A tipster has leaked an ‘Announcements’ feature in Google Chats. Check details. (Google) News 

Google Chat could potentially introduce a feature similar to WhatsApp Channels; Learn more about the new ‘Announcements’ feature.

Google is enhancing its messaging service, Chat, to strengthen its position in the social media market. The platform, which replaced Hangouts, enables users to communicate and collaborate on projects. While it currently lacks broadcast communication like WhatsApp Channels, leaks indicate that a new ‘Announcements’ feature may be introduced to Google Chat in the near future. Google Chat’s Notifications feature According to an Android Police report, tipster AssembleDebug shared information about the upcoming Notifications feature. In an X message, the tipster said: “Google Chat is working on a new ‘Notifications’ feature…

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Google Chat is offering the new feature to select users for now but the free accounts will have to wait for a while. News 

Voice Message Feature Introduced by Google Chat for a Limited Number of Users

Google has started rolling out the voice messaging feature on Google Chat for select users. Last year, the preview tool allowed users to record and send voice messages. The voice messaging feature is currently only available to paying Google Workspace subscribers. The Google Chat voice messaging function was first previewed in 2023. In the current version, the send symbol next to the photo button has been replaced by a microphone button. The visible location of the microphone button makes it easier for consumers to send voice communications. Google Chat: Sending…

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Check out all the features of the new Google Chat update. (Unsplash) News 

Comment Away! Now You Can Chat on Google Docs and Sheets!

Since March 2022, Google Chat has become the preferred chat application for Google Workspace users, replacing the old Hangouts app. Recently, Google has been introducing significant updates to its Workspace applications, with a particular emphasis on integrating artificial intelligence (AI) technology. In August, Google enabled messaging interoperability between Google Chat and other platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Now, the company has announced another major update for Google Chat. Let’s examine it in more detail. Google Chat update Until now, users received read-only notifications in Google Chat whenever a co-user…

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Googlers told to avoid words like ‘Share’ and ‘Bundle". (AP) News 

US Warns Google Employees to Refrain from Using Terms Such as ‘Share’ and ‘Bundle’

An old memo discovered by the US government for its monopoly case reveals that there are certain statements about Google that Googlers are prohibited from expressing in writing. Alphabet Inc’s Google is on trial in Washington DC over US allegations that it illegally maintains a monopoly in the online search business. Executives at the Mountain View, Calif.-based behemoth have known for years that the company’s practices were under the microscope and encouraged their employees to avoid creating permanent records of potentially problematic behavior, government lawyers allege. Google employees often communicate…

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Google Chat users can now text to Slack and Teams using the new interoperability feature. (HT Tech) News 

Google Chat Now Compatible with Slack and Microsoft Teams Messaging

Google has been enhancing its Workspace apps by introducing new features. Following the introduction of Duet AI capabilities across various apps like Gmail, Docs, Slides, and Drive, as well as the revamped home screen for Google Chat, the company’s own chat messenger is receiving another significant upgrade. Through Mio, a cross-platform collaboration tool, Google Chat will now provide messaging interoperability with other platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. Google recently announced the new feature in a blog post stating, “If your organization uses a variety of communication tools, you…

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Voice messages are on the way too. News 

Google Chat Compatible with Slack and Microsoft Teams

This week, Google has made numerous announcements regarding its cloud-based productivity apps, with a primary focus on integrating Duet AI. Additionally, various other beneficial updates are in store for several apps, such as Google Chat. The feature is now available in beta on several Workspace plans (full availability on the roadmap for early next year), enabling messaging interoperability between Chat and other services like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Google, which partnered with a company called Mio to make this feature work, suggests that this could be handy for organizations that…

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Google brings Smart Compose feature to Chat. (HT Tech) AI 

Google Utilizes Artificial Intelligence to Introduce Smart Compose Feature to Chat

At the Google I/O event, a range of AI tools were unveiled that are set to revolutionize many of Google’s current products and services. Among the announcements were an AI-enhanced search engine, an improved analytics offering, and a novel feature for Gmail and Docs called Smart Compose. This particular tool generated significant buzz due to its potential to transform the way people write emails and create content on Google Docs. Recently, the feature has also been integrated into Google Chat, the communication and messaging platform aimed at businesses. Google published…

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As with Gmail and Docs, it suggests relevant phrases in context as you write. News 

Google Introduces Predictive Smart Compose to Chat

Google has announced an AI update for its business app Chat, formerly known as Hangouts, on the web. The update includes “smart compose,” which suggests relevant phrases in context as users write, reducing repetitive typing and saving time. The goal is to facilitate quicker communication with colleagues and improve efficiency in moving conversations or projects forward. Google is notorious for bundling communications around its messaging apps, so as I recall, Chat is the company’s chat app that was originally featured in a list of business offerings. It has similar features…

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The new features do not have admin control, and are not available to users with personal Google Accounts. News 

Google Chat introduces new features for Space Management

Google announced that it is rolling out new features for space administrators in Google Chat, including the ability to decide whether members can add or remove members or groups from a space. The company also introduced a “Space configuration” feature that allows space administrators to choose whether members can change space information such as name, icon, description, and instructions, or enable or disable chat history. On the other hand, the “Conversation Moderation” feature “authorizes space managers to determine whether members can access @all in aspace,” the tech giant said in…

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How to pin conversations in Google Chat (Google) News 

How to pin an important chat on Gmail

Google’s new feature allows users to pin important Google discussions to the top of list view in the chat section on Gmail. As with Hangouts, Google chats appear in reverse chronological order based on the last person you spoke to. You can now pin important chats which you can access from the left navigation menu. This makes it easier to access important conversations and to participate directly. Additionally, you can pin both individual and multi-user chats and even chat rooms. The process is really simple and that’s what you need…

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