iPhone users around the world are eagerly waiting for iOS 17 update. (AP) News 

When will iOS 17 be released for iPhone users? Find out launch date after WWDC

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is scheduled for tomorrow, during which the company will reveal the much-awaited iOS 17 update. The upcoming version is expected to offer significant enhancements to iPhone users worldwide, who are eagerly anticipating its release. Many are wondering about the launch date for iOS 17 and when they can expect to access it. While we have information about what iOS 17 will bring, Apple will officially reveal all the details at tomorrow’s event. However, the iOS 17 release date follows the iOS 16 timeline. Last year,…

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The Android Studio reports let you see what percentage of devices are running a particular Android version or higher. News 

Android 11 Most Widely Used Version, Android 13 On 15% Of Devices

The latest data from Google reveals that Android 13 has been installed on 15% of active devices worldwide, while Android 11 remains the most prevalent version among active devices. Android Studio reports tell you what percentage of devices are running a specific version of Android or later, according to 9to5Google. This is useful for determining which apps your device supports based on the lowest supported Android version. Data from Android Studio for April 2023 and June 2023 shows that Android 13 saw another period of growth, growing from 12.1% in…

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Pluto's largest moon Charon's size is about one-tenth that of planet Earth. (NASA, Johns Hopkins Univ./APL, Southwest Research Institute, U.S. Naval Observatory) Space 

Portrait of Charon, Pluto’s Moon, Captured by NASA

Pluto’s highly elliptical orbit and remote location have kept its traits and attributes veiled from human knowledge until the New Horizons spacecraft’s flyby in July 2015. This mission was instrumental in gathering vital information about this faraway planet. One of the significant revelations from the mission was the crucial role played by Charon, one of Pluto’s five moons. Charon is not only the biggest of Pluto’s moons but also the most substantial satellite in proportion to its parent body in the entire solar system. Its diameter is approximately half that…

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Police have a suspect in custody. Gaming 

Suspect Accused of Utilizing Nintendo ‘Duck Hunt’ Gun to Rob Convenience Store

According to York County deputies, a man from South Carolina has been taken into custody for reportedly robbing a convenience store while brandishing a Nintendo light gun. The suspect, who is 25 years old, allegedly used the gun accessory, which was primarily used in the 1980s to play games like Duck Hunt, Hogan’s Alley, and Gumshoe, to steal $300 in cash. He reportedly disguised himself with a mask, wig, and hoodie sweatshirt. According to authorities, the accused brandished a replica firearm at a store clerk and demanded cash from the…

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The influencer-VPN provider relationship is good for business, but not for security. News 

Rise in VPN Sales Raises Concerns Over Security

No matter what kind of content you’ve been watching on YouTube lately, whether it’s gaming, politics, or lengthy video essays, chances are you’ve come across an advertisement for virtual private network (VPN) services. These ads are often promoted by influencers who claim that their VPN offers military-grade encryption and the ability to stream content from anywhere, as long as you use their special code at checkout. This allows them to receive a commission from the sale. VPN ads aren’t just everywhere on YouTube. Since the beginning of 2016, VPN companies…

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The popular game seems to be having trouble on select phone models. Read here for more details. Gaming 

Call Of Duty Mobile Could Block Players Using Smartphones From ROG, Vivo And Others

Following the ban of BGMI in India, a significant portion of its user base shifted to playing Call Of Duty Mobile on their mobile devices. However, it appears that players who use ASUS and Sony mobile phones are now facing bans of up to 10 years, as indicated in the notifications they received on their devices. Users have reported unjustified bans on the official Discord server for Call of Duty Mobile and the r/CallofDutyMobile subreddit on Reddit. The game developer has not yet addressed these grievances. It is not clear…

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Switch owners can buy the new colors on June 30th. Gaming 

