Musk has confirmed the change which is also available only if you pay for the micro-blogging platform.News 

X Gives Paid Users Option To Make Likes Tab Private

X (formerly Twitter) has rolled out a new feature that allows Premium subscribers to hide their “likes” tab from public view.

When the Hide Likes tab is enabled, the tab will completely disappear from the X Premium user’s profile. “Keep spicy likes private by hiding the likes tab. Available for Premium subscribers,” X said on Thursday.

Musk also talked about X’s new update, but he recommended users to keep the likes tab open and advised to use “bookmarks” for interesting posts.

“You can now hide your likes, but I recommend keeping them open and only bookmarking interesting posts,” he said. In addition, many users shared their thoughts on this development.

“Thanks Elon! Now I can like anything and not worry about everyone checking,” one user wrote.

“What did people even do in the company before you arrived? X has released more features in a few months than Twitter has released in years,” another user said.

Another user mentioned: “I recommend the opposite. Maybe people will like posts more often when they know they’re liked and their interests can’t be used against them in a way.”

Meanwhile, X has previously renamed tweets as “posts” and retweets as “reposts” in its new service period, which will take effect on September 29.

Among other notable changes is the removal of the word “Twitter” entirely and replaced with an X.

Additionally, the new terms of service say that by using X, “to the extent permitted by law, you also waive the right to participate as a plaintiff or class member in any purported class action, collective action, or representative action.”

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