Scammers leverage AI to gather personal details and manipulate victims into financial loss. (Getty Images/iStockphoto) AI 

Mumbai professor loses ₹1 lakh to AI scam threatening son’s arrest if payment not made

A troubling incident has brought attention to the increasing complexity of cybercrime, as S S Sarkar, a 58-year-old professor at NMIMS College in Mumbai, was victimized by a fraudulent scheme involving Artificial Intelligence (AI), leading to significant financial harm. Sarkar was ensnared in a deceitful plot orchestrated by individuals utilizing AI technology for nefarious purposes. Fraudulent call from “Inspector Vijaykumar” The incident began when Sarkar, who was working at the facility, received an unexpected call from someone claiming to be “Inspector Vijaykumar” from the Mumbai Police Department. The impostor, speaking…

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Nvidia's annual developer conference focuses on new chip announcements to maintain dominance in AI market (REUTERS) News 

New chips take center stage at Nvidia’s artificial intelligence developer conference kickoff

Nvidia, a leading company in artificial intelligence semiconductors, began its yearly developer conference on Monday. Investors were eagerly awaiting new chip announcements from CEO Jensen Huang during his keynote address in the afternoon. Nvidia’s new chip and software announcements at GTC 2024 will help determine whether Nvidia can maintain its leadership position as the dominant vendor of the tools needed in the AI boom of the past year. Nvidia dominates the market for artificial intelligence chips in data centers, taking about 80 percent of the market last year. Its shares…

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Government eases permit requirements for untested AI models but emphasizes content labeling in its latest advisory on AI technology. (Unsplash) News 

Government eliminates permit requirement for untested artificial intelligence models, providing relief to IT platforms.

According to a recent advisory on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, the government has eliminated the need for permits for untested AI models, but stressed the importance of labeling AI-generated content. Instead of a permit for AI models to be developed, a fresh advisory issued by the Ministry of Electronics and IT on Friday evening fine-tuned the compliance requirement under the 2021 IT rules. “The consultation has been issued to suppress the notification dated March 1, 2024,” the advisory said. It has been found that IT companies and platforms have often…

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The European Parliament approved the world's most comprehensive rules on AI, focusing on higher-risk uses. (Unsplash) AI 

European Union Parliament adopts ‘groundbreaking’ regulations on artificial intelligence with the passing of AI Act

On Wednesday, the European Parliament officially approved the most comprehensive regulations in the world for governing artificial intelligence, which includes advanced systems such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The AI law focuses on riskier uses of the technology in the private and public sectors, stricter obligations for providers, stricter transparency rules for the most effective models such as ChatGPT, and an outright ban on tools deemed too dangerous. Senior European Union officials say the rules proposed in 2021 will protect citizens from the risks of rapidly developing technology while boosting innovation on…

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Linwei Ding, a former Google software engineer, was charged on Tuesday by a federal jury in San Francisco for disseminating Alphabet's AI trade secrets to Chinese companies. AI 

Ex-Google Engineer Accused of Stealing AI Trade Secrets and Sharing Them with China

A former Google software engineer has been charged in California with stealing trade secrets related to artificial intelligence from an Alphabet unit for two Chinese companies where he worked secretly. Linwei Ding, also known as Leon Ding, was indicted by a federal grand jury in San Francisco on Tuesday on four counts of theft of trade secrets. A 38-year-old Chinese citizen was arrested Wednesday morning at his home in Newark, California. His attorney could not immediately be identified. Ding’s charges came a little more than a year after the Biden…

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After Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Google's co-founder, Sergey Brin, too, has shared his perspective on the matter, acknowledging that the Gemini AI chatbot "definitely messed up." News 

Google Co-Founder Acknowledges Company’s Mistake in Gemini Image Generation

Google Gemini has recently been criticized for producing “historically inaccurate images”, drawing disapproval from CEO Sundar Pichai himself. Pichai called it “totally unacceptable.” And now Google founder Sergey Brin has also shared his views on the matter, admitting that the Gemini AI chatbot “definitely messed up”. As reported by CNBC, Brin presented these views at the AGI House in California, stressing that Google had faltered in creating the image. “We definitely messed around creating the image; I think it was mostly due to lack of testing, and it certainly upset…

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Rajeev Chandrasekhar has presented a slew of clarifications to the AI advisory by the Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India, published on March 1. News 

Rajeev Chandrasekhar explains government’s position on AI, describes advisory as a safeguard for companies

