Google's ChromeOS 124 update brings a host of new features to Chromebook users, offering improved functionality and ease of use. (unsplash)News 

Chromebook receives faster split-screen setup and additional features with ChromeOS 124 update

Google has just released the newest update for ChromeOS, version 124, for Chromebook users. The update includes various new features designed to enhance user experience and functionality. Here is a summary of what users can expect from the update.

Faster installation of split screen:

One of the major highlights of ChromeOS 124 is the introduction of the Faster Split Screen Setup feature. This enhancement provides users with a faster way to organize their window layout by displaying an overview of open windows on one side of the screen. This feature allows users to easily lock a window to one side of the screen and select another open window from the overview to snap to the other side. This streamlines multitasking and improves productivity for Chromebook users.

Quality of Service (QoS) improves WiFi prioritization:

ChromeOS 124 also introduces the Quality of Service (QoS) function, which aims to optimize traffic prioritization, especially in video conferencing and gaming applications in congested WiFi networks. This feature is designed to ensure a smoother video playback experience with minimal buffering, improving the overall quality of online interaction. Notably, this first release of QoS is not available to managed users.

Quick pairing feature for mice:

Another notable addition is the Fast Pair feature for mice. This feature allows users to effortlessly connect a Fast Pair-enabled mouse to their ChromeOS device by simply bringing it near the device and clicking to confirm the pairing. This streamlined pairing process adds convenience and ease to Chromebook users.

Adjustable cursor size:

ChromeOS 124 also has the ability to adjust the cursor size for users with low vision. This feature allows users to adjust the size of the cursor according to their preferences, which makes it easier to navigate the user interface and improves usability for visually impaired people.

In summary, the ChromeOS 124 update brings a number of improvements aimed at improving users’ Chromebook experience. From faster split-screen settings to improved WiFi prioritization and accessibility features like adjustable cursor size, Google continues to refine and enhance ChromeOS functionality to meet the diverse needs of Chromebook users worldwide.

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