The video streaming platform is fully focused on Shorts videos which could have prompted the decision to end the feature.News 

YouTube kills stories next month to focus on shorts videos

YouTube will soon close the second feature that most of you probably didn’t even know that there was a platform on the platform. The Youtube has confirmed this week that its story version is not available after June 26, which is exactly one month later.

Stories in the form have been largely popular on platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat (where it all started), and gradually we have seen it to move to WhatsApp and even Facebook. But Google -owned video streaming platform has decided that it is time to kill another product that was introduced in 2017.

The stories were largely limited to Youtube loggers, who could share their upcoming video with their drinkers with their subscribers or share messages behind the scenes. The stories were available for a limited time, after which they disappeared, similar to Instagram and’s decision to close the storiesThe feature never attracted a platform that cannot be considered to be due to lack of demand, as other applications clearly flourish the feature and develop.

Google has a bad way to kill the products from blue and give no reason to slaughter. Youtube’s decision to stop stories seems terribly similar to the parent company tactics.

So what youtube is going to focus in addition to regular videos? It seems that the platform is heavily invested in the success of shorts, which is also its version of Kela and Tiktok videos. It has already collected millions of views and is now looking to earn the product with for shorts on a mobile phone and desktop. It can bring shorts to youtube music that is currently being tested.

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