In a follow-up to the recent advisory issued by MeitY on March 1, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister for IT, has clarified important aspects of the advisory amid industry-wide concerns. Chandrasekhar emphasized that the advice is specifically aimed at “significant platforms and the license application from Meity only applies to large companies, and it does not apply to startups.” He stated that the focus of the advisory is on “untested AI platforms” intended for use in the “Indian Internet”. Recent advisory of @GoI_MeitY needs to be understood➡️Advisory is aimed at the Significant…

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MWC 2024 has come to a close, and this year we got a glimpse of the AI future, bendable phones getting more mileage and some more launches. Gadgets 

Flexible Phones, Artificial Intelligence Gadgets, and Other Innovations

The second big tech event of 2024 is done and dusted as the latest Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona draws to a close. Several tech companies use the platform to showcase their new products and also dazzle everyone with flashy concepts, which we saw from brands like Lenovo, Motorola, and Samsung among others. The best thing about MWC is that lesser-known brands get a chance to talk about their products and get people excited. Like every year, MWC 2024 had some interesting products that we may see on the…

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New technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), offer new opportunities but also give birth to new challenges. AI 

Experts caution Indian organizations to remain vigilant against cyberattacks and artificial intelligence.

As cybercriminals continue to adapt and learn from the cyber security landscape, experts said on Sunday that Indian organizations need to avoid complacency given the rise and complexity of cyber incidents. New technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) offer new opportunities, but also create new challenges. According to cybersecurity researchers, cybercriminals are constantly adapting and learning about the cybersecurity landscape, and they try to take advantage of these new technologies to avoid being caught or noticed. “Cyber security artificial intelligence is like a double-edged sword. Although it provides a defensive…

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Google will now be able to use Reddit's huge repository of user discussions to train its AI models. Here's what you must know. AI 

Reddit has agreed to a $60 million deal allowing Google to utilize its posts for training AI models.

Reddit has struck a deal with Google that allows the search giant to use the chat site’s messages to train its artificial intelligence models and improve services such as Google Search. The deal, announced Thursday, is valued at about $60 million and will give Reddit access to Google AI models to improve internal site search and other features. Reddit declined to comment or answer questions beyond a written statement about the deal. The San Francisco-based company announced separately on Wednesday its plans to go public. In filings with the Securities…

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To better compete with the likes of Microsoft-backed OpenAI, Google is now going to offer Gemini-powered tools to businesses. Here are the details. AI 

Google is introducing AI tools powered by Gemini for businesses.

Google said on Wednesday that some of its artificial intelligence tools for businesses will be powered by the company’s Gemini AI models and will be available at a lower cost, as it looks to compete with Microsoft-backed OpenAI. Last August, the Alphabet unit introduced the “Duet AI in Workspace” series of AI assistants that could write in Google Docs, draft emails in Gmail, and create custom visuals in Google Slides, among other things, for $30 a month. user for businesses. “Duet AI in Workspace” has been rebranded as “Gemini for…

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Google's Gemini 1.5 is out, just two months after the release of Gemini 1.0, bringing forth a slew of meaningful changes. Here's all you need to know. AI 

Gemini 1.5 Generative AI Model Unveiled by Google

Google Gemini has only been around for about two months, but the search giant has already released its successor, and it’s its newest Large Language Model (LLM) to date – Gemini 1.5. This version is currently only available to businesses and developers, with a full consumer rollout expected soon. Google CEO Sundar Pichai says Gemini 1.5 features “dramatic improvements in multiple dimensions” while achieving quality comparable to Gemini 1.0 Ultra, its most advanced LLM, and using less computing. Additionally, Pichai added that this new generation achieved a breakthrough in understanding…

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People are getting into romantic connections with the perfect AI bot. (AFP) News 

People are longing for a romantic bond with the ideal bot, as artificial intelligence evokes genuine emotions.

