Learn how to make money using ChatGPT. (Pixaby) AI 

Learn How to Earn Money with ChatGPT

It’s true! ChatGPT offers a way to earn money from the comfort of your own home. This innovative AI-powered platform was initially created to rival Google Search, but it has since expanded its capabilities. Users are finding ChatGPT to be a valuable tool for completing essential tasks, and now, it’s also a reliable source of income. In this article, we’ll delve into the various ways you can take advantage of ChatGPT’s money-making opportunities and join the growing number of people benefiting from this platform. First, ChatGPT can be used to…

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ChatGPT plugin can help you in your quest for the job of your dreams. (Unsplash) AI 

ChatGPT Ambition Plugin Helps You Secure Your Desired Salary in Job Search

Are you currently in search of a new job or interested in exploring exciting career prospects? If you’re spending a significant amount of time and effort on job search portals, it’s time to stop. Instead, let artificial intelligence (AI) take over the task of finding your ideal job and high-paying salary. The ChatGPT Ambition Plugin is a robust tool that can help you locate relevant job opportunities and provide valuable insights to simplify your job search process. Learn more about how this plugin can assist you in achieving your dream…

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Long before the advent of ChatGPT, Marcus designed his first AI program in high school -- software to translate Latin into English. (Unsplash) AI 

AI Expert Marcus Disputes Claims of Human Extinction Risk

For the past six months, Gary Marcus, an expert in the field, has been warning against the rapid growth and implementation of artificial intelligence, ever since the emergence of the popular poem-generating program, ChatGPT. But against the AI apocalypse, a New York University professor emeritus told AFP in a recent interview that the technology’s existential threats may be “overstated” at the moment. “I’m not personally concerned about the threat of extinction, at least not yet, because the scenarios are not concrete,” Marcus said in San Francisco. “The general problem that…

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GAI is all about creativity and the first obvious question that it throws up is regarding intellectual property. (Pexels) AI 

AI Technology Facing Legal Challenges: Dall-E, Midjourney, ChatGPT and More

In recent times, Dall-E, Beatoven, and Midjourney have gained widespread recognition due to their clever wordplay and poetic titles. Another popular application, ChatGPT, has also garnered significant attention. The emergence of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) has captivated the interest of both individuals and enterprises, as it allows for artificial creativity on an unprecedented scale. These applications have the ability to generate various outputs, including text, images, music, videos, and even 3D printing, although they are not yet flawless. GAI is all about creativity, and the first obvious question it raises…

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Know what’s happening in the AI universe today, June 3. (Pexels) AI 

Elon Musk Responds to AI-Generated Image of Himself, UK Chancellor Considers AI Regulation, and More AI News

Apple is gearing up to host its developer-focused event, Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023, from Monday, June 5. Similar to Google and Microsoft, there is speculation that the tech giant will unveil significant developments in artificial intelligence, although the specifics remain unknown. Meanwhile, Elon Musk has responded positively to an AI-generated image of himself as an Indian groom, which has delighted social media users. Additionally, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is reportedly considering the creation of an AI watchdog to monitor the emerging technology. These and other AI-related stories are…

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And digital clones — avatars by another name — present a world of business, economic, scientific and artistic opportunities, even as they also raise a host of ethical questions. (Pexels) AI 

Possibility of AI Cloning Humans in the Future Examined

There is always that one exceptional employee in every business who is indispensable and irreplaceable, often joked about being cloned. Well, the joke may be upon us one day as the AI boom accelerates. And digital copies – otherwise known as avatars – offer a business, financial, scientific and artistic opportunity, although they also raise many ethical questions. Bloomberg TV anchor Tom Mackenzie cloned himself to see how advanced the technology really is. He then talks to his AI twin, called Tom’s avatar. Created by London-based synthetic media platform Synthesia…

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CS50, an introductory course in computer science plans to use artificial intelligence to grade assignments. (Pexels) AI 