Nintendo Launches Summer with Colorful Joy-Con Controllers

If you’re in need of a way to brighten up your Switch or require an additional controller set for a fun Mario Kart game, Nintendo has got you covered. The corporation is launching Joy-Con controllers in two delightful pastel color schemes, purple/green and pink/yellow, on June 30th. These controllers will be sold for the same price as other hues, $80, and will provide the same motion control and “HD rumble” features as the previous models. Additional controllers are necessary for local multiplayer games such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Ultimate.…

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City councils around the United States are increasingly introducing ordinances to regulate short-term rentals News 

Airbnb Files Lawsuit Against New York Over Restrictive Measures on Short-Term Rentals

Airbnb Inc. sued New York City on Thursday over a new law it called an “effective ban” on short-term rentals that takes effect in July and that the company says will limit the number of rental units in the city. . City councils across the United States are increasingly adopting ordinances to regulate short-term rentals. In some cases, property managers must obtain licenses and pay registration fees or limit the number of short-term rentals in commercial areas. The company’s filing with the New York State Supreme Court says the New…

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The platform wants developers to pay a hefty fee to use its API that enables their services. News 

Reddit Seeks High Fees for API Access from App Developers

The tech industry is experiencing the influence of Twitter, as Reddit follows suit and plans to charge developers for API access, similar to Elon Musk’s company. Developers may be required to pay a significant sum of $20 million annually, according to API pricing details. Reddit has already notified developers that the charges will take effect on June 19. The update did not sit well with developers, who understand that the platform’s growth is contingent upon their participation. The company shared the pricing for Reddit API with Christian Selig, an Apollo…

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The embattled truck maker doesn't fare well against Ford or Rivian. News 

Lordstown EV Pickup has 174 miles of EPA range

Lordstown Motors’ woes now include the completion of its first electric car. The EPA has rated the Endurance pickup as only 174 miles. For context, the all-wheel-drive Ford F-150 Lightning gets 240 miles on a smaller battery, and the Rivian R1T manages 289 miles. It’s also well below Lordstown’s original claim of 250 miles on the truck, according to the EPA. We have reached out to Lordstown for comment. Autoblog points out that the EPA numbers are sometimes very conservative. The Porsche Taycan, for example, regularly exceeds government-specified range in…

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The pilot will help rideshare drivers switch to EVs. News 

Ford is offering flexible leasing deals for the Mustang Mach-E to Uber drivers in three cities

Uber drivers don’t have easy access to Tesla when they want to switch to electric cars. Ford and Uber are launching an expanded pilot program offering flexible Mustang Mach-E leases to drivers in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. Operators choose between one and four month leases and receive the Mach-E within two weeks. They then use the Ford Drive app to manage payments and maintenance. At the same time, Ford is buying electric crossovers from dealers and putting them into service. Lease costs $199 per week including 500…

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Indian researchers have come across a new malware called DogeRAT (Remote Access Trojan)—which is targeting users through the distribution of fake Android apps masquerading as legitimate apps. Here's what we know. News 

A new malware called DogeRAT is spreading through fake Android apps

A new malware called DogeRAT (Remote Access Trojan) targets users by distributing fake Android apps. The apps containing the malware are said to be sent to users via Telegram and other social media apps. Discovered by CloudSEK’s TRIAD team, DogeRAT is an open-source Android malware that can steal important information such as bank passwords and government credentials, leaving victims vulnerable. It targets users in a variety of industries, including banking, e-commerce, and entertainment. DogeRAT is a malware that disguises itself as popular apps, and once it infects a victim’s device…

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Mitigating it should be a 'global priority.' AI 

Industry leaders say artificial intelligence has an “extinction risk” equal to nuclear war

With ChatGPT, Bard, and other large language models (LLMs), we’ve heard warnings from concerned people like Elon Musk about the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI). Now, a group of prominent industry leaders has issued a one-sentence statement that effectively reinforces those concerns. Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war. It was published by the Center for Artificial Intelligence Security, an organization whose mission is to “reduce the societal risks posed by artificial intelligence,” on its…

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The latest Nord CE Lite phone in the market looks to compete with a host of devices but does it have enough to match the rest? Reviews 

OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite review: An affordable OnePlus phone, but not the only option

