MWC 2024 has come to a close, and this year we got a glimpse of the AI future, bendable phones getting more mileage and some more launches.Gadgets 

Flexible Phones, Artificial Intelligence Gadgets, and Other Innovations

The second big tech event of 2024 is done and dusted as the latest Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona draws to a close. Several tech companies use the platform to showcase their new products and also dazzle everyone with flashy concepts, which we saw from brands like Lenovo, Motorola, and Samsung among others.

The best thing about MWC is that lesser-known brands get a chance to talk about their products and get people excited. Like every year, MWC 2024 had some interesting products that we may see on the market soon, while some may never make it out.

Bendable screens to win?

Foldable displays have clearly gone mainstream over the last 12 months, which means brands are now looking at the next exciting thing, the bendable display. Motorola and Samsung have introduced their bendable phones that wrap around the wrist. The technology behind these displays is likely to be more expensive than foldable panels, but we expect a market for this device in the next few years.

Samsung’s entry into this space suggests that the technology is here to stay, but we’re concerned about the durability of these screens and how much wear and tear they can take. Anyway, it was fun to see people trying out phones with screens and hopefully they will hit the market soon.

AI everywhere, in everything

It was no surprise to see AI at the forefront of MWC 2024 this week in Barcelona. Humane brought its AI Pin brand to the world and even talked about plans to launch the Rs 60,000 device in India. If that wasn’t enough, we saw a smartphone interface that is completely app-free and powered by artificial intelligence with personalized features that are likely to expand even further. Never one to miss any talk of artificial intelligence, Qualcomm announced a release date for its new Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset later this year.

Transparent laptops

Lenovo has introduced foldable laptops, but now it has stepped up its concept with a transparent laptop. It means that the design is transparent and the bottom of the laptop acts like a digital tablet that allows you to take notes. The frameless display increases the credibility of the concept. But as expected, Lenovo had nothing to show for its launch or how much it might cost.

Global launches

Xiaomi presented its 14 series for the global market at MWC 2024 this week, which includes the Xiaomi 14 Ultra. We also got to know Xiaomi’s electric car. Tecno was a surprising addition to the collection, and the brand showed its ambitions with a rollable concept phone screen and by taking the Camon collection to the premium segment. Samsung introduced the Galaxy Ring, which will launch later this year with the new Galaxy foldable devices.

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