OpenAI on Wednesday unveiled DallE 3, the latest version of its text-to-image tool that uses its wildly popular AI chatbot ChatGPT to help fill in prompts. News 

OpenAI Introduces Dall-E 3D Image Creation Tool

(Reuters) – OpenAI on Wednesday unveiled Dall-E 3, the latest version of a text-to-image tool that uses the wildly popular AI chatGPT to populate prompts. Dall-E 3 will be available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers in October via API, the company said. Users can enter an image request and edit the prompt in conversations with ChatGPT. “DALL-E 3 can transform nuanced requests into highly detailed and accurate images,” the company said in a statement. OpenAI said the latest version of the tool has more safeguards, such as limiting its…

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Know whether another solar storm is headed our way. (NASA) Space 

Solar Flare of Magnitude 8 Causes Unease on Earth

The Sun’s intense activity continues without signs of stopping. This week has been particularly eventful, with frequent solar flare eruptions and daily radio blackouts. Additionally, three separate solar storm incidents occurred, including a powerful G3-class storm on September 18-19, resulting in stunning aurora displays as far south as France. However, a new threat looms as another solar storm is brewing. Yesterday, on September 20, an M8-class solar flare erupted, releasing a coronal mass ejection (CME) cloud in the direction of Earth. Scientists are currently investigating whether this CME will impact…

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Know all about the Fitbit app redesign. Know everything new coming with it. (Fitbit) News 

Fitbit App Receives Major Upgrade – Check Out the New Coach Tab, Customization Options, and More!

Google has introduced a significant overhaul to its Fitbit app just before the Made by Google event, where the Google Pixel 8 series and the Pixel Watch 2 are anticipated to be launched. This revamp could have a significant impact on users, as it offers customizable windows, improved data viewing, and an off-device tracking mode to ensure no activities go unnoticed. Notably, this marks the first major redesign for the platform, which was deemed necessary due to the removal of social features. Let’s delve into the details. Announcing the new…

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The review site is launching an index tracking shady reviews on its platform. Reviews 

Yelp Launches List of Businesses Caught Buying Fake Reviews

Yelp has uncovered almost 5,000 businesses involved in deceptive practices such as offering incentives for positive ratings or employing individuals to fabricate reviews since 2012. Presently, the company has introduced a new feature to assist users, and potentially authorities, in identifying businesses that have attempted to manipulate their reputation on the review platform. Yelp is releasing a new index that tracks every US establishment it’s ever caught engaging in “suspicious” behavior to influence its ratings. The company has made some of this information available in the past. Yelp sends temporary…

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Asteroid Dimorphos' mysterious behavior after NASA collision puzzles scientists. (AP) Space 

NASA Stunned by Unusual Behaviour of Asteroid Dimorphos

NASA successfully altered the orbit of an asteroid named Dimorphos by crashing a spacecraft into it as part of the DART mission. However, the asteroid’s behavior has become peculiar, capturing the attention of astronomers and even high school students. Surprisingly, these students made an unexpected finding while studying NASA’s DART mission in the Didymos System. It is worth noting that Dimorphos is one of two asteroids in a double asteroid system, with the larger one being called Didymos, around which Dimorphos orbits. Special orbital changes At first, after the accident,…

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NOAA forecasters have warned of a G2-class geomagnetic storm impact on Earth. (Unsplash) Space 

G2 Geomagnetic Storm to Generate Spectacular Auroras on Earth Thanks to CME

Today, a geomagnetic storm is occurring as a result of the Sun’s recent increase in volatility. Over the past few months, the Sun has been emitting solar matter such as flares, CMEs, and other particles. This heightened activity is a result of the approaching peak of the Sun’s 11-year solar cycle, also known as the solar maximum. During this period, solar activity is at its highest, posing a potential threat to various planets, including Earth, as they become susceptible to solar storms and geomagnetic storms. As we approach the solar…

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Nothing's new sub-brand CMF is expected to launch a new pair of wireless earbuds and a new smartwatch on September 26. Here's what we know so far. Gadgets 

CMF to Unveil New Smartwatch and Wireless Earbuds on September 26: Get the Details Here

