Pragya Mishra's arrival at OpenAI underscores the company's commitment to navigating the evolving regulatory landscape in India, harnessing her expertise to advance responsible AI development. (unsplash)News 

OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT, appoints Pragya Mishra as first employee in India: Here’s everything you should know

OpenAI, a prominent artificial intelligence research lab, has made its first hire in India by appointing Pragya Misra, an experienced executive with a wide-ranging background in technology, communications, and public affairs. Misra, who currently holds the position of Director of Public Affairs at Truecaller, will now be responsible for overseeing government relations at OpenAI, with a focus on public policy matters and forming partnerships within the country.

Pragya Mishra – Background and Experience

Pragya Misra brings a wealth of experience to her new role at OpenAI. With a career marked by prominent positions in prominent technology companies and government relationships, Misra has consistently demonstrated his ability to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and foster strategic partnerships.

Before joining Truecaller, Misra was WhatsApp’s Head of Communications at Meta, Facebook’s parent company. During his tenure, he led initiatives to counter misinformation, collaborate across sectors including policy, marketing and engineering to address critical issues in the digital sector.

Pragya Mishra – Professional Journey

Misra’s professional journey spans several different sectors, including consulting and diplomatic services. He has previously worked with Ernst & Young and the Royal Danish Embassy in New Delhi, honing his skills in stakeholder engagement and influence.

By education, Misra holds an MBA degree from the International Management Institute and a degree in Economics from the University of Delhi. In addition, he has studied negotiation and negotiation studies at the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science.

Pragya Mishra – Outside the Boardroom

Apart from her business activities, Pragya Misra is an accomplished athlete and podcaster. An avid golfer, he has represented India in numerous international tournaments and earned recognition as one of the best amateur golfers in the country. In addition, Misra hosts the Pragyaa Podcast, where she delves into topics such as meditation and mindfulness.

By appointing Pragya Misra to lead its government relations unit in India, OpenAI demonstrates its commitment to engage with stakeholders and shape the public debate around AI. Misra’s diverse background and extensive experience enable him to navigate the dynamic regulatory landscape and foster meaningful collaboration in the Indian context. His appointment opens a new chapter in OpenAI’s engagement with the region, poised to advance impactful initiatives at the intersection of technology and public policy.

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