iOS 17.5 beta rolls out with new features, including web distribution and anti-stalking capabilities. (Apple)News 

Details of the newly released iOS 17.5 beta update for iPhone

Apple is currently in the beta testing phase for iOS 17.5, giving developers and public beta users an early look at the upcoming features. The update is expected to be released next month, following the pattern of previous x.5 updates like iOS 16.5, iOS 15.5, iOS 14.5, and iOS 13.5 which were all released in mid-May or late April. So far, four beta versions of iOS 17.5 have been released as of April 17.

New features and changes in iOS 17.5

One of the major additions of iOS 17.5 is the introduction of Web Distribution in the European Union, which allows users to install apps directly from developer websites. The feature, announced by Apple last month, requires developers to agree to updated App Store terms of business, including a €0.50 core technology fee for each first million annual installs in the previous 12 months. Despite Apple confirming support for Web Distribution in beta, no developers have yet used the feature, 9to5Mac reports.

Additions to Apple News+ in iOS 17.5

In the Apple News app, subscribers in the US and Canada will find a new pun called “Quartiles” after updating to iOS 17.5. This joins Apple News+’s list of games, including daily crosswords and crossword minigames, which were introduced last year. Additionally, iOS 17.5 integrates Game Center with these games, allowing users to view leaderboards for Daily Solve Time and Daily Score statistics.

The update also brings minor design changes, such as a dynamic color update for the Podcasts widget, a redesigned “Reading Goal” icon in the Apple Books app, and a new pattern for “Passkeys Access for Web Browsers” under “Privacy” in the Settings app. & Safety.”

Security features in iOS 17.5

In particular, iOS 17.5 appears to include anti-stalking features for add-ons such as AirTags, which is in line with Apple and Google’s collaboration to combat unwanted tracking. The strings found in Find My indicate that iOS recognizes tracking devices, including those not certified by Apple or Find My, and offers users the option to disable them.

In addition, iOS 17.5 beta 4 brings a “Repair State” feature to Find My, which allows users to confirm that their iPhone is repaired without completely disabling Find My. This ensures users can track their device throughout the repair process.

With the release of iOS 17.5 expected in May, users can look forward to these new features and improvements.

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