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Tencent Receives Approval for AI Model, Plus Other AI Developments You May Have Missed

Tencent has received regulatory clearance to introduce its AI model, Hunyuan, in China. This advanced technology is already utilized in more than 50 of Tencent’s offerings. Researchers from Finland and Norway have discovered that AI chatbots such as ChatGPT-3 and ChatGPT-4 exhibit greater creativity in generating unique concepts for ordinary objects compared to the average human. Additionally, MIT experts have developed Style2Fab, an innovative generative AI tool that enables users to personalize 3D-printable designs using natural language instructions while maintaining functionality.

All this and more in today’s AI review.

1. Tencent launches AI model after government approval

Tencent announced on Friday that it will launch its artificial intelligence model, called Hunyuan, in China after receiving regulatory approval, according to a Reuters report. The AI model was released on September 7 and has become the basis for more than 50 Tencent products and services, the company said. It is trained with over 2 trillion tokens and up to 100 billion parameters and can converse in both Chinese and English.

2. Research reveals that artificial intelligence gives more creative ideas than ordinary people

A recent study by Finnish and Norwegian researchers has revealed that while humans present the best and most creative ideas, AI chatbots present ideas that are more creative than average. According to a PTI report, a study published in the journal Scientific Reports asked AI chatbots such as ChatGPT-3, ChatGPT-4 and Copy.AI to come up with ideas for silly, rare everyday items. Grassini, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Bergen in Norway, said: “In this case, we could define this kind of ‘creativity’ expressed by the AI model as some kind of emergent quality of its activity.

3. Uniphore introduces AI solution for data capture

Conversation automation technology company Uniphore announced the release of its latest enterprise AI solution that can capture structured and unstructured data. According to the publication, it can enable automation, analytics and functions from connected applications on the platform. Uniphore co-founder and CEO Umesh Sachdev said, “Uniphore combines our own internal innovations with those acquired through our strong acquisition strategy to deliver solutions on our X platform that transform both customer and employee experiences.”

4. Buchanan presents an AI platform for the information literacy platform

Legal services firm Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney announced the launch of an artificial intelligence platform as part of an information literacy program. The AI platform, called BuchananArtifex, leverages OpenAI’s powerful large language models through a secure API. According to the release, it is designed to give Buchanan lawyers a tool to improve their investigative skills and their understanding of the legal issues affecting their clients.

5. MIT researchers develop artificial intelligence tool for customizing 3D printable models

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have developed a generative AI-based tool that allows users to add custom design elements to 3D models while preserving the functionality of manufactured objects. According to the release, users will be able to edit their 3D models using a natural language called Style2Fab. Faraz Faruqi, a graduate student in computer science and lead author of the paper, said: “Style2Fab would make it very easy to style and print a 3D model, but also to experiment and learn.”

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