Google's ChromeOS 124 update brings a host of new features to Chromebook users, offering improved functionality and ease of use. (unsplash) News 

Chromebook receives faster split-screen setup and additional features with ChromeOS 124 update

Google has just released the newest update for ChromeOS, version 124, for Chromebook users. The update includes various new features designed to enhance user experience and functionality. Here is a summary of what users can expect from the update. Faster installation of split screen: One of the major highlights of ChromeOS 124 is the introduction of the Faster Split Screen Setup feature. This enhancement provides users with a faster way to organize their window layout by displaying an overview of open windows on one side of the screen. This feature…

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Airtel introduces one plan to travel anywhere in the world. (PTI) News 

Airtel introduces budget-friendly international roaming packages: Explore plans and availability in various countries

Bharti Airtel has extended its presence to multiple countries worldwide and introduced cost-effective roaming packages. These new international roaming packages cover 184 countries and start at a mere Rs.133 per day, offering travelers the flexibility to choose plans that suit their needs. The packages also feature unlimited data and in-flight connectivity, enhancing internet accessibility in various destinations. Learn more about Airtel’s budget-friendly international roaming options. Airtel International roaming packages Airtel introduces ‘One plan to travel anywhere in the world’ starting at just Rs 133 per day. The new plans save…

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Snapchat takes a step towards transparency and safety by announcing the addition of watermarks to AI-generated images within its platform. (unsplash) News 

Snapchat to introduce watermark on AI-generated images to increase transparency – Full details

Social media powerhouse Snapchat has announced its intention to add watermarks to AI-generated images on its platform. The goal of this decision is to increase transparency and prevent the misuse of AI-generated content. Implementation of watermarks Snapchat revealed that the watermark features a translucent version of the Snap logo and a glittery emoji. It is automatically applied to all AI-generated images exported from the app or saved to the camera roll. In addition, the company emphasized that removing these watermarks from images is considered a violation of its terms of…

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IIIT Hyderabad introduces an affordable online IT MS degree programme on Coursera, marking a significant milestone in Indian education. News 

IIIT Hyderabad introduces online Master’s degree in IT on Coursera

IIIT Hyderabad, known for its research-focused educational programs, will launch its Online Master of Science in Information Technology (eMSIT) on Coursera, a leading online learning platform. This is the first time an Indian university has introduced a master’s degree program on Coursera. The eMSIT program aims to incorporate industry micro-credentials, allowing students to advance based on their previous learning achievements. An enriched learning experience Raghav Gupta, Managing Director, India and Asia Pacific, Coursera, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are honored to partner with IIIT Hyderabad to bring…

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Spotify plans to launch 'Music Pro', a premium subscription offering lossless audio. The move comes amid competition from Apple Music. (AP) News 

Spotify considering launching Music Pro subscription

Spotify is set to introduce a new subscription tier called ‘Music Pro,’ which will cater to audiophiles by providing high-quality lossless audio. This move is seen as a response to increasing competition in the streaming market, with Apple Music already offering comparable features. Rumors about Spotify’s project for lossless audio have been circulating for years, before Apple Music adopted the technology in 2021. Despite this, the name Spotify HiFi has remained elusive. According to The Verge, however, indications suggest that Spotify is now laying the groundwork for the rollout of…

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Airchat: What is this new social media platform, how to use it, who created Airchat and is it safe to use? News 

Airchat: The Latest Communication Platform in the Skies

Airchat, a new social media platform created by Naval Ravikant, the founder of AngelList, and Brian Norgard, former Chief Product Officer at Tinder, is quickly becoming popular on iOS and Android app stores. Unlike traditional social apps, Airchat stands out by focusing on audio posts. Users interact with the platform mainly through brief voice recordings that are automatically transcribed into text when played back. Ravikant believes that prioritizing natural voice communication helps to encourage authentic human connections, challenging the idea that people have difficulty relating to each other through text-based…

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The new experimental feature on YouTube is only accessible to people who are on YouTube Premium since it is an experimental feature. News 

YouTube Introduces Experimental ‘Jump Ahead’ Feature for Select Users

YouTube is constantly striving to improve the user experience and often releases new features to improve the viewing experience. And again, it has released a new feature to a small set of users. This latest experiment is called “skip ahead,” which makes it easier for users to jump to specific parts of a YouTube video. YouTube users using the Android or iOS app are familiar with the double-tap skip feature, where tapping twice in a row skips forward 10 seconds in a video. YouTube’s new experimental skip ahead feature is…

