in India have got some good news about the new software UI. News 

Xiaomi India Announces HyperOS Arrival on These Devices in January 2024

Xiaomi has recently launched the new HyperOS platform in China, which will also be seen with its first electric car in 2024. But the other big news this week is that Xiaomi users in India will get a taste of the new. HyperOS software version in the next few weeks. The company has confirmed that the MIUI option will be available in India for its users, starting with some of its premium devices in January 2024. Many people have been excited and eager to see how Xiaomi plans to revamp…

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Android Auto works both in wired and wireless mode on select cars but Android 14 update has caused issued for some users. News 

These Users Are Experiencing Android Auto Breakage Due to Android 14 Update

Android Auto is quite popular among users who rely on the system to work in their car and give them seamless access to their device on the screen. But recently, many users complained that Android Auto in wireless mode was broken when they installed the new Android 14 update on certain devices. The problem especially affects those who use Samsung Galaxy phones and have recently updated to the new Android 14-based One UI 6.0 version. Galaxy phone owners have shared their issues on the Google forums as per this report,…

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Android users got the file transfer tool that lets them wirelessly share files between phones and even PCs. News 

A new name is on the way for Android’s AirDrop file transfer feature.

Google may rename the wireless file transfer feature for Android users in the coming weeks. According to reports coming this week, Lähijako will soon be called Quick Share, with a new icon as part of the changed system. It looks like the company is making a change to join the feature, and frankly, Quick Share is a better name compared to Nearby Share, which has served its purpose for the past few years. You can also use the file transfer tool on Windows these days, making it a suitable Mac…

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Google could be taking a stand against phishing on Android and preparing to add a new feature that will detect malicious apps. News 

In-built Hacker Protection May Soon Be Available for Android

Today, encountering malicious objects on the Internet, and especially objects like phishing, is not new. Recently, there has been a sharp increase in such attacks, and many unsuspecting victims have become targets of these attacks. It is of utmost importance that you check each app or website before logging in or entering your sensitive information. But now it looks like Google may be cracking down on phishing on Android and preparing to add a new feature that detects malicious apps, according to a report from Android Police. Android expert and…

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iQOO 12 made its debut in China recently and now buyers in India have the chance to experience the first Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset in the country. News 

Price, Specifications of iQOO 12 with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Chipset and Android 14 Released in India

The iQOO 12 is the first smartphone in India to be launched with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. The company has launched its new flagship phone at a price of Rs 52,999 and you can buy it through online channels in the country. The iQOO 12 is also the first non-Pixel phone to come with Android 14 out of the box and its battery supports fast charging. iQOO did the same with its flagship device last year in the country, which was one of the first with the…

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iQOO 12 India launch is this week and the first Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 powered phone in the country will also get other exciting features. News 

December 12 to witness the launch of iQOO 12 in India

The iQOO 12 India launch date is finally here and the company is all set to launch the country’s first Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 powered smartphone. iQOO has a habit of launching its latest phones early for Indian consumers and this one is no different. The iQOO 12 also promises to be a performance beast, not only because of the latest flagship chipset, but also due to other improvements expected on the software side. A microsite for the regular iQOO 12 model is now live on Amazon’s India website, confirming…

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OnePlus announced the Android 14-based OxygenOS 14 version earlier and now more phones are getting the update. News 

Check out the list of OnePlus phones that have received the Android 14 update

OnePlus has been one of the most proactive brands this year, rolling out the new Android 14 update faster than most mobile companies. Usually, brands focus on new updates for the latest models, but OnePlus feels that all its users deserve to experience the latest version of Android, which bodes well for people who buy OnePlus phones. OnePlus recently released the first foldable OnePlus Open, and before that, the OnePlus 11 flagship phone was released earlier this year. Some fascinating devices have already received the OxygenOS 14 version, and here…

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Android phones can be mirrored to PCs using this tool and soon it could do more than notify you about messages and calls. News 

Transform Your Android Phone Into a Webcam For Your Windows PC – Here’s How!

Windows PC users can mirror their Android phones on the big screen using the Phone Link tool, which lets you access messages and even report calls. However, Android users may soon have Apple’s Continuity-like feature on Windows, thanks to the same tool that already connects an Android phone to a PC. This means that your high-definition camera phone can act as a webcam for computers, allowing you to take meetings and video calls with great clarity. This useful feature isn’t available yet, but reports suggest Android 14 users could get…

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