On September 26, CMF, a newly created sub-brand of London-based startup Nothing, will launch budget-oriented products with a focus on design. Although the brand has not revealed the exact details of the launch, it has previously hinted that it will introduce an affordable smartwatch and truly wireless headphones. CEO Carl Pei has stated that CMF offers products that are designed with improved accessibility and share the “common DNA” of Nothing. CMF products are available through Flipkart, Myntra, online stores and others. According to a report by 9to5Google, the initial lineup…

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Musk has confirmed the change which is also available only if you pay for the micro-blogging platform. News 

X Gives Paid Users Option To Make Likes Tab Private

X (formerly Twitter) has rolled out a new feature that allows Premium subscribers to hide their “likes” tab from public view. When the Hide Likes tab is enabled, the tab will completely disappear from the X Premium user’s profile. “Keep spicy likes private by hiding the likes tab. Available for Premium subscribers,” X said on Thursday. Musk also talked about X’s new update, but he recommended users to keep the likes tab open and advised to use “bookmarks” for interesting posts. “You can now hide your likes, but I recommend…

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Apple offers 5 years support for iPhones which makes them usable for a long time and the new iOS 17 update is rolling out to these iPhone models. News 

iOS 17 Release Date Confirmed: Here Are All The iPhones That Will Receive The Update on September 18

Unless you’re still using an iPhone X from 2017, Apple will deliver a new iOS 17 update to all the latest iPhone models. The new iOS version will be released on Monday, September 18, and unlike Android users, a large number of iPhones should receive an update alert on the same day. Apple extends iPhone support for up to 5 years, which means you get 5 iOS updates. Since the iPhone X was launched 6 years ago, it no longer receives an iOS update from the company. However, if you…

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Apple's new iPhone 15 models get the popular USB C charging tech but the underlying features have been limited and the charging speed has not changed. News 

iPhone 15 Pro Equipped with USB C Port, But No Fast Charging Capability

The iPhone 15 series feels like a significant upgrade over its predecessor, at least in terms of hardware features. You also have a USB C port for the first time on an iPhone, and there’s no doubt that external factors forced Apple to make this change. The new charging standard is available on all models of the iPhone 15 series, including the vanilla iPhone 15. However, the iPhone 15 Pros will get a faster USB C 3.0 version, which means data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps, as the…

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After ISRO earned accolades for India with Chandrayaan-3, Vikram and Pragyan on the Moon, Minister of Earth Sciences announces Samudrayaan mission. (Kiren Rijiju/ X) News 

Introducing Samudrayaan’s Matsya 6000: The Successor to Chandrayaan-3, Vikram, and Pragyan

India, having achieved success with the Chandrayaan-3 mission, is now embarking on a new venture to explore the depths of the Earth’s oceans. This upcoming mission, called “Samudrayaan,” is currently in the development phase and aims to be the country’s first deep ocean exploration endeavor. By delving into the ocean, India hopes to further support its “Blue Economy” initiative and expand its exploration of the universe beyond the Moon. About Samudrayan mission Earth Sciences Minister Kiren Rijiju shared a message on X saying, “Next is ‘Samudrayaan’ This is the ‘MATSYA…

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Bluesky has quickly developed its own subculture characterized by surreal memes, dedicated posting, and much more (AP) News 

Bluesky Reaches 1 Million Users Despite Threads’ Decrease

The landscape of Social media continues to evolve, with various platforms experiencing fluctuating fortunes. While Meta’s Threads is witnessing a significant decrease in active users, Bluesky, a social media platform developed by Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey, is experiencing the opposite trend. Recent statistics indicate that Bluesky is performing exceptionally well, having achieved a noteworthy milestone on September 13 by surpassing one million users. According to a TechCrunch report, Bluesky team member Rose Wang celebrated this achievement on X (formerly Twitter) by sharing a screenshot. Unlike competitor Threads, Bluesky has limited…

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Apple could launch the iPad Air 6 in October as the sole iPad refresh of this year with newer internal specifications, a Weibo account has claimed. News 

Report Suggests iPad Air 6 Could Be the Only iPad Model to Launch in October

The Apple iPad Air 6 may launch in October, and it may be the only updated iPad from this year’s lineup, according to a new Weibo rumor and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Currently, the fifth-generation iPad Air is offered with the Apple M1 chipset and is subject to an upgrade. As spotted by MacRumors, the Weibo post says, “Only the iPad Air series should be updated this year,” and that the other models in the iPad lineup — “mini” and “Pro” — won’t be updated this year. MacRumors says that the…

