iPhone users can experience the popular AI Chatbot in many countries, including India.News 

ChatGPT for iOS now available in India; exceeds 500,000 downloads after its launch

Chatgpt for iOS users are now available in India. The application has been available for less than a week in the United States and has already collected 500,000 downloads from the App Store.

Openai intends to increase its dimension by providing the chatgpt to several countries, including Alban, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, India, Jamaica, Korea, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Great Britain and others.

Chatgpt exceeded many competing applications, including AI and chatbot applications, such as Microsoft’s bing and edge applications that integrate Openai’s GPT-4 technology, reported by Techcrunch.

Created 4 80,000 installations in the first five days of its release in the United States when it was available exclusively for iOS.

With regard to iOS charges alone, chatgpt exceeded both Bing and Edge with 4 80,000 installations in Bing to 2.50,000 and Edge to 1.95,000.

However, when looked at all US downloads in both app stores in May, Bing and Edge were still in front of chatgpt – but not when comparing only iOS installations, according to the report.

In addition, Data.AI analysis found that the chatgpt application exceeded other App Store’s Best AI chatbot applications, many of which had common names to utilize keywords such as “AI” or “chatbot”.

Compared to the best five -day episodes of other applications in 2023 in the App Store and Google Play, Openain Chatgpt was ranked among the top five.

According to the report, the only exceeding application was ‘Chat with Ask AI’, which received 5 90,000 installations from 4-8.April 2023 compared to the 4 80,000 installation of ChatgPT 18-22.May.

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