Google Play Store now allows downloading two apps at once, marking a significant update for users. (Pixabay)News 

Android users can now download two apps at the same time with the latest Google Play Store update.

Google Play Store users can now celebrate as the platform has finally introduced a highly anticipated update: the option to download two apps simultaneously. In recent years, the Play Store has seen major changes, including the addition of AI-generated FAQs for app listings and plans to provide quick summaries of app and game features through artificial intelligence. Despite these advancements, users were previously restricted to downloading only one app at a time.

Google Play Store update: Reports of wider rollout

Now Google is changing the game by introducing the option to download two apps at the same time for Android users. This feature has been eagerly awaited and will provide a more efficient charging experience. Reports from 9to5Google indicate that the feature is already available on several devices, including Pixel smartphones running Google Play Store version 40.6.31, Android Police reported.

Limitations and possible adjustments

However, this update has limitations. Currently, users can only download two apps at the same time, and additional downloads are queued until space becomes available. Initial leaks suggested more generous, up to five simultaneous charges, indicating possible future changes.

Despite this progress, there is still room for improvement. In particular, the multi-download feature does not extend to application updates, but the Google Play Store continues to process updates one at a time. Many users are looking forward to the inclusion of simultaneous update downloads, which would significantly increase the user experience.

Google’s ongoing efforts

Google is aiming to implement multi-app download as early as 2019, which is a sign of a long-term commitment to improving the user experience. You can check if this feature is available on your Android device by trying to download two or more larger apps or games at the same time. Additionally, users may need to ensure that recently downloaded apps are displayed on the home screen. This setting can be adjusted on Google Pixel phones by selecting Home settings > Add app icons to home screen.

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