Microsoft has now released a new 'Compact Mode' for all Windows devices, but it is specifically designed for gaming handhelds like ROG Ally in mind. News 

Xbox App For Windows: Get Ready To Play On The Go With ‘Compact Mode’ On Your ROG Ally!

With the rise in popularity of PC gaming handhelds like the ASUS ROG Ally and Lenovo Legion Go, the Xbox app on PC was in dire need of an update. Fortunately, Microsoft listened to people and has released a new Compact Mode for all Windows devices. This feature is perfect for small screens such as those on handheld devices. It makes the Xbox app easier to use by collapsing the sidebar into icons, giving you more space to view content. If you’re using a handheld like the ASUS ROG Ally…

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At Oppo's developer conference, it was announced that Windows Phone Link and Link to Windows features will be coming to Oppo, OnePlus, and Realme phones. News 

Stay Connected with the Latest Feature: OnePlus, Oppo, & Realme Phones!

OnePlus, Oppo, and Realme devices are set to support Phone Link and Link to Windows, as announced at Oppo’s developer conference. This development is based on the partnership between Microsoft and Oppo. Notably, these features were previously exclusive to Samsung, Microsoft Surface Duo and Honor smartphones. As spotted by MsPowerUser, the Phone Link app is pre-installed on select Oppo devices running ColorOS 14, OnePlus devices running OxygenOS 14, and is reportedly accessible in the Quick Settings category by swiping down from the top of the screen. The following smartphones are…

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Microsoft has a number of built-in tools to save your screen. News 

Instructions for Capturing a Screenshot on a Windows Computer

Taking a screenshot on your PC, whether you recently purchased a new Surface device or are using an older machine, is a simple task. There are multiple methods available, but Microsoft’s Snipping Tool is likely the most flexible option as it allows you to capture your entire screen or a customized screenshot. This article provides instructions on how to take a screenshot on both Windows 11 machines and older devices running Windows 7. How to take a screenshot of the entire screen There are two different ways to take a…

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It'll be equipped with Windows 11 and supposedly use AMD's new Phoenix processors. Gaming 

Leaked Lenovo Legion Go Combines Features of Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch

According to a leak from Windows Report, Lenovo is rumored to be preparing the launch of a gaming handheld device called the Legion Go. This device aims to compete with Windows models such as the Steam Deck and ASUS ROG Ally. Similar to the Nintendo Switch, the Legion Go will have removable controls. It is expected to run on Windows 11 and be equipped with AMD’s new Phoenix processors. Additionally, the Legion Go will come with features like a kickstand, microSD slot, and two USB-C ports. No specs were leaked,…

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The tool, which had been in beta since March, makes it easy to share files between devices. News 

Google’s Nearby Share App for Windows Computers Now Available

Google has announced that its Nearby Share app for Windows PCs is now officially released. The app, which simplifies the process of sharing files between Android phones and Chromebooks, has been in beta testing for a few months and is now fully prepared for widespread use. According to Google, more than 1.7 million people installed the beta. They’ve used it to transfer over 50 million files, mostly photos and videos. Google has added some new features to Nearby Share for Windows as it officially rolls out the app. You will…

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It features end-to-end encryption, multi-device syncing and offline downloads. News 

Proton Launches Encrypted File-Syncing App for Windows

Starting today, Proton, renowned for its highly secure email service, is introducing its cloud-based storage solution on Windows. Previously, Proton’s Drive service was accessible solely through the web and its iOS and Android apps. The company underwent a rebranding last year, transitioning from ProtonMail to Proton, signifying its aspirations beyond email. Additionally, earlier this year, Proton launched a password manager. The main difference between Proton Drive and other cloud-based storage options is that it offers free, encrypted file storage by default. The service also offers all the essentials like multi-device…

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After making the previous WhatsApp Desktop app obsolete, introducing the ability to participate in video calls with up to 32 people seems like a great decision, WABetainfo said. News 

