A tipster has leaked an ‘Announcements’ feature in Google Chats. Check details. (Google)News 

Google Chat could potentially introduce a feature similar to WhatsApp Channels; Learn more about the new ‘Announcements’ feature.

Google is enhancing its messaging service, Chat, to strengthen its position in the social media market. The platform, which replaced Hangouts, enables users to communicate and collaborate on projects. While it currently lacks broadcast communication like WhatsApp Channels, leaks indicate that a new ‘Announcements’ feature may be introduced to Google Chat in the near future.

Google Chat’s Notifications feature

According to an Android Police report, tipster AssembleDebug shared information about the upcoming Notifications feature. In an X message, the tipster said: “Google Chat is working on a new ‘Notifications’ feature that will allow you to ‘send and share updates with groups.’

This means that the Notifications feature allows Google Chat users to choose between two options when starting a new conversation: Collaboration and Notifications. Collaboration allows users to “collaborate on projects, plans, or topics.” It allows them to assign tasks, share files, and organize conversations by thread.

On the other hand, the Notifications feature brings broadcast functions that allow selected users to send messages and share updates to the people they want, such as WhatsApp channels. The tipster said, “There’s not much information about it yet,” with a screenshot of what appears to be an unfinished interface showing how the feature might work.

Other features

Google Chat has received more and more updates recently, perhaps in an effort to compete. In November, Google renewed the navigation system of the Chat application for Android and iOS devices and brings with it a pill-like navigation bar that allows easy and quick access to Gmail, Chat and Google Meet.

In the same month, Google also introduced the ability to comment directly in Docs and Sheets. The feature helps in collaboration spaces. Additionally, Google now displays more of the content thread to give users more context when responding to conversations.

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