AI Assists with World’s Most Popular Online Computer Course

Harvard University’s CS50, the most widely used online learning course globally, is undergoing a ChatGPT-inspired transformation. CS50, an introductory computer science course with hundreds of students on campus and more than 40,000 online, plans to use artificial intelligence to grade assignments, teach coding and customize learning cues, says its professor, David J. Malan. Allow Malan’s energetic and engaging teaching style to transform a dry beginner’s lecture on the basics of web development and software programming into an entertaining class full of interactive exercises. According to him, even with more than…

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FireTexts is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. (Pexels) AI 

Generate Perfect Text Messages with AI App Powered by ChatGPT

Many of us have experienced the challenge of crafting a message, whether it be a well-wish or essential information, and grappling with the best way to articulate it. This often leads to excessive typing and deleting until we finally produce a satisfactory message, which was the norm in 2022. However, with the advent of artificial intelligence in 2023, an app called FireTexts employs generative AI technology to generate the ideal text message for any occasion. Let’s delve deeper into this innovative application. FireTexts is made by AltGrowth and this is…

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Regulators around the world are scrambling to draw up rules governing the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI). (REUTERS) AI 

OpenAI Warned by Japan’s Privacy Regulator Over User Data

OpenAI, the Microsoft-supported startup responsible for ChatGPT chatbot, has been cautioned by Japan’s privacy regulator not to gather confidential information without individuals’ consent, according to a statement released on Friday. The Personal Data Protection Commission said in a statement that OpenAI should reduce the amount of sensitive data it collects for machine learning, adding that it can take further action if it has further concerns. Regulators around the world are working to set rules for the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI). It can generate text and images and compare…

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Google has started rolling out a Image generation feature in Google Slides called 'Help Me Visualise.' This feature will help users generate backgrounds and images for their Google Slides presentation projects. News 

How To Access Google Slides’ Newly Added AI-powered Image Generation Feature

Google has recently launched a new feature in Google Slides named ‘Help Me Visualise’ that enables users to generate images. The technology company unveiled the AI-powered feature at the Google I/O 2023 event, stating that it will aid users in creating backgrounds and images for their Google Slides presentation assignments. To use this feature, Slides now displays a new Help Me Visualize side panel where users can type a prompt. The Google Workspace Labs support page notes that the “Help me visualize” prompt in Google Slides is being “gradually rolled…

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Crypto projects that are directly developing AI models on blockchain, applying AI to decentralized applications or solving for AI-related issues are still low. (REUTERS) News 

Coinbase Highlights Potential of Artificial Intelligence for Cryptocurrencies

Coinbase Global Inc., the biggest digital asset exchange in the US, has stated that the convergence of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency presents a significant chance for entrepreneurs. This includes the potential to address some of the criticisms aimed at the technology by preventing certain excesses. “As AI and blockchain applications mature, the disruption caused by these technologies could lead to areas of collaboration and the emergence of new use cases for cryptocurrencies that help address the specific societal challenges posed by AI,” said David Duong, director of research at Coinbase.…

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The sector could expand at a rate of 42% over ten years — driven first by the demand for infrastructure necessary to train AI systems and then the ensuing devices that use AI models, advertising and other service (AFP) AI 

Report Predicts ChatGPT to be a Major Contributor to the $1.3 Trillion AI Market by 2032

The market for generative AI is expected to experience a significant boost over the next decade, driven by the introduction of consumer-oriented AI tools like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. This growth is projected to result in a revenue surge from $40 billion in 2021 to an estimated $1.3 trillion by 2032. According to a recent report by Bloomberg Intelligence analysts, led by Mandeep Singh, the industry has the potential to grow by 42% over the next decade. This growth will be fueled by the need for infrastructure to train AI…

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Know what’s happening in the AI universe today, June 2. (Unsplash) AI 

Explore the Latest AI Developments: Daenerys’ Kerala Wedding to AI Drone

While Nvidia’s unexpected rise to a $1 trillion value remains a major topic in the world of AI, there are numerous other intriguing developments in this field. One such example is an AI traffic system in India that issued a staggering 400 e-challans in a single day. Additionally, Bill Gates has cautioned that AI may bring about the demise of search engines like Google and shopping platforms like Amazon. These and other noteworthy stories are featured in today’s AI roundup. The AI traffic system sends 400 e-challans in one day…

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It can even create 3D assets from videos taken by smartphones. AI 