WhatsApp To Enable Group Video Calls Of Up To 32 People On Windows, Mac

According to reports, WhatsApp, the instant messaging app owned by Meta, is introducing a new feature that allows Windows users to make video calls with a maximum of 32 individuals. This update promises faster speeds and enhanced calling quality. “We explained that the app supports group video calls of up to 8 people and voice calls of up to 32 people, and that WhatsApp could increase these limits in the future to make it easier for users to experience better communication. Finally, with the latest WhatsApp beta for Windows 2.2324.1.0…

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Stickers usually offer a stronger visual impact in conversations compared to emojis, particularly because it’s possible to share a personalized version, that may better reflect a certain situation. News 

Everything You Need To Know About WhatsApp’s New Large Stickers For Windows

WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is preparing to launch a new feature on its Windows native desktop application. The latest WhatsApp beta versions can be installed from the Microsoft Store to enable users to access large stickers on the desktop version. According to a report by WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo, these stickers are significantly larger and only available to a select group. If you want to know if you belong to this selection, post a sticker in any conversation. If it is not available in your WhatsApp account, you have…

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Microsoft introduces AI-enabled Outlook app as default mailbox application on Windows 11. (Microsoft ) News 

Windows 11 to Feature AI-Enhanced Outlook App for Mail and Calendar

Microsoft has announced that the upcoming Windows 11 devices will have an upgraded Outlook app with AI capabilities pre-installed. This new app will replace the current default mailbox applications, including Mail, Calendar, and People, starting in 2024. Microsoft stated in a blog post: “Starting in 2024, all new Windows 11 devices will have the new Outlook for Windows as the default mailbox app, available for free to all users. The Mail and Calendar apps will continue to be available for download from the Microsoft Store until the end of 2024.”…

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This feature is currently available to everyone that install the latest version of WhatsApp beta for Windows from the Microsoft Store. News 

WhatsApp To Introduce In-App Chat Support For Windows Users

According to reports, WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is introducing a new feature that enables users to receive in-app chat support directly from the official WhatsApp Support, eliminating the need to switch to email for assistance. This feature is currently available to anyone who installs the latest WhatsApp beta for Windows from the Microsoft Store. “When we announced the screen sharing feature with the WhatsApp beta for Windows 2.2322.1.0 update, we noticed that the new in-app chat support is rolling out to everyone in the latest version of the…

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To react to a comment in Word, users will need to open a document and head to the comment section and then head to the comment section and click the 'Like' button in the top right corner. News 

Microsoft Introduces Ability To Respond To Comments In Word With Reactions

A new feature is being added to Word by Microsoft, which will allow users to react to comments in a similar way to the reactions feature in Outlook. The addition of a Like button in Word is intended to simplify the process of responding to comments for users. According to Windows Central, the feature is rolling out to Current Channel (Preview) users with version 2305 or later, and is already available to web users and beta channel users. To react to a comment in Word, users need to open the…

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The cloud platform from Google will stop working on select Windows versions from August this year. News 

Old Windows PC Users Will No Longer get Google Drive Support

In August, Google will discontinue its assistance for “Drive for desktop” on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, and all 32-bit versions of Windows, according to an announcement. “To avoid service interruption, Windows users should upgrade to Windows 10 (64-bit) or later before August 2023,” Google said on the support page. The company also said that users of the 32-bit version of Windows will still be able to access Google Drive through a browser. In April of this year, the company had limited the number of files that users…

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The file compression format is used by millions but you need a third-party software to extract the files, not anymore. News 

Windows PCs finally get native support for RAR files

If you download a lot of .Zip files and extract the contents with WinRar, Windows 11 will make your life easier. Microsoft has confirmed that RAR files have native support on Windows 11 PCs. WinRar has been a popular software for Windows users who want to download large files to be shared via email or other platforms. Bringing native support for .RAR would be a big convenience for Windows PC users who don’t need any extra steps to download content in the near future. In fact, the majority of WinRAR…

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Phone Link has been around for a long time, and it allows users to connect their Android phone to their PC via a Wi-Fi connection. News 

