YouTube Shorts rivals TikTok and Reels and the platform is now making use of the remix feature for its music videos as well. News 

Shorts now allow remixing of YouTube music videos.

YouTube said Thursday that users can now “remix” their music videos in Shorts, giving it ammunition to compete with TikTok. Last year, YouTube introduced new remixing tools like Collab and fun effects in Shorts. “Today, we’re helping you take the ability to remix music videos on Shorts to a whole new level, opening up even more ways to connect with and be creative with your favorite artists and their music on YouTube,” the company said. opinion. Here’s how to remix videos in Shorts. Directly from a YouTube video, tap “Remix”…

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YouTube Music in the US is getting a new feature that allows users to make custom playlist artworks. Here are the details. AI 

Generative AI Feature on YouTube Music Enables Users to Design Custom Playlist Art

Google has been gradually adding generative AI to its Workspace apps, and now we’re seeing AI-powered features on YouTube as well. It’s clear that Google’s AI ambitions aren’t limited to Workspace, but extend to YouTube Music with a new AI-generated playlist cover art feature. Notably, this AI feature comes after YouTube introduced generative AI features like the Dream Screen for YouTube Shorts and the YouTube AI Music Incubator. The new playlist art feature is currently only available to English-speaking users in the US and is in the “experimental” category. This…

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Auto-downloads work on a per-show (and per-device) basis so you have to enable them individually. News 

YouTube Music To Introduce Automated Podcast Downloads

YouTube Music, the Google-owned music streaming service developed by YouTube, is introducing the ability to automatically download podcasts, as reported by 9to5google. According to the report, auto-downloading of podcasts will be available in YouTube Music version 6.21 for both Android and iOS. To access this feature, go to the program’s page and click the new settings gear icon and select Save to Library. This step will reveal the Enable Automatic Downloads button, which will instantly download the latest episode to your device for offline listening. According to the report, auto-uploads…

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It adds an extra social element to the music-streaming app. News 

YouTube Music’s Now Playing Tab Incorporates YouTube Comments to the Detriment of Listeners

The recent update of YouTube Music’s Now Playing page is now available for both iOS and Android devices. A notable addition to the app is a new feature that enhances its social aspect. Users can now read and post comments directly on the Now Playing page, expanding beyond the previous limitation to playlists only. According to screenshots shared by 9to5 Google, some of the comments on the page may be from several years ago. As it is, it seems The updated design is rolling out gradually, so you may not…

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YouTube Music uses a note to signify audio before lyrics start. Currently, some tracks offer live lyrics, while others still have the static version. News 

Android and iOS Users Can Now Enjoy YouTube Music with Live Lyrics

YouTube Music: YouTube Music, a music streaming service developed by YouTube, will reportedly release live lyrics on Android and iOS devices. Live lyrics are already available on Apple Music, and now YouTube Music users will also be able to use this feature. According to a report by 9to5Google, the Lyrics tab of the Nyt soi app has been improved with a new look. The text is now larger and better positioned for easy reading. The current line is highlighted in white, and the rest of the text is light gray.…

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YouTube Music app is available on mobile and web and new feature allows users to explore new content on the platform. News 

Discover New Music on YouTube Music with the “Samples” Tab

YouTube has introduced a new ‘Samples’ tab for music streaming service ‘YouTube Music’ to help users discover new music. This new personalized music search feature is currently available to YouTube Music users worldwide, the company said in a blog post on Tuesday. “Powered by the world’s largest catalog of music videos, your personalized feed explores the depths and breadth of the YouTube Music library so there’s always something new to listen to.” Each immersive clip offers users a glimpse into the artist, video and mood of the song. Users can…

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If you've used basically any social media app lately, you'll be familiar with this interface. News 

YouTube Music Launches Samples, a TikTok-Inspired Feed for Music Exploration

Over the past few years, nearly every significant platform has developed its own version of TikTok’s distinctive vertical video scrolling feed. The most recent addition to this trend is YouTube Music. Today, the app will introduce a vertical video feed called Samples, which YouTube claims is a convenient and efficient way to discover and sample new music with just a single tap. The samples are located on a new tab at the bottom of the application next to the home feed, your library and the Explore section. Tapping Samples will…

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The company is just the latest music streamer to hike prices. News 

Spotify Increases Cost of Premium Subscriptions

Spotify is set to increase the cost of all its Premium plans, meaning that enjoying uninterrupted music will become more expensive. In the US, the price of a Premium Single subscription will rise from $10 to $11 per month, marking the first price hike since Spotify’s inception over ten years ago. The Premium Family and Student plans will also see a one-dollar increase, now priced at $17 and $6 per month respectively. The largest increase will be seen in the Premium Duo plan, which will go up by two dollars…

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The new tab is likely being tested to show Shorts videos for users on mobile. News 

YouTube Music could be the next stop for short videos

YouTube is said to be testing a Samples tab in its Music app, which may show shorts focused on music videos. YouTube Music’s bottom bar on Android and iOS devices has consisted of a home screen, explore, and library for several years, and now, according to 9to5Google, it’s testing a ‘Samples’ tab between the main feed and a Discovery/trending feed that displays vertical music videos. The company does not use the YT Shorts icon in the bottom bar, instead users find two overlapping play buttons. The album art, track title…

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YouTube Music currently displays static lyrics when users drag up the middle tab at the bottom of Now Playing, the report said. News 

YouTube Music releases “Real-Time Lyrics” for Android, iOS: all the details here

Google-owned YouTube has started rolling out a “live lyrics” feature on its music streaming service YouTube Music on Android and iOS devices. The feature is currently available to some YouTube Music subscribers who have reported, but is not widely available to all users, reports 9to5Google. It’s similar to the real-time lyrics feature available on other music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. Live lyrics allow users to sing along to their favorite songs and follow the lyrics in real time, which can enhance their listening experience. According to the…

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The users may also find this feature already enabled on their devices. News 

YouTube Music allows you to automatically download recently played songs on Android

YouTube, the popular online video sharing and social media platform owned by Google, is reportedly working on a major new update. According to a new report, the YouTube Music app will soon allow auto-downloading of recently played songs on Android. According to 9to5Google, the new “recently played songs” toggle can be found under Settings > Downloads & Storage for those with a Premium subscription. The new update allows users to download up to 200 recently played songs. Users may also find this feature already available. According to the report, they…

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