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Viral video captures the incredulous moment as a man showcases his jaw-dropping Uber bill, raising questions about the accuracy of ride fares. (Pixabay/ X) News 

Uber auto ride in Noida results in man receiving a bill of ₹7.66 crore; Uber responds to the incident

A man in Noida, Uttar Pradesh was shocked to receive a bill of Rs.7.66 crore for an Uber auto ride that was originally priced at just Rs.62. The incident gained attention after Ashish Mishra shared it on social media, causing it to go viral. Details from the video The post included a video of regular Uber customer Deepak showing the staggering amount he was charged for the ride. In the video, Deepak revealed that the total amount of the bill was Rs. 7,66,83,762, excluding Goods and Services Tax (GST). The…

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With App Lock, you can effortlessly lock and hide your most sensitive apps, adding an extra layer of protection to your iPhone. (Apple) News 

Attention iPhone users: This app allows you to secure all apps with Face ID and conceal them from view

In a world where privacy is paramount, iOS users have been eagerly anticipating a way to protect and hide their apps. While Face ID and Touch ID provide some security, not all apps are compatible with these features, creating vulnerabilities. Introducing “App Lock” – a simple yet powerful app created to enhance the privacy of your iPhone and iPad. Let’s delve into the functionality of this groundbreaking tool and understand why it is a game-changer for iOS users. App Lock: A comprehensive data protection solution App Lock fills the void…

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The free games are offered every month for PlayStation Plus subscribers and April 2024 free games list is out. News 

April 2024 PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup Revealed

PlayStation Plus subscribers have reason to rejoice as Sony has announced the next selection of free games. Between April 2 and May 6, members will have access to three exciting games: Immortals of Aveum for PS5, Minecraft Legends for both PS4 and PS5, and Skull: The Hero Slayer for PS4. Like every month, these exciting games can be added to your library and played at any time as long as your membership is active. Released last year, Immortals of Avenue was overlooked by players during numerous releases. Minecraft Legends offers…

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Rockstar Games' production shortcomings could lead to GTA 6 getting released in 2026 which will be a big jolt for avid gamers. Gaming 

Possible Delay in GTA 6 Release Until 2026 Due to Problems

Grand Theft Auto 6 is widely anticipated, especially after the latest trailer shows us a glimpse of the changes in graphics and story. But the return to work of several Rockstar Games employees has raised concerns about a possible delay in GTA 6’s release. Towards the end of 2023, the game giants announced that GTA 6 will come to consoles in 2025 and to PC a year later. Now it’s being reported that the game may be delayed from 2025 and moved to 2026. The rumors started after Bloomberg published…

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Asteroid 2024 EA3 and Asteroid 2024 EO4 belong to the Apollo group of asteroids, says NASA. Check other details. (Pixabay) Space 

NASA reveals two asteroids to pass by Earth soon; Learn about their size and speed

NASA has reported that in recent weeks, there have been multiple instances of asteroids passing by Earth. These space rocks, which typically orbit the Sun in their own path, can be influenced by a planet’s gravitational pull, causing them to veer off course and approach Earth. This can result in asteroids being knocked out of the main belt between Mars and Jupiter, sending them in various directions across the orbits of other planets. NASA has identified two asteroids currently on a trajectory towards Earth, with an expected close pass by…

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Microsoft has put a list of requirements for Windows 10 PCs to be eligible for the free Windows 11 upgrade and most of you might not be aware of it. News 

How to Determine if Your PC is Compatible with Windows 11 Upgrade

Microsoft released Windows 11 in October 2021. It was the successor to Windows 10 and the software company’s first major operating system update in six years. People who were already using Windows 10 got a free upgrade to the then newly released operating system. However, not all users upgraded to Windows 11 as soon as the software was introduced. If you are one of those users who have now finally decided to switch to the latest Windows operating system, or someone who has recently made hardware changes to your computer,…

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Excitement and fascination abound as NASA scientists analyze samples from asteroid Bennu, offering glimpses into the ancient history of our solar system. (NASA) Space 

Study reveals building blocks of life found in samples collected from asteroid Bennu by NASA’s OSIRIS-REx

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission has made a groundbreaking discovery by collecting samples from asteroid Bennu, revealing valuable insights into the origins of life. Analysis of the ancient sample has revealed the presence of carbon and water, indicating that the building blocks of life on Earth may also be found within this celestial body. Ingredients of life found in asteroid Bennu samples The OSIRIS-REx mission exceeded expectations by not only meeting but exceeding its goal of collecting 60 grams of asteroid material. The bonus material found on the end of the collector,…

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Truecaller has launched a new AI feature that automatically blocks all spam calls, providing increased security to users. News 

Truecaller introduces a new AI-powered feature called ‘Max’ to block spam calls.