Cyberstalkers Using Windows 11 Phone Link Feature to Monitor iPhone

Microsoft’s recently released Phone Link feature for Windows 11 users, which allows iPhone owners to view notifications on their Windows PCs, could pose a significant security risk. According to app developer Certo Software, the inclusion of the new Windows 11 feature raises concerns about potential security vulnerabilities that cyberstalkers can exploit against iPhone users. Phone Link has been around for a long time, and it allows users to connect an Android phone to a computer over Wi-Fi. Last month, Microsoft released the Phone Link feature for iOS to all Windows…

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The Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro is a lightweight, premium Windows laptop that features powerful internals, seamless integration with the Samsung ecosystem, and a stunning design. Find out in our review if it is worth the premium price tag. News 

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro review: The ‘MacBook’ of Windows laptops.

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro Review: When it comes to Windows laptops—and especially thin and light laptops—that are designed for everyday work while being light, portable, and powerful, there are very few options. Most don’t have particularly good battery life, and some just aren’t powerful enough to handle the day-to-day demanding tasks that users throw at them. With the Galaxy Book 3 Pro, Samsung set out to do just that – and in a way, it’s achieved most of it. The laptop screams premium, is very light, has powerful internals,…

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It also fixed the issue causing live captions' Add a language menu icon and label to overlap. News 

Windows 11 Beta expands “Live subtitles” to support five additional languages: Learn more

Microsoft has released a new build of Windows 11 to Insiders in the Beta channel and added live subtitle support for five more languages. “Language support has been expanded to include Danish, English (Ireland), French (Canada), Korean, and Portuguese (Portugal),” Microsoft said in a blog post. The technology giant also fixed several bugs and problems during the update. In the new version, it fixed an issue where the touch keyboard would not correctly recognize the available hardware keyboard in some cases, as well as an issue that caused Live Captions…

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The feature has been included in the latest Windows Insider Build 23435, which allows users to access the Gallery view quickly through the File Explorer's navigation panel. News 

Microsoft adds a new photo gallery to Windows 11’s File Explorer

US tech giant Microsoft has introduced a new feature called “Gallery” to Windows 11, which aims to simplify access to users’ photo collections in File Explorer. According to the company, the content displayed in the gallery is the same as what users can find in the All Photos view of the Photos app. “We’re introducing Gallery, a new feature in File Explorer designed to make it easier to access your photo collection. The content you see in Gallery is the same as the All Photos view in Photos,” Microsoft said…

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The latest updates for the affected apps can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store by clicking Library, then clicking Get updates. News 

Microsoft releases an update to fix a screenshot editing vulnerability in Windows

Microsoft has released an update to fix a screenshot editing vulnerability in Windows 10 and 11 that could allow threat actors to restore edited portions of screenshots. According to The Verge, a security issue dubbed “aCropalypsi” could allow threat actors to recover edited portions of screenshots, potentially revealing sensitive information that was cropped out or masked. According to Microsoft, the problem affects both the Snip & Sketch application in Windows 10 and the Snipping Tool in Windows 11. However, it only applies to photos made through a very precise set…

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The app now supports group video calls with up to 8 people and audio calls with up to 32 people. News 

WhatsApp brings a new desktop app to Windows with improved calling: all the details here

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app owned by Meta, has announced that a new Windows desktop app is now available. The new Window application loads faster and enables group video calls for up to 8 people and voice calls for up to 32 people. It also offers end-to-end encryption for messages, media and calls across devices, with improved sync and new features. “WhatsApp started as a mobile app, and its roots remain as strong as ever. But with hundreds of millions of people using WhatsApp on computers and tablets, we’ve…

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Windows 11 also helps you capture select parts of the screen with the snipping tool. News 

Windows 11 Snipping Tool has a privacy issue: learn more

Windows PCs have this useful cropping tool, which is an alternative way to capture specific parts of images instead of screenshots. Windows 11 also got the tool, but this week Windows 11 PC users got a worrying update about the privacy of this tool. Security experts have discovered a bug that allows people to essentially harvest data from images taken with a snipping tool. The same problem has been observed in the marking tool of Google Pixel, but now Windows 11 users also need to be careful about this error.…

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