Apple revealed three Swift Student Challenge winners, check details. (Apple)News 

Apple reveals the top 3 apps created by Swift Student Challenge winners

Apple has revealed the winners of the Swift Student Challenge, which includes three students: Dezmond Blair, Elena Galluzzo, and Jawaher Shaman. Launched in February 2024, the challenge saw 350 winners selected from numerous entries submitted in March. These students, who are motivated by their families, aim to revolutionize the world of coding. Learn more about the Apple Swift Student Challenge and the triumphant students.

What is the Swift Student Challenge?

The Swift Student Challenge is Apple’s annual forum where thousands of student developers participate to showcase their talent and expertise in coding in app playgrounds. The app building challenge included 350 winners and 50 distinguished winners who will receive a chance to visit Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California this summer, AirPods Max, a certificate and a free one-year membership to the developer program.

Swift Student Challenge winners and their applications

Among the 50 distinguished winners, Apple announced three student developers inspired by their families. Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, said: “We’re also very proud to welcome more outstanding student developers to Apple Park than ever before to connect with our teams and each other as they continue to build apps that will undoubtedly change our future for the better. “

  1. Care Capsule by Elena Galluzzo: The application is an all-in-one assistant designed for the elderly. Care Capsule is developed in Apple’s machine learning framework, which allows users to track medication, encourage communication and more. Elena designed the app by getting inspiration from her grandmother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

2. MTB XTREME by Dezmond Blair: The app was created using Apple’s Swift coding language, which gives users a 360-degree view of the trails while mountain biking. His bond inspired the app to his brother.

3. My Child by Jawaher Shaman: This app is built for people who struggle with speaking. It helps users slow down their breathing, allowing them to speak effectively. The application uses AVFAudio to add sounds. Shaman built the app with inspiration from his father and grandfather, who struggled with speech conditions.

According to Apple, such company challenges and programs give young minds and developers the opportunity to build successful careers.

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