New guidelines lay out how health content will be reviewed. News 

YouTube to Combat Misinformation on Cancer in Updated Health Policy

YouTube has recently announced its decision to combat medical misinformation, particularly regarding cancer, as part of its long-term policy plan. This move comes as the internet continues to be a platform for various content, including delicious recipes, technology offers, and misleading information. Social media sites, in particular, are often responsible for the spread of such misinformation, which YouTube aims to address. YouTube’s new guidelines for health content fall into three categories: prevention, treatment and denial of misinformation. Prevent is said to review and remove videos that contradict guidelines from trusted…

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The tools include a text-based editor that can delete long pauses and filler words with one click. News 

Vimeo Launches AI-Powered Video Editing Tools for Novices

Vimeo has recently introduced its own AI-based tools that aim to simplify the video editing process for creators. The company recognizes that many individuals lack the necessary skills, time, or resources to create and edit videos effectively, and these features are designed to overcome these obstacles. Perhaps the most useful of the three new AI tools is a text-based video editor that can automatically remove long pauses and parts of video with filler words like “um” and “ah” with a single click. Users can also easily delete any part of…

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