Google to prevent accidental triggering of the Circle to Search feature. (Samsung)News 

Details on how Google Circle to Search could potentially solve this irritating issue may be revealed soon

Samsung and Google have introduced the Circle to Search feature with the Galaxy S24 series, which is now available on various flagship devices. However, users have raised concerns about the feature being accidentally triggered. In the Made by Google podcast, it was mentioned that users have provided feedback on the issue. Google is now working on enhancing its AI-based Circle to Search feature to address these concerns. The company is currently in the process of improving the feature.

What is Google’s Circle to Search feature?

The Circle to Search feature is a new feature announced in 2023 that allows users to perform Google searches by circling, highlighting, or tapping on an on-screen item. This feature reduces the hassle of switching between different apps to find a pair of jeans you saw on social media or just want to find the meaning of a word you read. However, there have been reports of users accidentally turning on the Circle to Search feature.

How Google prevents Circle to Search from accidentally starting

In a recent Made by Google Podcast, Product Manager Erin Lynch and Director of Product Management Alistair Pott highlighted user concerns about the Circle to Search feature. The duo mentioned that the feature is touch-sensitive and triggered by a simple long press on the navigation bar or the home button, causing major problems. Lynch said, “We still have work to do, and we’re working hard to make sure it fires when you want it to. It doesn’t fire when you don’t.” Timeless, however, when the new update will be released was not confirmed.

It was also confirmed that Google Lens integration with the Circle to Search feature is coming. In the podcast, the duo said, “We’re bringing lens and search together more. I’m really excited about us merging both the search results page and the lens results page. And that will take effect over many, many months.” Thanks to the integration, users can perform visual searches with better results.

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