NVIDIA’s Neuralangelo AI model can create 3D objects from 2D videos

NVIDIA has introduced a new AI model called Neuralangelo that can create 3D replicas of objects from 2D videos, whether they are classical sculptures or ordinary trucks and buildings. Neuralangelo works by selecting multiple frames that show an object from different angles in a 2D video to get a clear picture of its depth, size, and shape. It then creates a rough 3D representation of the object before optimizing it to mimic the details of the real thing. According to the company, the new model has adopted technology from its…

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NVIDIA has introduced ACE for Games, a generative AI model which can be integrated in games, which essentially "sparks life into virtual characters." The demo was showcased at Computex 2023. AI 

NVIDIA reveals ACE model with generative AI for NPC interaction in video games

Artificial intelligence has become this year’s buzzword, with generative AI bots such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google Bard and Baidu’s Ernie bot grabbing headlines. However, NVIDIA – which recently hit a $1 trillion market cap – has now incorporated generative AI into its gaming offerings at Computex 2023. Dubbed the Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE), NVIDIA’s latest AI model allows players to interact with non-player characters (NPCs) naturally and even elicit contextual responses. NVIDIA’s demo, Kairos, featured a user-controlled character interacting with the NPC Jin in an environment very similar to Cyberpunk…

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Australia is planning to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) including a potential ban on deep fakes and realistic looking but false content, amid concerns the technology could be misused. AI 

Australia plans to regulate AI, considering banning deepfake content for abuse

Australia announced on Thursday that it plans to regulate artificial intelligence, including possible bans on fake products and factual but false content, because the technology can be misused. The move followed a meeting of AI leaders earlier this week in which they highlighted the “extinction risk posed by fakery” and urged policymakers to equate it to the risks posed by pandemics and nuclear war. “Society is clearly concerned about technology getting ahead of itself,” Industry and Science Minister Ed Heusk told ABC Television. A report released Thursday by Australia’s National…

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Qualcomm's chips help smartphones harness AI for everything from processing photos to detecting malware. (REUTERS) AI 

According to Qualcomm, AI requires more power than just the cloud

Qualcomm Inc. bets However, the future of artificial intelligence requires more computing power than the cloud alone can provide. The world’s largest maker of smartphone processors is transitioning from a telecom company to an “intelligent computing” company, said Alex Katouzian, a Qualcomm executive. The feature in question is a mobile device that a user taps to access a network or service, and Katuzian used his time at the big keynote event at Computex in Taipei to prove the size of the market. The US company’s chips help smartphones utilize artificial…

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The app uses AI tech to help you identify fake items without needing any special sensor or laser. AI 

FeaturePrint App will detect fake products with AI and phone camera

Everyone loves to buy online but there are cases where you end up getting fake or perfect replicas but from a different brand. Most people find it difficult to distinguish the real product from a fake product, but now there is a smartphone app that uses the power of artificial intelligence and the phone’s camera to identify a fake product. The app is called FeaturePrint and it was developed by a US company called Alitheon. The app is claimed to detect, recognize and authenticate the product and tell if it…

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Mitigating it should be a 'global priority.' AI 

Industry leaders say artificial intelligence has an “extinction risk” equal to nuclear war

With ChatGPT, Bard, and other large language models (LLMs), we’ve heard warnings from concerned people like Elon Musk about the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI). Now, a group of prominent industry leaders has issued a one-sentence statement that effectively reinforces those concerns. Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war. It was published by the Center for Artificial Intelligence Security, an organization whose mission is to “reduce the societal risks posed by artificial intelligence,” on its…

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Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA Crop., attends a press conference at the Computex 2023 in Taipei on May 30, 2023. (AFP) AI 

“I made everyone a programmer,” says Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia.

During his trip to Taiwan, Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia’s Phenom Chip, is getting the kind of treatment usually reserved for celebrities and sports stars. The 60-year-old was followed around local night markets as he foraged for food over the weekend and was constantly booed by the media as he walked the aisles at Computex. On Tuesday, she was flanked by dozens of people taking selfies as paparazzi tried to get clear pictures. The day was Huang’s fifth public appearance in seven days, this time at a roundtable where he…

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