Truecaller has developed a new feature powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to help users get rid of spam calls. The new feature, which is part of the Max update, blocks any calls that aren’t from an approved contact or that are determined by its AI algorithm to be spam. The feature, available exclusively on the Android app, offers better protection against spam and scammers. The new feature rejects any calls that the AI deems as spam, regardless of whether they are listed in the company’s database. In the past, the…

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NASA's MESSENGER mission provides crucial insights into Mercury's polar regions, uncovering the presence and characteristics of ice deposits. (NASA) Space 

NASA’s Messenger mission discovers ice on Mercury, revealing unexpected facts about the planet.

New findings from NASA’s MESSENGER mission have raised questions about what we thought we knew about Mercury, the tiniest planet in our solar system. Despite its close proximity to the Sun and blistering surface temperatures, recent radar images suggest that there may be ice near Mercury’s poles, challenging previous assumptions. This discovery is similar to what has been found on the Moon, shaking up our understanding of these celestial bodies. Observations from the NASA MESSENGER mission These surprising discoveries enabled ground-based studies using advanced tools such as the Arecibo radio…

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Nokia feature phones are popular and HMD is ready to get people excited with another popular model launching back in the market. News 

Nokia Teases Possible Launch of Another Classic Feature Phone, Hinting at Potential Popular Model

Nokia phones aren’t going anywhere, HMD Group recently confirmed after rumors swirled that the brand was killing off the popular line to work on its own phones. However, the new updates suggest that HMD will not only make Nokia phones but also bring back some popular Nokia feature phones in a new avatar. HMD’s new teaser hints at the release of the Nokia 3210 feature phone, but possibly with updated hardware and a new platform to power the device. But how can we be so sure that it is the…

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Beast Games will premiere on Amazon Prime Video in over 240 countries, as per MrBeast. (AFP) News 

MrBeast announces ‘Beast Games’, the largest reality competition ever with a $5 million prize.

Popular YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, has revealed a new reality competition called BeastGames in collaboration with Amazon Prime Video. The show will follow the format of the intense competitions regularly featured on MrBeast’s YouTube channel, where contestants from around the globe compete for a chance to win $250,000. MrBeast’s success with these competitions has helped him become the most subscribed individual on YouTube, and the upcoming BeastGames is expected to further boost his popularity. MrBeast and Amazon Prime Video announce Beast Games According to the publication, Beast…

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Asteroid 2024 BD7 belongs to the Apollo group of Near-Earth Asteroids (NEAs), as per NASA. (Pixabay) Space 

NASA reveals that a building-sized asteroid will pass Earth today at a close distance

According to NASA, four asteroids flew past Earth yesterday, with the largest being Asteroid 2024 BD7, nearly 140 feet wide, comparable in size to an aircraft. Today, March 19, the US Space Agency has identified one asteroid on a trajectory towards Earth, larger than any of yesterday’s asteroids. Learn more about this asteroid, which is the size of a building, including its speed, size, and proximity to Earth. Asteroid 2024 BD7 NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, or CNEOS, has named the incoming asteroid as Asteroid 2024 BD7. This organization…

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Chrome users visit many websites and don't know if it is safe to browse but Google is now offering a new layer of security protection for all users. News 

Concerned about malware and phishing attacks? Chrome now alerts you before accessing a website.

Google is improving the level of protection for Chrome users, and its latest efforts aim to protect you from potential malware attacks and warn you about phishing attempts. Google calls it Browsing Protection, which speaks for itself and the support it provides. The new tool is available for Chrome users on the web and iOS devices, and Android users will likely get it in the coming weeks. Google often makes strong claims about its security, so how does the new tool differ from previous iterations? Here’s an in-depth look at…

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