Derek Carrier developed a strong attraction towards someone he started dating a couple of months ago. However, he was fully aware that his romantic feelings were based on an illusion since his girlfriend was actually created by artificial intelligence (AI). Carrier didn’t want to develop a relationship with someone who wasn’t real, and she didn’t want to become the brunt of internet jokes. But she wanted a romantic partner, which she’d never had, in part because of a genetic disorder called Marfan syndrome, which makes traditional dating difficult for her.…

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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman stressed that the AI industry, like OpenAI, shouldn't be in the driver's seat when it comes to making regulations governing the industry. (AFP) News 

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman cautions about potential dangers of artificial intelligence due to ‘misalignments’

On Tuesday, the CEO of OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, expressed concerns about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence that keep him up at night. Specifically, he highlighted the risks associated with “subtle societal misalignments” that could potentially lead to disastrous consequences caused by these systems. Sam Altman, speaking at a world government summit in Dubai via video call, reiterated his call for a body like the International Atomic Energy Agency to oversee artificial intelligence, which is likely to advance faster than the world expects. “There are some things that…

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Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said on Monday that every country needs to have its own artificial intelligence infrastructure in order to take advantage of the economic potential. AI 

Nvidia CEO Advocates for Nations to Develop Autonomous AI Systems; Addresses Overblown Worries

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said on Monday that each country needs to have its own AI infrastructure to tap into the economic potential while protecting its own culture. “You can’t allow other people to do it,” Huang said at the World Government Summit in Dubai. Huang, whose company has risen to a $1.73 trillion market capitalization as it dominates the market for high-end AI chips, said his company is “democratizing” the use of artificial intelligence due to the rapid increase in the efficiency of AI computing. “The rest is really…

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Google says it has opened applications for social enterprises and nonprofits that could help reach those most likely to benefit from training. AI 

Google Allocates 25 Million Euros to Promote AI Skill Development in This Area

Google has pledged 25 million euros ($26.98 million) to help Europeans learn how to use artificial intelligence. The tech giant, which announced the funding on Monday, said it has opened applications to social enterprises and nonprofits that can help reach those most likely to benefit from the training. The company also runs a series of “growth academies” to support companies using AI to scale their businesses, and has expanded its free AI training courses to 18 languages. “Research shows that the benefits of AI can exacerbate existing inequalities — especially…

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According to cloud-enabled security solutions provider Barracuda Network, about 71 per cent of respondents had experienced a ransomware attack over the last year, and 61 per cent paid the ransom. AI 

Half of the Population Believes AI Will Empower Hackers to Carry Out Increased Attacks

One in two (50 percent) of people believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will allow hackers to carry out more attacks, according to a recent report. According to cloud-based security solutions provider Barracuda Network, about 71 percent of respondents had experienced a ransomware attack in the past year, and 61 percent paid a ransom. “Proactive monitoring and detection of attacks to prevent progression to more serious stages such as data exfiltration or ransomware. By preparing for these scenarios today, organizations can significantly reduce the impact and cost of these incidents,” said…

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Rumours have proven to be true as Google Bard gets officially renamed as Gemini, the name previously used for the AI model family powering it. Plus, you now also get an app. News 

All Details on Google Bard’s Official App and Advanced Subscription as it is Renamed ‘Gemini’

Google has officially named its Bard AI chatbot Gemini, in line with the powerful Large Language Model it’s built on. In addition, the search giant now offers its own app for Gemini, and it is available on both iOS and Android platforms. In addition, a new advanced version of the chatbot is also available – Gemini Advanced; it comes with Google’s new Ultra 1.0 LLM. For the uninitiated, Google introduced the Gemini AI family in December last year, with Nano, Pro and Ultra variants available, but the Ultra was kept…

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Microsoft is bullish about India and aims to empower 20 lakh Indians through AI. Satya Nadella has also urged for collaboration between India and the US. AI 

Details of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s Call for India-US Collaboration on AI Regulation

At the Microsoft CEO Connection event in Mumbai on Wednesday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella highlighted the importance of cooperation between India and the US to create regulations on artificial intelligence. “I think it’s imperative that India and the U.S. in particular are able to work together on what the norms are, what the regulations are even, rather than breaking them,” Nadella said when asked about the potential for India-U.S. cooperation. Microsoft has also pledged to train 20,000,000 Indians, while Nadella added that it is important to ensure that the company’s…

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Nearly 90 million pounds would go towards the hubs, which will focus on using AI in areas including healthcare, chemistry and mathematics, and a partnership with the United States on responsible AI. AI 

UK Makes Significant Investment of £100 Million to Enhance AI Research and Regulation

Britain announced on Tuesday it will spend more than 100 million pounds ($125 million) to set up nine new artificial intelligence (AI) research centers and train regulators about the technology. “Artificial intelligence is moving fast, but we’ve shown that humans can move just as fast,” Technology Minister Michelle Donelan said in a statement. “By taking an agile, industry-specific approach, we have begun to address risks immediately.” Almost £90m would go towards hubs focusing on the use of AI in sectors such as healthcare, chemistry and maths, as well as partnering…

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