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Donald Mustard, the Chief Creative Officer at Epic Games, is retiring and leaving the company this month after being an instrumental part of making the popular battle royale shooter Fortnite into what it is today. Gaming 

Donald Mustard Departs Epic Games After Creating Fortnite

Donald Mustard, creative director of Epic Games, is retiring and leaving the company this month after being a major part of the popular battle royale shooter Fortnite as it is today. “I’ve enjoyed nearly 25 years in the gaming industry working with some of the most talented people ever, and I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished together,” Mustard said on X (formerly Twitter). Mustard specifically created CHAIR – where he and his team made the Undertow, Shadow Complex and Infinity Blade trilogy. CHAIR was later acquired by Epic Games…

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Procreate Dreams is the latest app from its developer, designed to make 2D animation more accessible through features such as multi-touch timeline support and the gesture-based 'Performing' tool. Here are the details. News 

Creatives Can Now Animate Easily with Procreate Dreams iPad App

Procreate has been the most trusted app for advertisers to create images on the go while facilitating other use cases as well. Now the developer has announced a new application to the Procreate family called Procreate Dreams. This application makes it easier for creative users to work with 2D animation workflows. “Procreate Dreams is a brand new animation app packed with powerful tools that anyone can use. Create immersive hand-drawn animations, motion graphics and enhance them with photos, videos and audio,” notes the developer. Procreate Dreams release date and price…

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Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) announces 2240 staff nurse jobs. (Pexels) News 

UPPSC Announces 2240 Staff Nurse Vacancies for 2023: Prepare for the Exam with 3 Preparation Apps

The Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) is currently accepting applications for 2240 Staff Nurse positions. Both male and female candidates are encouraged to apply for the Group B non-officer nurse roles. Interested individuals can submit their applications through the official website You can register for this job until September 21, 2023. To be eligible, you should be at least 21 years old but not more than 40 years old as per Times Now report. If you are a male applicant, you must have the scientific background of your…

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SSC CGL Result 2023 will be released soon anytime. (Hindustan Times) News 

3 Apps to Prepare for SSC CGL 2023 Exam; Result to be Announced Online

The announcement of the SSC CGL 2023 exam results by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is imminent. The Tier I exam results can be accessed on the official SSC website at Tier I exam was conducted all over India from 14th to 27th July 2023. In August they released the tentative answer key and you can challenge it till 4th August by paying Rs. 100 for every question or answer you wanted to challenge. The goal of this recruitment is to fill 7500 positions in the organization. The Level…

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The hack was discovered last week and reported to Apple Inc., which moved quickly to investigate and patch the breach. (Unsplash) News 

iPhone Compromised by Israeli Firm’s Malware

The NSO Group, an Israeli company, remotely hacked an iPhone owned by a staff member of a civil society organization based in Washington using their spyware. The hack was discovered last week and reported to Apple Inc., which moved quickly to investigate and fix the breach, according to John Scott-Railton, a senior researcher at the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto’s Munk School. The US has sanctioned NSO Group since 2021 over its Pegasus hacking tool, which has been used by some governments to target journalists and dissidents across…

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The European Space Agency (ESA) reassured the public that the small size of the asteroid posed no threat to our planet. (Pixabay) Space 

Asteroid C9FMVU2 Zooms by Earth at Blazing Speed, Coming Within 4000 km

Astronomers have always been fascinated by the unexpected wonders of the universe, and asteroids are no exception. These celestial bodies have consistently surprised and amazed humanity throughout history, often leaving a path of devastation in their wake when colliding with Earth. To mitigate potential disasters, space agencies such as NASA and ESA have diligently monitored and identified tens of thousands of asteroids. This ongoing surveillance is crucial in order to be prepared for any potential asteroid-related calamities. Consequently, NASA and ESA remain vigilant, closely monitoring these asteroids that pose a…

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Instagram Threads' search feature expands to more countries, bringing yet another step closer to being a complete social network. (Bloomberg) News 

English-speaking countries gain access to Threads keyword search

Instagram Threads users have reason to celebrate as the search feature, previously tested in Australia and New Zealand, is now expanding to numerous English and Spanish-speaking nations. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, the company responsible for Threads, announced this exciting development. Consequently, individuals residing in countries such as Argentina, India, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States can now utilize the fundamental search function within Threads. A step towards the perfect social network This search feature is a big step forward for Threads, which is trying to become the…

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