In recent years, OnePlus has built a strong core in the budget segment with the Nord series, which now also has Nord CE and Nord CE Lite models on the market. The company claims that its sales numbers have been helped by the Nord range, which does not cost as much as regular OnePlus phones. But on the Nord phone you will also see the absence of the OnePlus signature without the warning slider, but you will have the option to expand the storage. Nord CE 3 Lite is the…

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Nearly 3,000 EV chargers are also coming to apartments and offices. News 

Tesla opens its Supercharger network to other electric cars in Canada

Tesla’s plan to open up Superchargers now extends to Canada after the government revealed the company will open access to some of its existing Supercharger network to other brands of electric cars. The effort will begin later this year on a test route between the capital, Ottawa, and Sudbury. By the end of 2025, 750 stations will be opened, of which “at least” 350 will be 250 kW supercharged. This performance is remarkable given the focus on long-distance travel – the Charger’s open route includes a major trans-Canada highway that…

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The turquoise glow of water is due to occurs due to single-celled Plankton which illuminate to keep predators away. (NASA/Petr Horalek/Sovena Jani) Space 

NASA’s Astronomy Image of the Day, May 29, 2023: The Milky Way and the Biosphere

Our solar system, with the sun at the center and 8 other planets besides the earth, is located in a mysterious part of the galaxy called the Milky Way. It is a spiral galaxy that spans about 100,000 light years and formed about 14 billion years ago. According to NASA, there are more than 100 billion stars in the Milky Way, and they all orbit the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy, which is estimated to have a mass four million times the mass of our Sun.…

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The studio has other games in development, including a new single-player title. Gaming 

Naughty Dog says The Last of Us multiplayer needs more time

One of the most notable omissions from this week’s PlayStation lineup was anything Naughty Dog. Many (including yours truly) were waiting for the studio to reveal more details about Last of Us multiplayer, but we’ll have to wait a little longer to learn more about this title. In a statement posted on Twitter, Naughty Dog said: “We’re incredibly proud of the work our studio has done so far, but as development continues, we’ve realized it’s best to give the game more time.” As such, it now seems unlikely that we’ll…

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The GameCube and Wii emulator was slated to arrive on Steam later this year. News 

The Dolphin Emulator Steam release has been delayed indefinitely due to a Nintendo DMCA notice

Valve removed Dolphin from Steam after receiving a DMCA takedown notice from Nintendo. In late March, the developers of Dolphin, an open-source emulator capable of running most GameCube and Wii games, said they planned to bring the free app to Valve’s store later this year. In a May 26 legal notice seen by PC Gamer, Nintendo’s legal team asked Valve to remove Dolphin from Steam, claiming that the emulator infringes on the company’s intellectual property rights. Because the Dolphin Emulator infringes Nintendo’s intellectual property rights, including without limitation its rights…

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Authorities said the virus is also capable of "bypassing anti-virus programs and deploying ransomware on the targeted devices" News 

“Daam” virus steals call logs and reads history from Android phones

The National Cyber Security Agency said in its latest alert that an Android malware called “booster” infects mobile phones and compromises sensitive data such as call logs, contacts, history and camera. India’s Computer Emergency Response Team, or CERT-In, said the virus is also capable of “bypassing antivirus software and spreading ransomware on target devices.” The agency is the federal technology division that combats cyberattacks and protects cyberspace from phishing, hacking, and similar cyberattacks. The agency said botnets are distributed through third-party websites or apps downloaded from untrusted/unknown sources. Once installed…

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The new version is available publicly but old and new iPhone users installing iOS 16.5 are facing the issue. News 

iPhone users complain about battery emptying problem after installing iOS 16.5

Apple recently released a new version of iOS 16.5 for iPhone users, and most of the people to install the new version have seen their battery turn faster than usual. In general, you expect the public release to be completely flawless and has no problem. But in this case, the iOS 16.5 update has brought more complaints from users who do not get out of the iPhone battery best.. People have mentioned that a one -hour Facetime call has led to massive battery emptying, where the meter goes from 100…

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